4 Best Car Insurance Canada: You Should Consider in Insuring Your Car

Are you a car owner in Canada looking for the best car insurance in Canada?

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The Co-operators is the best car insurance company in Canada.

Other good ones are The personal, RBC, and Economical insurance.

If you have a car, you must get car insurance by law before you can drive it anywhere in the country.

But choosing the right insurance can be tricky because everyone’s needs are different.

Trying to save money on car insurance might seem like a good idea, but it could backfire.

If your insurance does not cover what you need, you could end up losing more money in the long run.

To make sure you are properly protected, it is important to know about the different types of insurance and what they cover.

4 Best Car Insurance Companies in Canada

 1. Co-operator insurance

Co-operators are highly respected in the insurance industry because they offer unique discounts and excellent customer service.

Based in Guelph, it’s one of the few car insurance companies to receive a five-star rating in Canada from J.D. Power for client satisfaction.

For new drivers seeking affordable car insurance, Co-operators is a good choice.

They offer rewards for safe driving habits and discounts for bundling policies and owning hybrid or electric vehicles.

If you want extra coverage, co-operators provide options like accident forgiveness, loss-of-use coverage, depreciation protection, and rental car coverage.

An image of Co-operators insurance
Co-operators insurance. Photo source: Facebook.

 2. Economical Insurance

Economical is part of Definity Financial Corporation, a North American insurance company.

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Economical specializes in property and casualty insurance.

Economical stands out by offering unique coverages that aren’t commonly found with other car insurance companies.

Their standard policies even include coverage for windshield damage and lost wages.

Additionally, if you own an ATV, moped, motorcycle, snowmobile, RV, camper, or motorhome, you can get insurance from Economical.

For discounts, Economical rewards drivers who have a clean record, recently had their first at-fault accident, or have installed anti-theft devices in their vehicles.

An image for illustration of Economical insurance
Economical insurance. Photo source: X page.

  3. The Personal

The Personal is another car insurance company that received a five-star rating in the latest J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey. Based in Lévis, The Personal offers a standard policy that includes:

  1. Accidental benefits
  2. Collision coverage
  3. Third-party liability
  4. Uninsured motorist coverage

They also offer optional add-ons to enhance your coverage, such as

  1. New vehicle protection
  2. Non-owned vehicle liability coverage
  3. Transportation replacement
  4. Zero deductibles

The Personal is a subsidiary of the Canadian insurance giant Desjardins.

  4. RBC Insurance

Established in 1864 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is older than the country.

By 2016, it ranked as Canada’s second-largest corporation, earning around $42 billion.

With headquarters in Toronto and Montreal, RBC Insurance Canada provides various insurance products, including car, home, travel, and life insurance, for individuals and groups.

RBC offers car insurance across Canada, except in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

RBC has a significant presence in the Canadian auto insurance market, but it is not as large as its health and life insurance divisions.

You can get car insurance quotes from RBC Insurance online through their website.

Additionally, websites like LowestRates.ca allow you to compare quotes from over 50 Canadian insurance providers to find the most affordable premium.

What are the best insurance companies in Canada?

In this list, we are talking about the biggest insurance companies in Canada that operate all over the country.

This helps you see the major players in the insurance industry.

If you are looking for the best insurance companies in Canada, I have got you covered.

We will tell you about the top insurance companies in Canada, what types of insurance they offer, and where they operate.

This way, you can find the right Canadian insurance company for you, no matter where you live or what kind of insurance you need.

But if you just want a quick answer on which company to choose, here are our top picks.

We looked at how satisfied customers are, their rankings on Google, how easy it is to use their services, how widespread they are across Canada, and what kinds of insurance they offer.

  1. Broker’s Choice
  2. Intact Insurance
  3. Desjardins Insurance
  4. Economical Insurance

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