ABA Disability Insurance

This article discusses ABA disability insurance, which is also known as “own-occupation” disability insurance.

It explains how it provides financial protection for lawyers who become disabled and are unable to work in their specific occupation due to an injury or illness.

The article also discusses the eligibility requirements for this insurance and provides information on MetLife’s disability insurance policy and the claim process.

The article concludes with the reasons why ABA disability insurance claims can be denied.

aba disability insurance

ABA disability insurance

Also known as “own-occupation” disability insurance, this insurance provides protection for lawyers in the event that they become unable to work due to a disability.

This type of insurance policy pays out a portion of the lawyer’s salary if they are unable to perform the duties of their specific occupation due to an injury or illness.

One of the main benefits of the policy is that it offers coverage for disabilities that prevent lawyers from working in their specific field.

This means that if a lawyer is unable to practice law due to a disability, they can still receive benefits from their policy even if they are able to work in another occupation.

In addition to providing financial protection, this policy can also help lawyers maintain their lifestyle and support their families during a difficult time.

With this type of coverage, lawyers can rest assured that they will have the financial resources they need to cover their expenses and focus on their recovery.

Features of ABA disability insurance

  • Own-occupation coverage
  • Partial disability coverage
  • Non-cancelable policy
  • Guaranteed renewability
  • Long-term coverage
  • Monthly benefits
  • Elimination period
  • Cost of living adjustments

Benefits of ABA disability insurance

 ABA disability insurance can help cover the cost of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy and provide several benefits:

  1. Coverage for ABA therapy: ABA disability insurance can provide coverage for ABA therapy, which can be expensive without insurance coverage.
  2. Financial protection: The policy can provide financial protection for families with a child with a disability who requires ongoing therapy.
  3. Access to quality care: Families can access quality ABA therapy from qualified professionals without worrying about the cost.
  4. Peace of mind: It can provide peace of mind for parents and caregivers, knowing that they have financial protection and access to the best possible care for their child.

Eligibility for coverage

  • You must be an active member of the American Bar Association (ABA) or a related organization, such as a state bar association.
  • You must be working in a position that is eligible for coverage under the policy.
  • You must be under a certain age to qualify for coverage. This age requirement may vary depending on the insurer and the specific policy.
  • You must not have any pre-existing conditions that would make you ineligible for coverage.
  • You must meet any other eligibility requirements specified by the insurer, such as providing medical information or completing a health assessment.

ABA disability insurance claim with MetLife

The ABA provides group policies underwritten by MetLife. These policies typically include own occupation protection.

This means that if you become disabled and are unable to practice your legal specialty, you will be covered.

The protection applies to the specialty you were engaged in just before becoming disabled.

MetLife’s disability insurance policy

MetLife offers policies with varying details, so it’s crucial to pay close attention to your policy’s language.

Their disability definition requires being unable to perform the substantial duties of your occupation due to illness or injury.

You must also be under the care of a physician.

The ABA MetLife policy allows for an elimination period ranging from 60 to 365 days and may provide payments until age 65 based on your policy’s duration.

The Claim Process with MetLife

When you and your doctor agree that you need to stop working, it’s essential to prepare for filing a disability claim.

Firstly, notify your insurance company as soon as possible.

Don’t delay initiating the claim.

Your insurance company will request forms to be filled out by you and your doctor(s).

You should also submit medical records and any other evidence that supports your claim.

Why claims can be denied

  • Failure to meet the policy’s definition of disability
  • Lack of medical evidence
  • Failure to cooperate with the insurer
  • Pre-existing condition exclusion
  • Failure to meet the elimination period
  • Fraudulent claims.


The article focuses on ABA disability insurance, also known as “own-occupation” disability insurance, and its advantages for lawyers who cannot continue to work due to an injury or illness.

Eligibility requirements, features, and benefits of ABA disability insurance are discussed.

It also touches on MetLife’s disability insurance policy and the claim process.

In addition, the article emphasizes reasons for ABA disability insurance claim denial.


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