Accelerant National Insurance Company ( Delaware) Overview; Membership , Financial, Reviews and Many More

Accelerant National Insurance Company , is a specialty insurance company that provides capacity solutions , manages general underwriters (MGUs) in the US, UK, Australia, and Europe.  They also provide long-term commitments and invest in their members’ growth .

Accelerant National Insurance Company


Accelerant National Insurance Company is part of Accelerant, a company that gives insurance support to managing general agents (MGA). They started in 2018 and offer special, data-driven help to MGAs in the US, Australia, UK, and Europe.

Accelerant has a special platform called Accelerant Insightful. This platform is now available in the US. They want to help MGAs use their skills better to serve policyholders.

Accelerant is also committed to the long-term success of its members. They invest in their growth. Their technology makes things clear, stable, and trustworthy.

How to join Accelerant National Insurance Company

Accelerant National Insurance Company offers underwriting services to policyholders. If you want to join, visit their website at

Go to the “Become a Member” page and complete a form with your details. After that, the company will get in touch with you to give you more instructions


Accelerant National Insurance Company underwrites policies in the US, Australia, UK, and Europe. You can reach them at 833-284-9200. However, further contact information was not forthcoming . 

Financial Details

Unfortunately there isn’t any known financial details such as Premium Costs, Payment Options , Discounts and Promotional Offers .

Accelerant National Insurance Company


Filling  Claims with Accelerant National Insurance Company

To file a car insurance claims, start by contacting their claims department. You can find their contact info on their website or in your insurance policy documents.

Here’s a simple guide to help you through the process:

  1. Report the Incident: First, report the incident to Accelerant National Insurance Company as soon as you can. Provide details about the date, time, and location of the accident, along with what happened. This kickstarts the claim process and lets the company begin assessing damages.
  2. Gather Important Information: Before filing your claim, gather vital info to support your case. This includes names, contact details, and insurance info for all involved parties and witnesses. Also, take photos of the scene, damaged vehicles, and any relevant documents like police reports or medical records. The more evidence you provide, the better for your claim.
  3. Complete the Claim Form: The insurance company will give you a claim form to fill out. It’ll ask for details about the accident, your vehicle, and any injuries. Complete it accurately and include all necessary info to avoid delays. If you have questions or need help, contact the claims department.
  4. Work with an Adjuster: After you’ve submitted your claim, an adjuster from Accelerant National Insurance Company will be assigned to your case. They’ll help guide you through the rest of the process.

Why Choose Accelerant National Insurance Company

Accelerant National Insurance Company is a specialty underwriter. This are some of the reasons why you should reconsider becoming a member of this insurance company.

  • They offer a data-driven and tech-powered capacity solution to general underwriters in the US, Australia, UK, and Europe.
  • They empower members through experts, transparent data, technology, and dynamic analytics.
  • Their focus is on unlocking members’ unique capabilities for serving policyholders.
  • They commit to long-term support and invest in members’ growth.
  • They simplify communication with a single point of contact.

 Customer Reviews and Ratings

According to, Accelerant National Insurance Company offers many types of insurance, like property, auto, health, life, and business insurance. They have good prices, handle claims quickly, and give personal service.

A.M. Best gives Accelerant National Insurance Company an A+ rating. People like the company because they offer quality insurance at good prices and they process claims fast. Customers often say they are happy with how the company handles their claims


Customers regularly praise Accelerant National Insurance Company for their fair and speedy claim settlements. This shows the company’s dedication to reliable and quick service.

Even though I couldn’t find testimonials on their website, Accelerant’s members have commended the company for their long-term commitments, quick response, and accuracy in giving timely feedback.

Accelerant National Insurance Company Complaints And Resolutions

Accelerant National Insurance Company is dedicated to providing top-notch coverage and personalized customer service. Their efficient claims processing and customer-focused approach are evident from their low complaint level.

If you need to file a complaint against an insurance company, you have several options. You can reach out to your insurance agent, write to a company executive, or file a complaint with your state’s insurance department. You can also contact the Grievance Redressal Cell of the Consumer Affairs Department of IRDAI by calling the Toll-Free Number 155255 or 1800 4254 732 or by sending an email to











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