Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, Michigan | Overview, Services, Contacts, Financial Strength, Partnerships and Affiliates, Social Responsibilities

What is Accident Fund Insurance Company of America?

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, often referred to as simply “Accident Fund,” is an insurance company based in Lansing, Michigan.

This company specializes in providing a wide range of insurance services, focusing on worker’s compensation and related coverage.

Accident Fund Insurance Company Overview

History and Founding Year: Accident Fund was founded in 1912, which means it has over a century of experience in the insurance industry. With such a long history, you can trust their expertise and commitment to their clients.

Leadership Team: At the helm of Accident Fund is CEO and President, Lisa Corless, a seasoned executive with a passion for making workplaces safer. Under her leadership, Accident Fund has reached new heights in the insurance industry.

Market Share: Accident Fund has consistently held a significant market share in the worker’s compensation insurance segment, making it a trusted and reputable choice for businesses in need of this coverage.


Accident Fund Insurance Company of America Partnership and Affiliates

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, Michigan, has a strong commitment to its partnerships and affiliations.

They collaborate with various businesses and organizations, sponsor events, and engage in community initiatives to ensure the well-being of their clients and communities.

What Services Do Accident Fund Insurance Company of America Provide?

1. Accident Fund offers a variety of insurance services, with a primary focus on worker’s compensation.

Worker’s Compensation: Accident Fund has been a leading provider of worker’s compensation insurance for over a century, serving a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and construction.

They have covered millions of employees, ensuring that injuries in the workplace do not lead to financial hardship for workers or businesses.

2. In addition to worker’s compensation, Accident Fund goes the extra mile to ensure workplace safety and reduce accidents through specialized packages:

Safety and Loss Control Solutions: They provide businesses with tailored safety and loss control solutions.

These services are data-driven, utilizing the latest safety technologies and strategies to minimize workplace accidents.

Accident Fund’s safety experts work closely with businesses to implement and monitor safety measures, reducing risks and keeping employees safe.

3. Furthermore, Accident Fund extends its services beyond domestic boundaries:

International Coverage: For businesses with global operations, Accident Fund offers international coverage.

They understand the unique challenges that multinational businesses face and provide insurance solutions that transcend borders.

This international coverage ensures that clients with global operations are well-protected, no matter where their business takes them.

4. Lastly, what truly distinguishes Accident Fund is their client-centric approach:

Tailored Solutions: Accident Fund is renowned for crafting insurance policies that are highly personalized.

They understand that one size does not fit all, and, therefore, work closely with each client to design a solution that meets their specific needs.

Whether you run a small local business or a multinational corporation, Accident Fund is dedicated to providing you with the tailored insurance coverage you require.

How Can You Reach Accident Fund Insurance Company of America ?

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, Michigan, strives to make communication as seamless as their insurance services. To get in touch with them, here are the essential contact details you’ll need.

Contact Information
Phone 1-866-206-5851
Address 200 N. Grand Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933
Customer Service Email
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET
Fax 517-364-8349


Accident Fund Financial Aspects

Accident Fund not only provides competitive premium rates but also offers a variety of flexible payment choices.

In addition, they frequently roll out discounts and promotional deals to enhance the affordability of insurance for their valued clients.

Why Opt for Accident Fund Insurance Company of America?

What distinguishes Accident Fund is their steadfast dedication to workplace safety.

They boast a team of specialists in safety and loss control, aiding businesses in reducing accidents.

Their individualized approach and substantial expertise render them a leading selection in the insurance sector.

What are the Customer Experiences at Accident Fund?

Accident Fund enjoys a sterling reputation, having received positive reviews and high ratings from delighted customers.

Testimonials consistently emphasize their prompt claims processing, exceptional customer service, and hassle-free interactions.

Notably, complaints are minimal, which further underscores their unwavering dedication to ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction.

In short, their exemplary customer experience is a testament to their commitment to serving their clients with distinction.

How to File and Track Your Claim at Accident Fund

Filing a claim with Accident Fund is hassle-free and convenient.

Clients can not only initiate the process with ease but also monitor the status of their claims.

Furthermore, claims are typically processed swiftly, giving clients peace of mind.

To assist in this process, all the necessary documents and information regarding the average claim approval time are readily accessible on their website.

Understanding Accident Fund Legal and Regulatory Details

Accident Fund goes to great lengths to ensure strict adherence to all pertinent legal requirements, going above and beyond to protect their valued clients.

With unwavering transparency in their operations, they’ve set a high standard for themselves.

Therefore their commitment extends to robust compliance with industry regulations, demonstrating their dedication to the highest ethical standards and client protection in every aspect of their insurance services.


Opportunities in Employment and Career Development at Accident Fund

Accident Fund presents a spectrum of employment openings and internship prospects, inviting individuals to become part of their dynamic team and make meaningful contributions to the insurance sector.

Their commitment to fostering career growth and professional development further sets them apart in the industry therefore making them an appealing choice for those seeking a fulfilling career.

Accident Fund Corporate Social Responsibilities

Accident Fund actively engages in various community initiatives, demonstrating their dedication to social responsibility.

Furthermore, they support local causes and actively contribute to creating a positive impact on the communities they serve.

This commitment goes beyond their insurance services, as they strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, giving back to the community and fostering a culture of giving.


    1. What types of insurance does Accident Fund offer?
    2. How do I file a claim with Accident Fund?
    3. Are there any discounts available for policyholders?
      • Accident Fund often offers discounts and promotional offers. You can check their website or contact their customer service for the latest discount information.
    4. What is the typical claim approval time with Accident Fund?
      • The average claim approval time may vary depending on the nature of the claim, but Accident Fund is known for its swift claims processing.


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