Affiliated FM Insurance Company, Rhode Island(RI): Phone Number , Address , Policy details

An infographic on Affiliated FM Insurance Company, Rhode Island(RI)
An infographic on Affiliated FM Insurance Company, Rhode Island(RI)


Affiliated FM Insurance Company is a commercial property insurance provider for the middle market.

It is part of the FM Global Group, one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services providers.

Affiliated FM Insurance Company offers broad coverage, timely claims payments, and seamless global delivery to its clients.

It also provides access to loss prevention resources and industry tools through its online portal.

It is committed to the long-term success of its brokers and clients.

Basic information about Affiliated FM Insurance Company

The phone number is (401) 275-3000.

The address for Affiliated FM Insurance Company is 270 Central Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919-4949, United States.

The customer service contact is (800) 832-7839.

You can also email them at

The policy details vary depending on the type and scope of coverage you need.

They offer a wide range of commercial property insurance products for various industries and risks.

Fax number is (401) 275-3029.

Operating hours: The operating hours for Affiliated FM Insurance Company are Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

Claims information for Affiliated FM Insurance Company

You can report a property loss to Affiliated FM Insurance Company by using their toll-free number, email, or online portal.

You will need to provide your policy number, contact information, and a brief description of the loss.

One will receive a confirmation and a claim number, and a claims handler will contact you to guide you through the process.

You can check the status of your claim by contacting your claims handler or using the online portal Allianz Claims Tracker.

You will need your policy number and claim number to access the portal.

The required documents for claims depend on the type and nature of your loss. Some of the common documents that you may need to provide are:

    • A completed claim form or template
    • A copy of your policy or certificate of insurance
    • A copy of the invoice or proof of value
    • A copy of the survey report or damage assessment
    • A copy of the repair estimate or invoice
    • Any other relevant documents or evidence to support your claim

Details about Affiliated FM Insurance Company

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It was established in 1949 as a subsidiary of Factory Mutual Insurance Company, which later became FM Global.

It was created to provide commercial property insurance products for the middle market segment.

The CEO is Thomas A. Lawson, who is also the president and CEO of FM Global.

The leadership team consists of the following members:

    • Michael J. Lebovitz, senior vice president, of innovation
    • Kevin S. Ingram, senior vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer
    • Bret N. Ahnell, executive vice president, staff operations
    • Malcolm C. Roberts, executive vice president, operations
    • Brion P. Johnson, executive vice president, chief investment officer
    • Carmelina D. Borsellino, vice president, chief engineer
    • David M. Johnson, vice president, chief underwriting officer
    • James R. Galloway, executive vice president, assistant to the chairman

The annual report is not publicly available on their website.

However, you can find the annual report of FM Global, which includes the financial statements of Affiliated FM Insurance Company, on their website.

It has a financial stability rating of A+ (Superior) from A.M. Best and an issuer credit rating of aa from Standard & Poor’s.

These ratings reflect the company’s strong capitalization, operating performance, risk management, and market position.

The Company has a market share of 0.23% in the US property and casualty insurance industry as of 2020.

The company has over 1,800 employees and operates in more than 130 countries.

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