AIG Assurance Company-Illinois

AIG Assurance Company-Illinois

AIG Assurance Company, situated in Chicago, Illinois, serves as an insurance company founded in 1981.

It offers a wide range of insurance services, including property, fire, marine, and casualty coverage.

The company operates as a subsidiary of American International Group, and its executive team manages its investment assets.

AIG Assurance Company-Illinois

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| Contact Type | Phone Number | Email Address | Website | Mailing Address | |——————————-|——————————|———————————–|————————|——————————————-| | Catastrophe and Non-Catastrophe | 800-931-9546 (AIG CallOne Telephone) | NewLoss-USproperty& | | | | Claims Service Center | 877-873-9972 | | | | | | 855-805-4125 | | | | | Email (New Losses) | | NewLoss-USproperty& | | | | Website | | | | | | Claims Documentation | | | | | | Primary Office | +1 (212) | | | AIG | | | 500 West Madison Street | | | Attn: Commercial Property Claims Department | | | Suite 3000 | | | PO Box 25967 | | | Chicago, IL 60661 | | | Shawnee Mission, KS 66225 | | | United States |

AIG Assurance Company-Illinois Property Insurance

Property Insurance:

Property insurance safeguards your business’s physical assets from unexpected events such as storm damage, theft, and vandalism.

It covers various contents within your premises used for business purposes, including office equipment, furniture, fixtures, and inventory.

Why Choose AIG for Property Insurance:

AIG offers property insurance with the expertise of claims adjusters averaging over 20 years of experience and risk engineers with 50+ years of cumulative loss control experience.

We collaborate with our clients, drawing on our knowledge to provide creative solutions that match unique risk factors.

Our goal is to protect physical property from unforeseen events and assist businesses in finding the right policies to prevent losses or reduce costs in case of damage.

Provides coverage options in over 215 countries and jurisdictions, catering to a wide range of businesses, from hospitals and universities to global manufacturers.

AIG Energy Property Insurance:

AIG specializes in providing insurance solutions for upstream, oil and petrochemical, chemical, power generation/renewables, and mining clients’ property insurance needs.

We offer a broad and flexible appetite, considering risks on a shared, layered, or excess basis.

AIG can provide up to $500 million in capacity for onshore business and up to $400 million in capacity for upstream business.

Minimum premiums start at $100,000 for onshore business and $50,000 for offshore (oil rig) business.

Why Choose AIG Builders Risk Insurance:

AIG Builders Risk is a leading U.S.-based provider of insurance solutions for the construction industry.

Offering coverage for single projects and Master Builders Risk solutions across various project types.

Our approach includes a broad appetite and a growth mindset for primary, quota share, and excess placements on a wide range of accounts.

Tailored creative solutions to suit the unique nature of each client’s construction risks.

AIG has multinational capabilities to support clients globally.

AIG team includes experienced risk engineers who collaborate with clients to implement measurable risk improvements, thus helping to prevent losses and reduce costs.

Also have a team of dedicated Builders Risk Property Claims Adjusters with an average of 20+ years of experience in handling claims and risk engineers with 50+ years of cumulative loss control team experience.

 AIG Retail Property Insurance:

AIG Retail Property offers market-leading risk transfer (insurance) and non-risk transfer (fronting/captive) solutions for domestic and global corporate and risk management insureds.

Established clear and consistent property risk appetites worldwide.

Delivering differentiated value to our brokers and insureds through;

  • open communication,
  • coverage flexibility,
  • claims expertise,
  • risk engineering excellence,
  • multinational services.

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