AIU Insurance Company, New York(NY): Overview, Services, Contacts, Financial Aspects, Pros and Cons, Claim Process

AIU Insurance Company, located in the heart of New York City, has been protecting people’s lives and properties since 1913. Moreover, it was formerly known as American International Insurance Company, and it underwent a name change to its current title in 1976.

The Company functions within the AIG family, under the umbrella of AIG Property Casualty Company, which is a subsidiary of the well-known American International Group (AIG).

The company’s assets are carefully supervised and managed by a committed Board of Directors, with CIBC Mellon and J.P. Morgan acting as Custodians.

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AIU Insurance: Protecting Your Tomorrow, Today
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AIU Insurance Company operates as a subsidiary under the umbrella of its parent company, AIG

AIU Insurance Company is headquartered in New York, USA. Furthermore, it has been in operation since its establishment in 1851.

The company’s primary lines of business include Accident, Health, Property & Casualty, and Workers’ Compensation.


Services Offered by AIU Insurance Company

Insurance Choices: AIU Insurance Company provides a broad array of insurance types to meet diverse requirements. This encompasses safeguarding your vehicles, residences, and potentially life insurance, all tailored to protect your assets and financial well-being.

Tailored Bundles: AIU Insurance takes it a step further by offering personalized insurance packages. These custom combinations blend auto and home insurance into one policy, delivering comprehensive protection designed to meet your particular needs.

Temporary Protection: AIU Insurance acknowledges that life occasionally necessitates short-term solutions. That’s why they provide flexible temporary insurance policies, ideal for situations like renting a car or temporary accommodations. It’s all about offering the appropriate coverage for your immediate needs.

Financial Aspects Of AIU Insurance Company

AIU Insurance recognizes that insurance costs can fluctuate due to factors such as coverage type, driving history, age, location, and the vehicle. To obtain accurate cost estimates, it’s advisable to reach out to the company for a personalized quote. Furthermore, payment options offer flexibility, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments. The claim payout ratio, on the other hand, serves as a vital measure of their financial stability and dedication to fulfilling policyholder claims.


AIU Insurance Company Claim Process

AIU Insurance provides a streamlined and efficient claims process. Additionally, their claim status updates are transparent and easily accessible, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. To speed up the claims process, they outline the necessary documents. Furthermore, they have a reputation for swift claim approval times, striving to promptly assess and approve claims. If you’re curious about the experiences of other claimants, you can explore customer reviews for valuable insights.

AIU Insurance Company Contact Information

Category Information
Year Founded 1913
Commitment Size Open To Secondaries, Open To First Time Founds
Formerly Known As American International Insurance Company
Primary Contact Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President
Phone 2127707000
Primary Office 1271 Avenue of the Americas, 37th Floor, New York, NY 10038, United States


AIU Insurance Pros and Cons


  1. Stability from AIG: AIU Insurance benefits from its robust parent company, AIG, ensuring financial stability and reliability.
  2. Diverse Insurance Solutions: Additionally, AIU Insurance provides a wide array of insurance solutions to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses.
  3. Online Convenience: Customers can conveniently report claims online, pay bills, and access various customer service options.


  1. Limited Online Presence: AIU Insurance lacks a significant online presence, impacting accessibility.
  2. Integration with AIG: All products and services are now integrated under the AIG umbrella, potentially limiting standalone offerings.
  3. Restricted Individual Policies: The company primarily provides property and casualty policies for its Private Client Groups, limiting individual insurance offerings.

AIU Insurance Company FAQs

Q: Does AIU Offer Discounts?

AIU doesn’t provide detailed discount information. Contact an independent insurance agent for precise details on discounts and savings.

Q: How to Handle Claims ?

Claims handling varies depending on the insurance type. Some are reported online, while others may need a form or a phone call. Contact your insurance agent to start the process.

Q: Is AIU Reliable?

AIU, now part of AIG, is financially secure. Despite AIG’s historical issues, AIU/AIG offers dependable insurance solutions.

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