AIX Specialty Insurance Company, Delaware(DE): Reviews, Discounts, Claims And Benefits

AIX, a member of The Hanover Group, serves as a super-regional insurance carrier with specialization in property and casualty.

With 30 years of program experience, financial stability, and innovative offerings, AIX boasts an “A” (excellent) rating by AM Best.

Additionally, the company holds BBB accreditation, operates through a network of independent insurance agents, and provides 24/7 claims reporting.

Type of Insurance Does AIX Specialty Insurance Offer

AIX Holdings, headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, actively operates as a specialty property and casualty insurance carrier.

Their primary focus lies in underwriting and managing program business through alternative risk transfer methods.

AIX Holdings excels in crafting programs tailored to specific, underserved markets with distinct specialty coverage and risk management requirements.

To discover AIX Specialty Insurance’s product offerings, get in touch with an independent insurance agent.

They will assist you in determining if AIX provides the ideal coverage for your requirements.

What to Know about AIX Specialty Insurance

In 2005, five insurance industry veterans, along with Sterling Capital Partners, founded AIX Holdings in Windsor, Connecticut.

AIX Group aimed to address the unmet demands of the underserved specialty program insurance market.

Subsequently, in 2008, The Hanover Group acquired the company.

Now part of The Hanover Insurance Group, it holds multiple property and casualty insurance firms, ranking among the largest in the U.S.

Their products are distributed through a select group of independent agents and brokers.

Furthermore, AIX Specialty Insurance specializes in underwriting and managing program business via alternative risk transfer.

They have successfully crafted diverse market programs for general liability, workers’ comp, property, and auto liability.

Furthermore, both AIX and The Hanover Group proudly hold an “A” (excellent) rating from AM Best..

This combination of experience, financial stability, consistency, and innovative programs positions them to provide reliable protection for their policyholders.

The Discounts That AIX Offers

AIX does not readily disclose information about its specific discounts or reward programs.

To discover potential savings with AIX Specialty Insurance and other carriers, consult an independent insurance agent.

AIX Specialty Insurance Customer Service

AIX does not provide customer service information, but business customers of The Hanover Group can access the following services.

It is uncertain if AIX customers share the same service options or can utilize

The Hanover Group website for service.

  • Manage the account online or contact by phone for billing and claims
  • Claims can be filed online, by phone, or with the Hanover mobile app
  • A variety of other claims information and resources are provided online
  • Phone contact Monday–Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm CST
  • Social media contact via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
  • Customers can register for an account to view policy information and manage accounts online
  • Hours restrictions for the customer service department are not published
Hours (CST)
Monday-Friday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm


AIX Specialty Insurance FAQ

The AIX’s average claim response time frame

AIX’s customer service information remains unavailable. However, business customers of The Hanover Group can access certain services.

It remains uncertain whether AIX customers have the same service options or can file claims through The Hanover Group website.

While The Hanover Group does not specify an average claim response time, it does mention the possibility of same-day payments once claims are resolved.

AIX’s customer service availability

AIX does not provide customer service information.

However, business customers of The Hanover Group can access service through phone, online, and the Hanover Mobile app.

It remains uncertain whether AIX customers have similar service options or can utilize The Hanover Group’s website.

Hanover’s customer service channels include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

They offer online claims initiation, with specific requirements based on the claim type.

Online bill payment options are also available, as well as through the mobile app.

The AIX’s claims process

AIX customers lack available customer service details, yet The Hanover Group provides information for its business clients.

AIX customer service options compared to Hanover’s website for claims are uncertain, despite Hanover’s multiple avenues.

  • Online through the My Account feature (requires login)
  • Online with no login required
  • By phone
  • Using the Hanover Mobile app

Hanover’s website notes that claim handling depends on details, involving digital or virtual solutions, onsite visits, or trusted vendors.

The company asserts its availability for 24/7 access to real individuals when reporting unexpected events.

Additionally, customers can utilize various self-service alternatives for a quick and convenient resolution.

Does AIX Specialty Insurance create a user-friendly experience for customers?

AIX lacks a website.

The Hanover Group maintains a clear, user-friendly website, but it does not provide specific information about AIX or its offerings.

It is not uncertain if AIX customers share the same service options or can access service through The Hanover Group’s website.

Does AIX Specialty Insurance have good business insurance?

It is difficult to evaluate the quality of AIX business insurance offerings because there is limited information publicly available.

AIX provides general liability, workers’ comp, property, and auto liability programs for underserved markets.

Is AIX Specialty Insurance a good insurance company?

AIX Specialty Insurance, a financially secure and long-standing specialty insurance carrier, benefits from its association with The Hanover Group.

While there are no specific customer reviews for AIX as a standalone entity, we regard AIX Specialty Insurance as a reputable insurance company.

AIX Specialty Insurance Customer Reviews

These reviews are for The Hanover Group, of which AIX Specialty Insurance is a member.

There were customer reviews found specifically for AIX.

5 Stars
“I had a very good experience with Hanover after my employee stole a significant amount of money.”
5 Stars
“My claims team was awesome! They answered any question I asked and kept me well informed throughout the process with what was happening and what to expect next.”
“Customer service is atrocious. I have commercial insurance and needed to add a location on March 1st. It is now March 14th and I have still not been accommodated properly. To not be able to feel safe and insured is absolutely unimaginable. I pay an astounding amount of money a year just to be able to have the peace of mind.”


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