Alfa Insurance Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover Alfa Insurance: Providing auto, home, life, farm, and business coverage since 1946.

Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, they serve Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.

Explore their auto insurance options, satisfaction, and financial stability in our review.

Is Alfa your ideal car insurance?

Alfa Insurance Reviews
Alfa Insurance Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide.


Is Alfa A Good Auto Insurance?

Alfa Insurance offers car coverage in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, with standard options like liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Optional add-ons include accidental death, accident forgiveness (Alabama and Mississippi), and roadside assistance.

Discounts (11 types) are available for various professions, driver education, multiple policies, and good students.

The mobile app allows policy management and claims.

Fewer complaints per NAIC.

Limited coverage area (AL, GA, MS) and an Alabama membership fee ($12-$25/year) are drawbacks.

How Many Customers Does Alfa Insurance Have?

Alfa Insurance offers insurance and financial services to over one million customers nationwide, including home, life, farm, and business insurance.

The specific count of auto insurance customers isn’t publicly disclosed.

Where Is Alfa Insurance Headquarters?

Alfa Insurance’s headquarters are located in Montgomery, Alabama.

The company’s corporate mailing address is:

Alfa Insurance P.O Box 11000 Montgomery, AL 36191-0001

The company’s phone number is (334) 288-3900.

How Big Is Alfa Insurance?

Alfa Insurance is a significant player in the auto insurance market.

In 2020 annual report, it held assets worth $5.3 billion, with revenues reaching $1.4 billion.

The company reported a net income of $101 million and a surplus of $1 billion.

Their auto insurance premiums written amounted to $713 million.


Alfa Insurance is a well-regarded company providing car insurance in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.

With a strong presence in the Southeast, it offers standard and optional coverage, alongside discounts and a user-friendly mobile app for managing policies and claims.

Notably, Alabama customers face an annual membership fee potentially raising their insurance expenses.

Prior to selecting Alfa, consider comparing quotes to find the optimal insurance value.

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