Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance, RRG (Vermont): A Nonprofit Insurance Company for Nonprofits

Nonprofits for Insurance organizations in Vermont face many challenges and risks in their daily operations. They need reliable and affordable insurance coverage that can protect them from liability claims, property damage, and other unforeseen events. However, finding such insurance can be difficult, especially for small and medium-sized nonprofits that have limited resources and budgets.

Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance

That is why the Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance, Risk Retention Group, Inc. (ANI) was created in 2000.

Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance is a 501©(3) nonprofit insurance company that provides liability insurance to other 501©(3) nonprofits in Vermont and other states.

ANI is part of the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA), a group of four nonprofit insurers that serve more than 25,000 nonprofits across the country.

What is ANI and how does it work?

ANI, an insurance company owned and controlled by its policyholders, operates as a risk retention group (RRG).

RRGs hold licenses to offer insurance coverage in multiple states, allowing them to provide consistent and specialized coverage across state lines.

This insurance plan provides non-profits with affordable liability insurance and training to minimize accidents and injuries.

ANI offers various types of liability insurance, such as general liability, professional liability, directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, auto liability, and sexual abuse and molestation liability.

It also provides its policyholders with free and discounted risk management services, such as online training courses, webinars, newsletters, loss control consultations, legal advice, and claims management.

ANI’s goal is to help nonprofits prevent or reduce losses, improve their safety practices, and comply with legal requirements.

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What are the benefits of joining ANI?

By joining ANI, nonprofits in Vermont can enjoy many benefits, such as:

Affordable and stable premiums: ANI’s premiums are based on the nonprofit’s own operations and risk profile, not on the market fluctuations or profit motives.

ANI also returns surplus funds to its policyholders through dividends when results are better than expected.

This plan tailors and provides comprehensive coverage specifically for nonprofits, offering features and limits that align with their distinct requirements.

ANI additionally extends coverage to activities or exposures often excluded or limited by commercial insurers, including volunteers, special events, advocacy, or incidental medical services.

ANI’s policyholders own and govern the company as an RRG. They elect the board of directors and actively participate in the company’s decision-making processes.

ANI’s board consists of nonprofit leaders who understand the sector’s challenges and opportunities.

Peer support and networking: As part of NIA, ANI connects its policyholders with other nonprofits across the country who share similar missions and values.

ANI’s policyholders can access NIA’s online community platform, where they can exchange ideas, resources, best practices, and referrals with their peers.

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How to join ANI?

To join ANI, nonprofits in Vermont need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a 501©(3) public charity
  • Have an annual budget of at least $50,000
  • Operate in one or more of the states where ANI is licensed
  • Have a satisfactory loss history and risk management practices
  • Agree to abide by ANI’s bylaws and policies

Nonprofits that are interested in joining ANI can contact one of NIA’s approved brokers or agents in Vermont.

They can also request a quote online through NIA’s website. Once they submit their application and supporting documents, they will receive a proposal from ANI within two weeks.

If they accept the proposal, they will become members of ANI upon payment of the premium.


ANI is a nonprofit insurance company that provides liability insurance to other nonprofits in Vermont.

By joining ANI, nonprofits can benefit from affordable and stable premiums, tailored and comprehensive coverage, member ownership and control, and peer support and networking.

ANI is part of NIA, a group of nonprofit insurers that serve the nonprofit sector nationwide. To join ANI, nonprofits need to meet certain criteria and apply through NIA’s website or brokers.

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