Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company: Providing Peace of Mind in New Hampshire

In 2005, Allmerica Financial Alliance insurance company was renamed to become the Hanover Insurance Group.

Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company functions as an insurance firm, and focuses in providing property and casualty insurance services.

Hanover Insurance operates in 17 states. Use our comparison tool to find affordable auto insurance in your area.

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The Allmerica Financial Alliance insurance company


This review sheds light on Allmerica Financial Alliance Auto Insurance, now part of Hanover Insurance Group.

Since 1852, Hanover has been delivering policies and expanding its insurance offerings.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, it offers coverage in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

As a publicly traded company, it maintains an “A” financial stability rating from A.M. Best.

What You Should Know About The Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company

Hanover Insurance offers Allmerica Financial Alliance auto insurance, which often comes at a higher cost compared to its competitors and typically receives lower ratings in standard assessments.

However, this doesn’t necessarily make it an unsuitable choice.

If you believe that collaborating with an independent agent aligns with your preferences, it’s advisable to explore the possibility of obtaining a policy from Hanover.

Request a quote from your agent and inquire about alternative products that might better suit your requirements.

Next, conduct online comparisons of auto insurance quotes to determine if Allmerica Financial Alliance auto insurance through Hanover provides the most cost-effective option in your vicinity.

Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company Coverage Details

At Hanover, you have the flexibility to tailor your personal auto insurance coverage to suit your individual needs.

Their car insurance offerings include:

Personal Liability Coverage

  • Hanover provides personal liability auto insurance to protect you from financial losses resulting from accidents where you’re at fault.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

  • You can opt for collision or comprehensive auto insurance, ensuring your vehicle is safeguarded in various scenarios, such as accidents or natural disasters.

Genuine Manufacturer Parts Assurance

  • Hanover’s insurance includes coverage for genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, assuring quality repairs for your vehicle.

Newer Car Replacement

  • If you drive a newer car, Hanover offers coverage that ensures your vehicle can be replaced with a newer one in case of a total loss.

Deductible Dividends

  • Hanover’s policies may include deductible dividends, allowing you to earn rewards by maintaining a claim-free record.

Roadside Assistance

  • You can enjoy the convenience of roadside assistance services, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Medical Payments Coverage

  • Hanover provides medical payment coverage, assisting with medical expenses for you and your passengers in the event of an accident.

Personal Injury Protection

  • Their personal injury protection coverage helps with medical expenses and more, regardless of who’s at fault in an accident.

With Hanover, you can confidently customize your auto insurance coverage to match your specific requirements and drive with peace of mind.

Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company Claims

To initiate an auto insurance claim with Hanover, dial the claims department directly at 1-800-628-0250.

They will guide you through the claim submission process and address any inquiries you may have.

Once you’ve lodged a claim, anticipate contact from an adjuster within one business day.

When the adjuster reaches out, they will:

1. Request a statement to gather accident details.
2. Review your policy and available coverages.
3. Explain the damage estimate procedure and outline the subsequent steps for your vehicle’s repair or replacement.
4. Provide information regarding deductible applicability.

Should you have any inquiries regarding your claim, don’t hesitate to contact your adjuster or independent agent.

Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company Financial Details

The company mainly offers discounts, which are evenly distributed.

Allmerica Financial Alliance provides the following auto insurance discounts:

1. Good Student Discount: Responsible students with a B average or higher typically qualify for this discount. While specific requirements aren’t listed on Hanover’s website, you can inquire with your agent to determine eligibility.

2. Student Away at School Discount: If a student on your policy won’t regularly access your vehicle due to being away at school, you might be eligible for this discount.

3. Low Mileage Discount: Reduced driving lowers the accident risk, earning you a premium discount from Hanover.

Moreover, Hanover offers a bundling discount, providing more affordable rates for Allmerica Financial Alliance auto insurance when you hold multiple policies with them.

Remember that insurance companies frequently update their discounts, so it’s advisable to confirm the currently available discounts with your independent agent.

How Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company Ranks Among Others

Several organizations assess insurance companies, covering aspects such as financial stability and customer satisfaction.

These assessments aid customers in selecting the most suitable insurance provider.

Here are Hanover’s ratings from various rating agencies:

– A.M. Best: Rated A
– BBB: Rated A+
– Moody’s: Rated Baa2
– Standard & Poor’s: Rated A
– NAIC Complaint Index: 0.68
– J.D. Power: Rated 3/5 in New England and 2/5 in North Central
– Consumer Reports: Rated Good/Excellent


1. What occurred with Allmerica Financial?

2. Is Hanover a reliable auto insurance provider?

  • Answer: Hanover Insurance’s reputation in the auto insurance market may not be as strong as some competitors, but it can still be a suitable choice for your car insurance needs.

3. How can I qualify for Hanover Insurance discounts?

  • Answer: To discover if one is eligible for Hanover’s discounts, it’s best to consult with your independent insurance agent.

4. What is Hanover Insurance’s A.M. Best rating and its significance?

5. How large is Hanover Insurance?

  • Answer: Hanover Insurance is a well-established and sizeable insurance company, serving a considerable portion of the insurance market.



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