Allstate Homeowners Insurance Review of 2024: Overview, Insurance Options, Costs, Coverages & Add-Ons

Allstate Homeowners Insurance Review of 2024: Unbiased Review and Analysis.!!!

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“2024 Allstate Homeowners Insurance: Unbiased Review and Analysis”

Allstate, established back in 1931, has grown into one of the most well-known insurance companies in the United States.

They serve over 16 million households nationwide, and when it comes to homeowners’ insurance, they’ve really set themselves apart from the competition.

Their homeowner’s insurance consistently ranks above average compared to others in the industry, and it’s not hard to see why.

They’ve got stellar customer satisfaction ratings, offer a ton of useful add-ons, provide plenty of discounts, and their digital tools make managing your policy a breeze.

So, if you’re on the hunt for insurance that’s both reliable and budget-friendly, Allstate is definitely worth considering.

They’re a trusted name in the business, known for providing comprehensive coverage options and great deals.

Allstate Homeowners Insurance Texas

How Much Does Allstate’s Homeowners Insurance Cost?

The average homeowner’s insurance in the US costs $1,390 per year for a policy with $250,000 in dwelling coverage.

Allstate costs, on average, $1,910 per year with $250,000 in dwelling coverage.

It surpasses the average cost in the US.

Furthermore, when comparing rates with other insurers of similar standing to Allstate, Allstate consistently emerges as having the highest premiums.

Allstate Homeowners Insurance Options

Allstate gives you three choices for home insurance!


  • The basic plan.
  • The standard option, and
  • The enhanced package.

Having these options makes it easier to tailor your coverage to exactly what you need, without getting overwhelmed.

It’s like having everything neatly laid out for you, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out all the extra coverages on your own.

Plus, each tier lets you set a budget for how much you want to spend on your policy.

The Basic Plan

So, with the Basic Plan, you’re getting the essentials covered for both your home and everything inside it.

Let’s say there’s a fire and your home get damaged.

The Basic Plan steps in to cover the repairs.

And it’s not just your home that’s protected; your belongings are covered too if they’re damaged.

If someone gets hurt while visiting, regardless of whose fault it is, your policy takes care of their medical bills.

And if things escalate to a lawsuit, your attorney fees are covered too.

The Standard Plan

Now, onto the Standard Plan!

It includes everything in the Basic Plan, but with some extras.

  • You get higher coverage limits for your personal property and other structures on your property, like a shed or garage.

Plus, there’s more coverage for when you can’t use your home due to damage.

And here’s the kicker!

  • The Standard Plan comes with a lower deductible per incident and a hefty $300,000 in liability coverage.

The Enhanced Package

So, let’s talk about the Enhanced Package.

It’s like the cream of the crop because it gives you everything from the standard plan, but with some serious upgrades.

First off, you’re getting a whopping $500,000 in liability coverage.

That’s some serious peace of mind right there.

And it’s not just about liability; this plan also beefs up coverage for your structures, personal property, and loss of use.

Plus, there are some sweet extra benefits thrown in that could actually help lower your overall premium.

It’s like getting the works for your home insurance.

These benefits include:

Claim Rateguard This protects your rate from going up after a claim.
Claims-Free For customers who have not made any recent claims and then switch to Allstate, you’ll have a lower premium.
Claims-Free Bonus This plan gives policyholders 5% back every year they renew without having a claim.
Deductible Rewards This takes $100 off a policyholder’s deductible after sign-up and another $100 each year the policyholder stays claim-free, up to a maximum of $500.

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Allstate Extra Coverage & Add-Ons

These extra features or endorsements beef up your basic homeowner’s insurance and aren’t automatically part of any standard policy from an insurer.

Each time you opt for one of these add-ons, you’re adding to your coverage, but it also means your policy rate goes up accordingly.

Host Advantage

Ah, here’s some interesting stuff about extra coverage options.

So, there’s this cool feature called Host Advantage, which is pretty unique to Allstate.

It’s perfect for folks who rent out their homes on platforms like Airbnb.

Basically, it covers you if a guest causes any trouble, like stealing or damaging your stuff.

Earthquakes and Floods

Now, onto earthquakes and floods!

Your basic homeowner’s insurance won’t cover these, which is a bummer if you live in an area prone to either.

If you’re in earthquake territory, it’s smart to tack on earthquake coverage to your policy.

And for floods, even if your policy covers hurricanes and such, it won’t cover the flood damage.

So, getting flood insurance through Allstate is the way to go if you’re in a flood-prone area.

They’ll help you replace any water-damaged items, which could save you a ton out-of-pocket.

Here are some more ways you can beef up your coverage:

  • Identity Theft Restoration:

If someone steals your identity, this add-on covers legal fees and other related costs.

  • Water Backup Coverage:

Protects you from damage caused by backed-up drains or broken sump pumps.

  • Increased Coverage:

You can opt for extra coverage to safeguard valuable items like jewelry, artwork, and musical instruments.

  • Business Property Coverage:

Offers higher limits for business-related items stored in your home, like computers and home-office equipment.

  • Green Improvement Reimbursement:

If you’re into eco-friendly upgrades, this add-on helps cover the cost of replacing damaged items with energy-efficient versions after a covered claim.

  • Yard and Garden Coverage:

Raises your limits for things like trees, plants, and lawnmowers.

  • Reimbursement Replacement:

If your personal property is stolen or destroyed, this coverage pays for brand-new items at today’s prices rather than their depreciated value.

And if there’s something you’d rather not replace, Allstate will cover its depreciated value.

Website and Mobile App

Let’s talk about checking out insurance companies online.

It’s always a good idea to scope out their website or mobile app.

They should be user-friendly and let you handle pretty much all your insurance stuff, from getting a quote to filing claims.

Allstate’s website and app are top-notch.

They not only let you do all that but also provide helpful articles and videos about homeowners insurance, plus you can see your policy discounts.

And here’s the kicker!

While some companies make you jump through hoops to get a quote online, Allstate’s online tool is super easy.

You can get a quote in just a few minutes.

Now, when it comes to filing claims, Allstate gives you options.

  • You can do it through your agent.
  • Call their claims division.
  • Or even use their mobile app.

And once you’ve filed, you can track your claims online, over the phone, or on the app.

It’s all about convenience!

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Does Allstate offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance?

Yes, Allstate offers various discounts on homeowners’ insurance to help you save money on your premiums.

These discounts may include:

  • Multi-policy discounts for bundling home and auto insurance.
  • Protective device discounts for having security systems or smoke detectors.
  • Claims-free discounts for not filing claims over a certain period.

Additionally, Allstate may offer discounts based on factors like your home’s age, construction materials, or your claim history.


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