American Agri-Business Insurance Company, Texas: Promoting Integration Of Agriculture And Business For Prosperity

 American Agri-Business Insurance Company Overview

History and Founding Year:  American Agri-Business Insurance Company with tailored coverage for crops, livestock, property, and more.

Located in Lubbock, Texas, American Agri-Business Insurance Company, founded in 1948, offers accident, health, and life insurance solutions to its clients.

CEO and Leadership Team:  In Lubbock, Texas, where it’s located, the leading team at the organization includes Michael Smith, who serves as the Executive Officer, ensuring the smooth operations.

Michael Jones takes on the role of Treasurer, overseeing financial matters in the organization.

Additionally, Michael McGuire wears multiple hats as the Chief Financial Officer and Trustee, contributing to the financial stability and decision-making processes in Lubbock, TX.

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American Agri-Business Insurance Company


Proactive risk management and swift claims processing make them a reliable choice for agribusinesses seeking security

American Agri-Business Insurance Company Size And Market Share

The company is run by 6 professionals and several employees who work together as a team to see the objectives of the team come to fruition

It’s also vibrant in the competitive market to ensure it delivers the best services to its customers via the following ways:

  • Customized insurance offerings for the farming sector.
  • Robust financial assessment, signifying stability and trustworthinessInclusive protection against a diverse array of hazards.
  • Proactive guidance and knowledge of risk management.
  • Efficient claims handling to reduce interruptions

American Agri-Business Insurance Company Contract Details

Field Information
City Lubbock
Jurisdiction Texas
Office Address 7101 82ND ST, LUBBOCK, TX, 79424, USA
Registered Agent Name Corporation Service Company
Agent Address 2 SUN COURT, SUITE 400, PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA, 30092, US
Last Annual Registration Year 2022
Updated on 2022-12-13
Website Website


American Agri-Business Insurance Company Financial Details

American Agri-Business Insurance Company highly regards its clients and recognizes the significance of cost-effectiveness.

They provide various cost-saving opportunities to assist farmers and agribusiness proprietors in optimizing their insurance coverage. The following are the available cost-saving options:

1. Multi-Policy Savings: Reduce costs by bundling various insurance policies, like crop and property insurance, through American Agri-Business.

2. Claims-Free Rate Reduction: Enjoy lowered premiums for maintaining a claims-free track record, a reward for responsible risk management.

3. Early Renewal Benefits: Receive a discount for renewing your policy in advance, showing appreciation for your commitment.

4. Safety Measures Savings: Implement suggested safety practices on your farm, such as proper storage and handling protocols, to qualify for additional discounts.

5. Experienced Operator Price Break: If you possess a history of safe operations and a proven track record, you may be eligible for reduced rates.

6. Farm Management Price Cut: Demonstrate effective farm management practices, illustrating your dedication to risk mitigation, and earn cost reductions.

7. Protective Devices Rebate: Install security systems, fire alarms, and other protective devices on your property to receive decreased premiums.

8. Loyalty Rate Reduction: Recognizing long-term relationships, this discount becomes accessible after a specified customer duration.

9. Good Payment History Savings: Qualify for this discount by maintaining consistent and punctual premium payments.

10. Group Membership Discount: Membership in specific agricultural associations or groups can make you eligible for supplementary cost savings.

These opportunities enhance the affordability and accessibility of American agribusiness insurance policies, ensuring that you can protect your agricultural investments without straining your budget.

American Agri-Business Insurance Company Coverage Details

American Agri-Business Insurance Company is dedicated to offering customized insurance solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of the agricultural sector.

They provide various coverage options and details, including:

1. Crop Insurance: Protecting against losses from weather, pests, and crop-related risks.
2. Livestock Insurance: Covering accidents, illnesses, and theft to ensure animal well-being and business stability.
3. Property Insurance: Safeguarding physical assets like buildings and machinery from damages and malfunctions.
4. Liability Insurance: Shielding against legal claims arising from accidents, injuries, or property damage on your premises.
5. Equipment Coverage: Providing protection for vital farming equipment.
6. Business Interruption Coverage: Compensating for lost income during business interruptions from covered perils.
7. Workers’ Compensation: Ensuring employee protection in case of work-related injuries or illnesses.
8. Natural Disaster Coverage: Extending protection to losses caused by natural disasters.
9. Loss of Income Coverage: Helping cover income loss during disruptions due to covered events.
10. Specialized Perils Coverage: Protecting against agriculture-specific risks like disease outbreaks.
11. Environmental Liability Coverage: Addressing environmental risks linked to agricultural practices.

The American Agri-Business ensures farmers and agribusinesses can choose policies aligning with their unique operations and challenges.

American Agri-Business Insurance Company Ranking Among Providers

American Agri-Business Insurance Company faces competition from various other insurance providers that cater to the distinctive requirements of farmers and agribusinesses.

Here are key rivals in the field:

1. Farmers Mutual Insurance: A seasoned player in agricultural insurance, Farmers Mutual offers personalized coverage, encompassing crop, livestock, and property insurance, backed by a deep understanding of farming risks.

2. AgriSure Insurance: AgriSure specializes in agricultural insurance, presenting comprehensive options, risk management support, and a reputation for swift claims handling.

3. RuralGuard Insurance: Focusing on rural and agricultural customers, RuralGuard emphasizes tailored coverage, competitive pricing, and unwavering support for farmers’ livelihoods.

4. AgriPro Insurance: Known for innovative solutions addressing modern farming challenges, AgriPro covers crop protection, equipment, and liability insurance, prioritizing advanced risk management.

5. Farmland Mutual Insurance: Farmland Mutual excels in farm property and asset coverage, offering flexibility for customers to align policies with their specific operational needs.

6. RuralGuard Mutual Insurance: Embracing community and personalized service, RuralGuard Mutual Insurance provides diverse coverage for rural and agricultural clients, fostering stability and resilience.

7. HarvestGuard Insurance: HarvestGuard delivers a comprehensive suite of coverage options, including crop, livestock, and equipment insurance, building enduring customer relationships and adapting to evolving agricultural landscapes.

These competitors, like American Agri-Business Insurance Company, share the commitment to safeguarding the interests of farmers and agribusinesses with tailored insurance solutions.

American Agri-Business Insurance Company Claims

Simplicity in Claim Submission
American Agri-Business Insurance Company offers a range of convenient avenues for policyholders to submit claims.

Whether you favor an online, telephonic, or mobile app-based approach, they’ve got you covered.

Their user-friendly interfaces ensure a hassle-free experience, simplifying the process of initiating a claim as needed.

Typical Claim Processing Speed
The speed at which an insurance provider handles claims is a pivotal factor.

American Agri-Business Insurance Company takes pride in efficient claim processing.

While the processing duration may vary based on the claim’s complexity, the company strives to minimize delays, ensuring policyholders receive timely support in their times of need.

Client Reviews on Claim Resolutions and Payments
Customer feedback serves as a valuable gauge of an insurance company’s performance.

American Agri-Business Insurance Company has received favorable reviews regarding its claim resolutions and disbursements.

Their unwavering commitment to equitable and transparent transactions has left policyholders content with the results of their claims.

Real-life experiences underscore the company’s dedication to delivering the assistance and financial aid their customers rightfully deserve.


American Agri-Business Insurance Company Digital Features And Details

Mobile App Features and Functionality:
American Agri-Business Insurance Company’s mobile app boasts a wide array of attributes and operational capabilities.

Whether you require access to policy details, the initiation of claims, or reaching out to customer support, the app delivers a user-friendly platform.

It additionally keeps users well-informed about their coverage and furnishes tools for on-the-go policy management.

Online Account Management Capabilities:
Effortless management of your insurance policies is now within reach, thanks to American Agri-Business Insurance Company’s online account management features.

Policyholders can log in to their accounts via the company’s website to unlock a range of services, encompassing policy modifications, billing insights, and claims monitoring.

This digital convenience streamlines the administrative facets of insurance coverage.

Digital Tools and Resources:
American Agri-Business Insurance Company extends its offerings by providing a collection of digital utilities and informational materials, all aimed at empowering their policyholders.

From educational materials elucidating insurance coverage to calculators for evaluating insurance requisites, the company’s dedication to leveraging technology for the benefit of its clients is unmistakable.

These digital utilities aim to amplify policyholders’ comprehension of their coverage and facilitate well-informed choices concerning their insurance necessities.



  1. What types of insurance does American Agri-Business Insurance Company offer?
    • American Agri-Business Insurance Company offers a range of insurance coverage tied to the unique needs of farmers and agribusinesses, including crop insurance, livestock insurance, etc.
  2. How can I file a claim with American Agri-Business Insurance Company?
    • Filing a claim is convenient and can be done through various methods, including online, by phone, or via their mobile app.
  3. What is the average claim processing time with American Agri-Business Insurance Company?
    • The processing time can vary depending on the complexity of the claim.
  4. What do customers say about American Agri-Business Insurance Company’s claim resolutions and payouts?
    • American Agri-Business Insurance Company has received positive reviews for their commitment to fair and transparent dealings, leaving policyholders satisfied with the outcomes of their claims.
  5. Does American Agri-Business Insurance Company have a mobile app?
    • Yes, they have a mobile app with features for accessing policy information, filing claims, contacting customer support, and managing policies on the go.
  6. Can I manage my insurance policies online with American Agri-Business Insurance Company?
    • Absolutely, they provide online account management capabilities through their website, allowing policyholders to access services like policy updates, billing information, and claims tracking.
  7. Does American Agri-Business Insurance Company offer educational resources for policyholders?
    • Yes, the company provides a suite of digital tools and resources, including educational materials and calculators, to help policyholders better understand their coverage and make informed decisions about their insurance needs.
  8. What sets American Agri-Business Insurance Company apart from its competitors?



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