American Inter-Fidelity Exchange(Indiana)Overview ; Membership , Contacts, Finances, Claims, Ratings, Reviews and Many More

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange, an Indiana-based insurance company, focuses on serving the transportation industry. They’ve been helping trucking companies since 1981, offering various insurance products like fleet insurance, non-trucking liability, and surety bonds .

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange

Meet American Inter-Fidelity Exchange

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange, based in Indiana, USA, specializes in insuring the transportation industry.

The company started to provide specialized insurance services to the trucking industry.

Since then, they have continuously provided insurance products to trucking companies, which include offerings like physical damage and non-trucking liability programs.

A Brief History of This Company

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange has been assisting trucking companies since 1981. Throughout their long and impressive history, spanning nearly four decades, they’ve consistently provided insurance services to the trucking industry.

Over the years, they have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the specific needs and challenges that trucking companies face, making them experts in this field.

They understand the unique risks and requirements of the trucking industry, and they use this expertise to offer tailored insurance solutions to their clients.

This long history of service demonstrates their commitment and reliability in supporting the trucking business community.


Aspect Information
Physical Address 9223 Broadway Ste A, Merrillville, IN 46410
Phone Number (219) 755-4567
Toll-Free Number 800-876-1176
Email Address Not Available
Fax Number Not Available


Benefits To Joining This Company

AIFE, an insurance company, specializes in helping the transportation industry. They provide various insurance products for trucking, like fleet-based insurance, non-trucking liability, and surety bonds.

AIFE offers customizable coverage, competitive rates, fast claims processing, and great customer support. They’re dedicated to making customers happy and provide discounts and savings.

If you need special programs for non-asset-based fleets, AIFE has lots of experience in creating physical damage and non-trucking liability plans for owner operators.

How To Join This Company

To join the American Inter-Fidelity Exchange, simply visit Once there, navigate to the “Careers” section. Although there are currently no open positions, you can still send your resume to Michelle Blank for future consideration.

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange

Financial Details

According to Car Insurance Companies, American Inter-Fidelity Exchange offers a mobile app. With this app, policyholders can access their policy info, make payments, file claims, and request roadside assistance.

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange Products and Services

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange, an Indiana-based insurance company, specializes in serving the transportation industry. They offer a range of insurance products, including trucking insurance, non-trucking liability, and surety bonds.

Their fleet-based insurance is designed for the trucking industry, covering liability, physical damage, and cargo. They also offer non-trucking liability insurance for owner-operators who use their trucks for non-business purposes.

Apart from insurance products, they have a handy mobile app. This app lets policyholders access their policy info, make payments, file claims, and request roadside assistance.

Filling Claims

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange specializes in providing fleet-based insurance for the trucking industry.

If you need to file a claim, you can call their claims department at 1-800-876-1176. This line is available 24/7. When you call, make sure you have these details ready:

  1. Date and location of the accident or loss.
  2. Your policy number and vehicle information.
  3. Names, phone numbers, and insurance info of others involved.
  4. Descriptions of how the accident happened, vehicle damage, and injuries.
  5. Witness info.
  6. Name and report numbers for first responders.

Once you report your claim, it’ll be given to a claims pro for quick handling. You can also submit your claim online through their website.

Reviews And Ratings

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange

American Inter-Fidelity Exchange offers various types of insurance, such as auto, home, health, and life coverage.

Furthermore, they’ve earned an impressive A+ rating from A.M. Best, which unequivocally demonstrates their excellent financial health.

In addition to this, they provide competitive insurance rates, making them an attractive choice for potential policyholders.

Moreover, the company takes great pride in delivering excellent customer service, boasting helpful representatives who are well-versed in their insurance options. Additionally, they provide customers with the flexibility to customize their insurance plans to precisely match their specific needs.

Moving on to the recognition received by American Inter-Fidelity Exchange from, they are acknowledged as a top-tier insurance provider.

Moreover, they maintain a low number of complaints, signifying their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, they offer a wide array of insurance policies, covering essential areas like auto, home, health, life, and property insurance.

This extensive coverage, coupled with their strong financial stability and the esteemed A.M. Best rating, solidifies their position as a dependable choice for comprehensive protection.

Complaints and Resolutions

According to, American Inter-Fidelity Exchange impresses with a low complaint level and an extensive range of insurance policies, covering auto, home, health, life, and property insurance.

This comprehensive coverage caters to various needs. Furthermore, the company’s strong financial stability and A.M. Best rating solidify its reliability as a choice for comprehensive protection.

Customers have praised American Inter-Fidelity Exchange for their efficient claim resolutions and payouts.

They’ve gained trust through their dedication to fair and transparent claim settlements. Policyholders who’ve had positive claim experiences vouch for the company’s commitment.

If you have any specific complaints or concerns about American Inter-Fidelity Exchange, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer service team at 1-800-876-1176. They’re there to help address your needs.















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