AmGUARD Insurance Company: Comprehensive Commercial Auto Insurance Solutions.

AmGUARD Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Company, offers businesses a range of commercial automobile insurance options.

Although the company does not disclose rate or discount information, it has received an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

AmGuard Insurance Company

To make an informed decision about whether AmGUARD Insurance is suitable for your business, gaining a better understanding of their offerings is essential.

Contact Information.

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD
P.O. Box 785570
Philadelphia, PA 19178

 AmGUARD Insurance Coverages

Auto Insurance Types Purpose of Coverage
Bodily injury liability Pays for medical bills if someone else suffers an injury in an accident caused by you.
Collision Covers damage to your car after an accident.
Comprehensive Covers damage to your car when you’re not driving.
Medical payments Covers medical costs caused by an accident regardless of who is at fault.
Personal injury protection Covers medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident.
Property damage liability Liability coverage that covers the cost of any property damage you’ve caused in an accident.
Uninsured/underinsured motorist Covers the costs if you’re in an accident caused by a driver with little or no car insurance.

What are the AmGUARD Insurance rates?

  • When considering AmGUARD Insurance rates, it’s essential to understand that personal car insurance costs are primarily influenced by the driver.
  • whereas commercial coverage is primarily determined by factors such as the vehicle type, its usage, and its frequency of use for business purposes.
  • Commercial insurance policies are typically offered on an à la carte basis, giving businesses the flexibility to tailor their coverage according to their specific needs.
  • However, it’s worth noting that most states mandate minimum coverage, often encompassing bodily and personal injury liability.
  • While minimum coverage tends to be more cost-effective, opting for broader coverage is advisable for more comprehensive protection.
  • This comprehensive coverage typically includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, commonly referred to as “full coverage.
  • While full coverage is generally pricier, it provides the comprehensive protection businesses require.
  • The following table illustrates the annual average rates for AmGUARD Insurance
  • Differentiating between minimum and full coverage, and categorizing rates based on the type of commercial vehicle.
Vehicle Type Average Annual Rates for Minimum Coverage Average Annual Rates for Full Coverage
Car $600 $2,400
Semi-truck $8,000 $12,500
Cargo/van delivery $3,300 $6,200
Limo $4,000 $6,000
Cab $5,000 $10,000
  • Notably, the cost of full coverage is substantially higher than minimum coverage.

How can you file AmGUARD Insurance claims?

  • Customers can initiate AmGUARD Insurance claims conveniently through Berkshire Hathaway GUARD, offering two primary methods for claim submission: online and by phone.
  • The most straightforward approach is completing an online form, which enables customers to include photos and documents when necessary.
  • Alternatively, customers can opt for the phone route by dialing the AmGUARD Insurance phone number at 1-888-639-2567.
  • A representative will guide them through the process and may request additional information, such as photos or a police report, which can be forwarded to the company via email at
  • Regardless of the chosen method (online or by phone), the company will need certain essential information from customers, which includes:
    • Policy number
    • Description of the incident
    • Witness details (name, address, and phone number)
    • Insured party’s information (name, address, and phone number)
    • Employer’s tax ID number
  • Once the claim is filed, customers have the option to access the Policyholder Service Center (PSC) to monitor the claim’s status and communicate with the claims adjuster.
  • This comprehensive approach to claim submission ensures customer convenience and effective communication throughout the claims process.

 Making AmGUARD Insurance payments

  • AmGUARD Insurance offers multiple payment methods for Berkshire Hathaway GUARD customers, allowing flexibility and convenience in making payments.
  • Online payments can be made through the Policyholder Service Center (PSC) on the company website, offering payment options such as credit card or bank transfer.
  • The PSC also provides the functionality to establish recurring payment schedules and access billing history.
  • Direct deposit is another payment option, facilitated by filling out a Direct Draft Program Authorization Form on the company’s website.
  • For customers who prefer quick and hassle-free payments, there’s the Express Pay option, allowing payments without the need to log into the PSC.
  • Those who opt for traditional check payments can do so by sending a check to the provided AmGUARD Insurance Company address:

    Berkshire Hathaway GUARD P.O. Box 785570 Philadelphia, PA 19178

  • Additionally, phone payments are available by calling the AmGUARD Insurance contact number at 1-800-673-2465.
  • Payment methods over the phone include credit card and bank account transactions.
  • This array of payment options caters to various customer preferences and needs.

How can you cancel an AmGUARD Insurance policy?

  • While AmGUARD Insurance’s policy cancellation process lacks extensive details, it does offer several methods for policyholders to initiate a cancellation:
  • Customers can commence the cancellation process by notifying AmGUARD Insurance customer service of their intention to cancel their policy.
  • AmGUARD Insurance provides three potential channels for policy cancellation: by phone, through an online form, or by mail.
  • It’s important to note that AmGUARD Insurance does not explicitly outline whether customers will receive a refund or if a cancellation fee will be applicable.
  • Nevertheless, it’s common practice among insurance companies to charge a fee for policy cancellations during the policy period and provide a prorated refund for the current period.
  • The specific terms and conditions of the cancellation and refund will likely vary depending on the individual policy and its term