Auto Club South Insurance Company, Florida: Overview, Products, Finances, Coverages, Reviews

If you are looking for a trustworthy and affordable insurance company in Florida, you might want to consider Auto Club South Insurance Company( ACICF).

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Auto Club South Insurance Company

ACICF stands for Auto Club Insurance Company of Florida, and it is a subsidiary of The Auto Club Group, which is the second largest AAA club in North America. ACICF offers a range of insurance products and services, including auto, home, life, flood, and umbrella insurance. In this blog post, we will review some of the key features and benefits of ACICF, as well as some of the customer experiences and feedback.

ACICF Company Details

ACICF was founded in 1990 as Auto Club South Insurance Company, and it changed its name to Auto Club Insurance Company of Florida in 2007. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and it operates as a domestic for-profit company. The current CEO and president of ACICF is Charles J. Podowski, who also serves as the executive vice president of insurance operations for The Auto Club Group.

The company has a market share of 0.29% in Florida, and it ranks as the 46th largest property and casualty insurer in the state.

ACICF Basic Information

Here is a table that summarizes some of the basic information about ACICF:

Phone Number Address Customer Service Contact Policy Details Email Address Fax Number Operating Hours
888.929.4222 9125 Henderson Road, Tampa, FL, 33634 Customer Service Policy Information 813.200.8175 M-F: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

ACICF Services & Products

Auto Club South Insurance Company offers various types of insurance products and services to meet the needs and preferences of its customers. Some of the main categories are:

ACICF Financial Details

Auto Club South Insurance Company strives to provide competitive and affordable insurance rates for its customers. The company also offers various payment options, discounts, and promotional offers to help customers save money and manage their budgets. Some of the financial details of ACICF are:

ACICF Coverage Details

ACICF provides comprehensive and customized insurance coverage for its customers. The company also discloses the policy exclusions, coverage limits, and add-ons or riders that affect the scope and extent of the coverage. Some of the coverage details of ACICF are:

  • Policy Exclusions: Policy exclusions are the situations or events that are not covered by the insurance policy. Some of the common policy exclusions of ACICF include intentional acts, fraud, war, nuclear hazard, wear and tear, mechanical breakdown, mold, fungus, vermin, earth movement, water damage from flood or sewer backup, and more. Customers should read their policy documents carefully to understand the full list of exclusions and limitations.
  • Coverage Limits: Coverage limits are the maximum amounts that the insurance company will pay for a covered claim. The coverage limits of ACICF vary depending on the type and amount of coverage chosen by the customer. Customers can also increase their coverage limits by purchasing excess or umbrella insurance from ACICF.
  • Add-ons or Riders: Add-ons or riders are optional features that enhance or modify the insurance coverage. ACICF offers various add-ons or riders for its customers to tailor their policies to their specific needs and preferences. Some of the add-ons or riders offered by ACICF include roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, new car replacement, original equipment manufacturer parts, identity theft protection, water backup coverage, equipment breakdown coverage, personal umbrella liability, accidental death benefit, waiver of premium, child term rider, guaranteed insurability rider, and more3.

ACICF Claims

ACICF aims to provide fast and easy claim service for its customers. The company offers various ways to file and track claims online or by phone. The company also provides guidance and support for customers throughout the claim process. Some of the claim details of ACICF are:

ACICF Customer Experiences

ACICF values customer satisfaction and loyalty as its top priorities. The company strives to provide quality products and services, as well as excellent customer support and communication. The company also collects customer feedback and reviews

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