Avemco Insurance Company(Maryland)Overview ; Membership, Contacts, Claims, Products and Services and Many More

Avemco Insurance Company provides direct aircraft insurance services. What sets them apart from other insurers is their unique approach. They connect you directly with Aviation Insurance Specialists (underwriters) who have the power to solve problems and approve coverage instantly. Unlike middlemen who merely forward your request, They can tailor coverage to your specific needs, not just following a rulebook.

Avemco Insurance Company

Brief History of This Company

For over six decades, Avemco Insurance Company has been a steadfast provider of property and casualty insurance, specializing in safeguarding the interests of general aviation aircraft owners and pilots. Founded in 1961, Avemco has earned its reputation as one of America’s most esteemed insurance companies, and its longevity is a testament to its stability and financial strength.

Since 1977, Avemco has consistently garnered an A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, a recognition that underscores its unparalleled stability. In 2008, A.M. Best Co. celebrated Avemco’s achievement through their Anniversary BestMark Program, further solidifying the company’s position as a reliable insurance provider.

Avemco prides itself on being the exclusive direct writer of aviation insurance in the United States, holding licenses in all 50 states. This unique approach liberates customers from the hassles associated with intermediaries


Contact Method Contact Information
Mailing Address 8490 Progress Dr Ste 200, Frederick, MD, 21701 12
Phone Number (888) 241-7891 12
Email avemco@avemco.com 2


Products and Services of Avemco Insurance Company

Avemco Insurance Company

Avemco Insurance Company specializes in providing insurance for general aviation aircraft owners and pilots.

They’re unique because they directly offer aviation insurance in all 50 U.S. states, so you won’t have to deal with brokers or agents.

When you contact Avemco, you’ll speak directly to an aviation underwriter who can quickly answer your questions, process claims fairly and fast, and create customized policies within minutes.

Avemco offers various insurance products for aircraft owners and pilots:

  1. Owner Owned Insurance: This coverage protects aircraft owners from claims related to injuries or damage they might cause to others.
  2. Homebuilt Insurance: Avemco provides coverage for both the construction phase and when your aircraft is ready to fly, which is handy if you’re building an aircraft for personal use.
  3. Aircraft Trader Insurance: Avemco’s Aircraft Trader Policy includes coverage for buying and selling aircraft on a limited basis, expanding the standard policy.
  4. Mexico Liability Insurance: While Avemco’s insurance territory covers flights into, within, and out of Mexico, it’s crucial to have the required liability insurance for your aircraft.
  5. Aircraft Renter’s Insurance: If you’re renting or borrowing an aircraft, your flight school or friend’s policy might not fully protect you from lawsuits if you cause injury or property damage. Avemco Renter’s Insurance can help safeguard you and the rented plane.
  6. Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Insurance: Avemco offers CFI Non-Owned insurance designed for Certified Flight Instructors teaching in aircraft they don’t own. This coverage applies when they are providing instruction, allowing them to give dual flight instruction, flight reviews, and check rides to others.

Filling Claims With Avemco Insurance Company

To file a claim with Avemco Insurance Company, you have a few options. You can go to their website or call their claims department.

For online claims, use their easy online service anytime. If you prefer to call, reach out to the claims department at (800) 874-9124 during regular business hours.

If it’s outside these hours, call the emergency number at (888) 635-4303.

When you report a claim, make sure to provide as much info as you can about the incident. Include the date, time, location, and a detailed description of what happened.

If you have any relevant documents like photos, videos, police reports, or witness statements, share those too.

After you’ve filed your claim, an adjuster will take a look.

They’ll check if your claim is covered by your policy. If it’s approved, they’ll work with you to settle the claim and make sure you receive the compensation you should.

Reviews and Ratings

Avemco Insurance Company writes aircraft insurance directly. They connect customers with Aviation Insurance Specialists who can quickly solve problems and approve coverage. This is different from using middlemen who pass on requests to others

. Avemco’s approach allows them to make coverage decisions based on each individual’s situation, not just following a rulebook.

Based on 3,961 reviews on Trustpilot, Avemco Insurance Company has an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Customers have praised their professional and customer-focused agents, competitive rates, and excellent claims service.

One customer appreciated that Avemco considers individual situations for coverage, not just rigid rules.

Another praised their professional agents, competitive rates, and great claims service. However, one customer had a negative experience with an agent who was short and rude.

In general, Avemco Insurance Company has received positive reviews from customers for their professional agents, competitive rates, and excellent claims service.

Avemco Insurance Company

Complaints and Resolutions

Customers have given Avemco Insurance Company positive reviews. They like the professional agents, competitive rates, and great claims service.

However, one customer had a bad experience with a short and rude agent.

Avemco Insurance Company Cooperate Responsibilities

Avemco Insurance Company specializes in aircraft insurance. They’ve been insuring pilots and aircraft owners since 1961, earning a strong reputation in the aviation industry.

Avemco is all about top-notch customer service. They connect you directly with an Aviation Insurance Specialist who can quickly solve issues and approve coverage.

This means they can tailor coverage to your unique situation, not just follow strict rules.

They’re also committed to being a responsible insurance company in the general aviation industry. Avemco supports their community by offering premium credits to customers who join the FAA WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program.

Plus, they provide WINGS lapel pins to participants once they complete the program


If you have questions about Avemco’s insurance, visit their website’s FAQ page.

It has answers about different insurance options they offer, like owned aircraft, renters/non-owned, CFI owned, CFI non-owned, flying club, homebuilt aircraft, and trader.

Can’t find your answer on the FAQ page? You can get in touch with their customer service team directly at (888) 241-7891.






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