Benchmark Insurance Company (KANSAS):Coverage, Property & Casualty Insurance, Claims & More

Benchmark Insurance Company, renowned for its comprehensive range of coverage options, including;

As an independent insurer and a subsidiary of Trean Insurance Group, Inc., the company falls within AM Best’s financial size category VIII, encompassing a financial range of $100 million to $250 million.

With its extensive commercial insurance portfolio, Benchmark Insurance Company has cemented its reputation as a stable and reliable insurance provider.

AM Best has bestowed an impressive overall “A” rating on Benchmark Insurance Company, firmly establishing it as an excellent choice for insurance customers.

Benchmark Insurance Company (KANSAS)

These high ratings from AM Best provide customers with the assurance of guaranteed coverage.

Having been established in 1899, AM Best stands as one of the oldest rating agencies globally.

AM Best’s reviews offer valuable insights into an insurance company’s financial strength and creditworthiness, drawing from comprehensive assessments of the company’s operational performance, business profile, and annual reports.

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Benchmark Insurance Company Coverage

Benchmark Insurance Company offers various types of insurance products, including:

  1. Workers’ comp insurance
  2. Property insurance
  3. Business interruption insurance
  4. General liability insurance
  5. Commercial liability insurance
  6. Pollution/environmental insurance
  7. BOP insurance
  8. Professional E&O liability insurance
  9. Cyber risk insurance
  10. Product liability insurance
  11. Commercial auto insurance
  12. Accident and health insurance

It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive.

To explore the full range of coverage options available from Benchmark Insurance Company and determine if it suits your needs, consult your independent insurance agent.

They can provide further details and assist you in making an informed decision about this insurance provider.

 Benchmark’s Property & Casualty Insurance 

Benchmark Insurance offers a comprehensive range of property and casualty insurance options.

According to their official website, their coverage is designed to safeguard against various risks and can include protection for:

Fronting Solutions for Property and Casualty Insurance:

  1. Benchmark Insurance Company offers tailored property and casualty solutions for captive insurers and managers.
  2. We excel in plan design, implementation, and administration as a premier fronting insurance company.

Fronting for P&C Risks:

  1. Benchmark Insurance Company is adept at designing, building, and managing fronting arrangements for various risk types, including:
    • Natural Disasters
    • Professional E&O Liability
    • Cyber Risk
    • Product Liability
    • Commercial Auto
    • Stop-Loss
    • Property Damage and Business Interruption
    • General Liability
    • Commercial Liability
    • Pollution/Environmental
    • BOP, among others.
  2. We hold an “A” Stable rating from A.M. Best, signifying our strength in managing risk and financial stability.
  3. We focus on providing innovative and cost-effective property and casualty solutions.

Benefits of Fronting Programs for P&C:

  1. Utilizing a P&C fronting program can offer captives several advantages, including:
    • Increased control over the insurance program structure
    • Lower total cost of risk
    • Ability to furnish proof of insurance
    • Customized fronting paper
    • Potential to earn interest on premiums and reserves
    • Flexible deductible options
  2. Benchmark Insurance Company collaborates with clients to assess program structures and select the most suitable option.

Choices include fronting only, fronting plus excess of loss, fronting plus excess of loss and aggregate, reinsurance only, claims management service with TPAs, and more.

Discounts Offered by Benchmark Insurance Company:

  1. Specific discounts offered by Benchmark Insurance Company are not publicly disclosed.
  2. To obtain information regarding available discounts, consider consulting an independent insurance agent.
  3. Independent agents are dedicated to locating cost-effective coverage options tailored to your needs.

Benchmark’s Average Claim Response Time Frame:

  1. Benchmark Insurance Company does not specify an average claim response time frame.

Benchmark’s Claims Process:

The Four Phases of the Insurance Claim Process:

  1. Adjudication Phase:
    • Connect with your broker as they are your primary point of contact regarding your insurance policy.
    • Your broker assesses your situation and determines the next steps.
  2. Submission Phase:
    • The claim investigation begins, examining the details of the incident. We thoroughly review your insurance policy to ensure coverage eligibility

    • An evaluation of the damages incurred takes place to determine the extent of the claim.
  3. Payment Phase:
  4. Processing Phase:
    • The processing phase ensures that all the necessary administrative and legal procedures are completed.
    • It marks the finalization of the claim, wrapping up any loose ends and closing the case.
  1. According to Benchmark’s official website, their claims process involves the following steps:



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