Benchmark specialty insurance :Company description , Headquarters, Insurance Programs, Locations and Reviews.

Benchmark is a reputable insurance provider with licenses in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

They hold an “A” Stable rating from A.M. Best. Benchmark collaborates with insurance entities seeking a well-licensed, top-rated carrier to efficiently and profitably distribute their products on a broad scale.

Company description

Creating optimal insurance solutions for your business and its employees necessitates experience, knowledge, and, above all, empathy. Here, Benchmark Insurance comes to your aid.

Firstly, our team of industry experts excels in plan administration, consumer-driven services, COBRA administration, business insurance, and more.

Moreover, we are proactive, helping clients discover solutions, foresee outcomes, and effectively implement them.

Furthermore, Benchmark Insurance, an independent agency based in Westerville, Central Ohio, tailors insurance programs to meet the unique needs of businesses, individuals, and families.

In addition, we collaborate with over 50 regional and national carriers, specializing in Business Insurance, Employee Benefits, Health Insurance, Industry-Specific Insurance, and Life, Home, and Auto coverage.

Notably with our headquarters in Westerville, Benchmark Insurance has been a cornerstone of the Central Ohio business community for nearly four decades.

We are deeply committed to our community and maintain the highest ethical standards in the insurance field.

Moreover  our active participation includes involvement in the Westerville Chamber of Commerce, the Columbus Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, the Columbus Association of Health Underwriters, the Independent Insurance Agents of Ohio, and the Professional Insurance Agents Association of Ohio.

Benchmark Insurance
Benchmark Insurance
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Notably, designing a tailored insurance program for your business holds utmost significance, ensuring risk management, security, and confidence for both you and your employees. For Benchmark, it’s about fostering trust, one client relationship at a time.


Call Benchmark Insurance Company today at 800-283-0622 or send  a message.

Phone: 952-974-2200

Fax: 952-974-2222


Westerville, Ohio



Specialty Insurance Programs

The most significant achievements stem from effective strategies and strong partnerships.

Firstly, at Benchmark Insurance Company, we offer meticulously structured workers’ compensation, property and casualty, and other insurance programs to various organizations across the United States.

Secondly, by collaborating with us, you can enhance your business, gain more control, and share the risks involved.

Furthermore, Benchmark Insurance Company brings a wealth of experience in creating and overseeing specialty insurance programs.

Moreover, these programs cater to specific industries or niche markets with similar risk profiles.

In addition, they often operate regionally or within particular states, focusing on niche areas.

Notably, these partnerships are instrumental in expanding, diversifying, or effectively managing businesses, allowing partners to leverage their expertise in these specialized fields.

Programs for a Variety of Industries

Benchmark Insurance Company handles specialty programs for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Recreation
  • Retail

Primary Lines of Business

Benchmark Insurance Company delivers program solutions in various lines of business, encompassing:

  1. Property and Casualty
  2. Workers’ Compensation
  3. Accident & Health Insurance

Effective Program Distribution

Within the domain of specialty insurance programs, customized distribution is of paramount importance. Accordingly, Benchmark is dedicated to enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness by partnering with a range of distribution channels. These channels encompass:

  1. Managing General Agents
  2. Captives
  3. Managing General Underwriters
  4. General Agents
  5. Carriers


150 Lake Street W
Wayzata, Minnesota  55391

United States

Benchmark Insurance Company Review

Having reviewed more than 1,000 insurance companies, assessing their strength, accessibility, and service, we’ve identified the top performers. Now, let’s delve into people’s opinions of Benchmark Insurance Company.

Benchmark Insurance Company at a Glance

Benchmark specializes in commercial insurance and offers a variety of coverage options. They’ve earned an “A” (excellent) rating from AM Best and provide coverage in 49 states.

Pros for Benchmark include widespread availability across states, diverse coverage offerings, and a strong AM Best rating.

However, some drawbacks include the absence of evaluation by the Better Business Bureau, limited customer feedback, unspecified claims time frames, a lack of discount information, and challenges in accessing comprehensive coverage details.

To find suitable insurance in your state, utilize our national insurance company directory. It helps you identify the best insurance provider tailored to your specific needs and connects you with local agents.

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