Berkley Assurance Company(Iowa)Overview; Membership , Contacts, Finances , Claims ,Reviews, Ratings and Many More

Berkley Assurance Company offers insurance solutions. They specialize in commercial and high net worth personal lines insurance.

Berkley Assurance Company

Meet Berkley Assurance Company

Berkley Assurance Company offers insurance solutions. They specialize in commercial and high net worth personal lines insurance. They have expertise in various industries, products, and regions. The company has helped over 50 independent agents and brokers create successful insurance businesses. This helps them provide custom solutions to their clients. Berkley Assurance Company has impressive financial strength ratings, including A+ (Superior) from AM Best Company and A+ (Strong) from Standard & Poor’s.

Brief History About This Company

It is a part of W. R. Berkley Corporation, It was founded by William R. Berkley in 1967. It began as a small investment management firm and is now one of the largest commercial property and casualty insurers in the United States.

In May 1980, Berkley Assurance Company was established in Florida under the name Florida International Indemnity Company. It went by the name Queensway International Indemnity Company from 1997 to 2004.

Contact Information on This Company


The main office of W. R. Berkley Corporation is located at:

475 Steamboat Road Greenwich, CT 06830

Benefits Of Joining Berkley Assurance Company

Berkley Assurance Company offers tailored insurance solutions for businesses and high net worth individuals.

They’ve created over 50 successful insurance businesses to help independent agents and brokers serve their clients better. The company has outstanding financial strength, rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best Company and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s.

Here are the benefits of choosing Berkley Assurance Company:

  1. Expertise: They deeply understand the unique risks and opportunities in your business and can customize solutions to your needs.
  2. Specialization: They focus on providing specialized insurance solutions for businesses and high net worth individuals.
  3. Financial Strength: They have top-notch financial ratings, ensuring they can meet their commitments.
  4. Accessibility: You can reach them easily through their website at, where you can submit your inquiry by selecting the appropriate inquiry type.

How Join This Company

To join Berkley Insurance Company, visit their careers page to check out job openings. They have a diverse workforce from different backgrounds and are devoted to improving their skills through training.

Berkley values its employees and wants to create a culture where everyone’s skills, experiences, and unique qualities are appreciated.

Products And Services Offered By This Company

Berkley Insurance Company leads in providing commercial and high net worth personal lines insurance solutions. They’ve helped create over 50 successful insurance businesses to support independent agents and brokers in delivering custom solutions based on industry, product, and region.

Berkley Insurance Company offers various commercial insurance products, including general liability, product liability, clinical trial liability, and life sciences insurance. They’re experts at understanding the unique risks and opportunities in their customers’ businesses and tailoring solutions to meet their specific needs.

Berkley Insurance Company is dedicated to being accessible, available, and responsive to both their distribution partners and policyholders. They have more than 190 office locations worldwide.

Since 2004, Berkley Insurance Company has been a Fortune 500 company, and they joined the S&P 500 in 2019. Their member insurance companies have impressive ratings: A+ (Superior), Financial Size Category XV by A.M. Best Company and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s.

Berkley Assurance Company

Financial Details Of This Company

Visit their official website or contact their customer service to obtain more information about their premium costs, payment options, discounts, and promotional offers.

You can also explore other insurance companies providing similar services and compare their rates and benefits to make an informed decision.

Mediums Of Filling Claims

To file a claim with Berkley Insurance Company, you have these options:

  1. Online: Fill out the claim form on their website.
  2. Phone: Call their customer service at 800.435.1127 to file your claim.
  3. Email: Send your claim to and include all the details in your email.
  4. Fax: Fax your claim to 866.275.6320 with as much information as possible.

You must give detailed info about your policy, the injured worker, medical treatment, and any other relevant details for your claim.

Ratings of This Company

Berkley Insurance Company, part of W. R. Berkley Corporation, gets high financial strength ratings. A.M. Best rates it A+ (Superior), Moody’s rates it A1, and Fitch rates it AA-. These ratings mean the company can easily meet its insurance commitments and stays financially strong.

Reviews, Complaints and Resolutions O This Company

Berkley Select, a subsidiary of W.R. Berkley Corporation, specializes in professional liability insurance for businesses and professional service firms.

According to Trusted Choice, Berkley Select has a 3 out of 5-star rating and is rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best. But there’s limited customer satisfaction data available, and it’s not rated by the BBB, nor are there any BBB reviews.

If you have a complaint with Berkley Insurance Company, they have a policy to guide you. First, contact your broker or agent.

If you’re not happy with their response, you can escalate the complaint to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will fairly review your concerns and provide a written resolution within 30 days or explain why more time is needed.

Cooperate Responsibility

Berkley Insurance focuses on niche markets, providing specialized insurance solutions. They’re dedicated to conserving resources and promoting a healthy planet.

They know that a stable climate and a healthy Earth are vital for everyone’s well-being and the global economy. They work towards these goals by reducing their impact and helping clients manage their risks.


Here are some common questions about Berkley Insurance Company:

  1. Who is Berkley? Berkley refers to the insurance operations of over 50 businesses within W. R. Berkley Corporation, a major commercial insurance company in the United States.
  2. How do I make a claim on my policy? To file a claim, get in touch with your insurance agent or broker. They’ll help you through the process and provide the necessary forms.
  3. Who should I contact about my policy? If you have questions about your policy, reach out to your insurance agent or broker. They can answer your queries and provide information.
  4. How can I make changes to my policy? Contact your insurance agent or broker to make changes to your existing policy. They’ll assist you and provide the required forms.
  5. How do I get a certificate of insurance? To obtain a certificate of insurance, contact your insurance agent or broker. They’ll give you the necessary documentation.
  6. How can I find out which Berkley business issued my policy? To know which Berkley business issued your policy, speak to your insurance agent or broker. They’ll provide you with this information.




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