Best Landlord Insurance Providers in Australia: You Won’t Believe What You’re Missing Out On

Renting out a property can be a rewarding experience.

You’re providing a comfortable and well-maintained home for your tenants, and hopefully receiving a steady stream of income in return.

But even the most responsible tenants can’t control everything.

Unexpected events like fire, storms, or malicious damage can wreak havoc on your investment property.

Repairs can be costly, and depending on the severity, your rental income might be disrupted for some time.

This can leave you facing a significant financial burden.

Here’s where landlord insurance steps in. It’s not just about protecting your property; it’s about giving yourself and your tenants peace of mind.

Let’s explore how landlord insurance can benefit you as an Australian landlord.


Best Landlord Insurance Providers in Australia (2024)

Provider Key Features Pros Cons
Budget Direct Affordable premiums, user-friendly online platform, customizable coverage options Budget-friendly, convenient May have limited add-on options compared to other providers
AAMI Comprehensive coverage options, strong customer service, customizable policies with add-ons Reputable brand, extensive coverage May have slightly higher premiums compared to some providers
GIO Competitive rates, variety of cover options including accidental damage and legal expenses, focus on risk management resources Competitive pricing, well-rounded coverage Website might not be as user-friendly as some competitors
ING Competitive premiums, online customer service focus, customizable policies Affordable, convenient online platform May have fewer brick-and-mortar locations for in-person support
APIA Comprehensive coverage options with strong focus on building & contents insurance, add-ons for specific risks Detailed coverage options, potential for specialized protection Might require more research to navigate all coverage options


With a variety of providers in the Australian market, finding the right landlord insurance for your needs is crucial.

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Here’s a breakdown of some popular options to help you get started, along with some key considerations when making your choice:

Top Landlord Insurance Providers in Australia: Budget

Budget Direct

If you’re budget-conscious, Budget Direct might be a good fit.

Their user-friendly online platform allows for easy comparison of different coverage levels, so you can find a plan that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Other Providers

Consider getting quotes from other providers as well.

While Budget Direct is known for affordability, some providers might offer competitive rates with broader coverage options.

Top Landlord Insurance Providers in Australia: Coverage Needs


For comprehensive coverage, consider AAMI or GIO.

They offer a wide range of cover options, including essentials like building and contents insurance, as well as add-ons like accidental damage and legal expenses.

This is ideal if you want maximum protection for your investment.


If you have a specific property type or rental situation, ING might be a good option.

Their customizable policies allow you to tailor the coverage to your exact needs, ensuring you’re not paying for unnecessary features.

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Top Landlord Insurance Providers in Australia: Customer Service


If excellent customer service is a priority, AAMI stands out for its strong reputation in this area.

Their team can answer your questions and guide you through the claims process, ensuring a smooth experience.


ING offers a focus on online customer service, which might be ideal for those who prefer a convenient and self-directed approach.


Landlords looking for proactive support can benefit from GIO’s focus on risk management resources.

They offer tools and information to help you prevent potential issues with your property, minimizing the chances of needing to make a claim.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that covers both your building and contents, APIA is a good option.

They specialize in building and contents insurance for landlords, offering a one-stop shop for your property protection needs.

They also provide add-ons for tenant default, ensuring financial security in case of rental income disruptions.

Why Do You Need Landlord Insurance?

Even the most responsible tenants can’t control everything, and unexpected events can wreak havoc on your investment property.

Here’s why landlord insurance is crucial for Australian landlords:

Financial Protection

Imagine a fire, storm, or vandalism damaging your rental property.

Repairs can be expensive, and depending on the severity, your rental income might be disrupted.

Landlord insurance covers these costs, ensuring you’re not left footing a hefty bill for unforeseen circumstances.

Loss of Rent Coverage

If your property becomes unlivable due to an insured event, landlord insurance can be a lifesaver.

It can help you recoup lost rental income while repairs are underway.

This maintains your cash flow and helps you meet your financial obligations like mortgages or property taxes.

Tenant-Related Issues

Landlord insurance goes beyond property damage.

Some policies offer coverage for tenant defaults, where tenants fail to pay rent.

This can cause significant financial strain.

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