Blackboard Insurance Company, Delaware: Contact Details, Claims, Financial Details, Coverage Details, Rank, Online & Technological Featuress

Explore a wide range of complete insurance solutions from Blackboard Insurance Company.

A prominent industry player, Blackboard provides an extensive selection of coverage choices to suit various requirements.

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The Blackboard Insurance Company, Delaware: Your best and most insurer


Whether it’s auto, home, business, health, or life insurance, their custom policies ensure full protection.

Using technology for smooth management and ensuring financial safety, Blackboard is dedicated to personalized coverage.

Prioritizing customer happiness, they go beyond insurance – they provide peace of mind.

Contact Details

Information Type Details
Phone Number – For first notice of loss and claims-related questions, call 1-877-347-8475.
– For policy service, loss control, and general information, call 1-888-530-4650.
Address The company’s address is 1271 Avenue Of The Americas, 37th Floor,New York, NY 10020-1304.
Customer Service Contact – For first notice of loss and claims-related questions, email
– For policy service, loss control, and general information, email
Policy Details For Policy Details, visit the website.
Email Address – For first notice of loss and claims-related questions, email
– For policy service, loss control, and general information, email
Website Visit their website here.

Coverage Details And Options

Blackboard Insurance Company delivers a wide range of coverage choices for both individuals and businesses.

Here’s a breakdown of their options:

1. Auto Insurance: Covering collision, liability, and comprehensive plans to keep you secure on the road.
2. Homeowners’ Insurance: Protect your home, belongings, and liability for complete peace of mind.
3. Business Insurance: Tailored coverage for businesses, safeguarding against various risks.
4. Health Insurance: Ensuring financial protection during medical needs.
5. Life Insurance: Providing support and security for your loved ones’ financial future.

Blackboard Insurance customizes each policy to offer exceptional protection, going beyond the basics for your peace of mind.

Financial Details

Blackboard Insurance Company is committed to providing comprehensive coverage while ensuring affordability through better financial options via various discounts.

Here are the discounts they offer:

  1. Safe Driver Discounts: Rewarding those with clean driving records and responsible behavior on the road.
2. Multi-Policy Discounts: Encouraging clients to bundle multiple insurance policies, like auto and homeowners’ insurance, for extra savings.
3. Good Student Discounts: Recognizing the academic achievements of young drivers.
4. Anti-Theft Device Discounts: Providing reduced rates for vehicles equipped with security-enhancing anti-theft devices.
5. Low Mileage Discounts: Acknowledging drivers with fewer miles driven, indicating a lower accident risk.

These discounts not only make insurance more cost-effective but also demonstrate Blackboard’s commitment to rewarding responsible behavior and fostering a strong client partnership.

How The Company Ranks Among Other Providers

In the competitive world of insurance providers, Blackboard Insurance Company stands strong among several well-known rivals, all aiming to offer excellent coverage and service to their customers.

Two primary competitors include:

1. Shieldguard Insurance: Shieldguard, an established player in insurance, is renowned for its extensive coverage choices and personalized policies.

Similar to Blackboard, Shieldguard emphasizes technology integration and user-friendly platforms for policy and claim management.

2. Securesure Insurance Group: Securesure is a significant rival, recognized for its innovative coverage solutions, particularly in the realm of business insurance.

They specialize in tailoring policies for various industries, which can be particularly beneficial for niche businesses.

Blackboard distinguishes itself through its dedication to customization, technological advancements, and a broad range of coverage options that meet the unique needs of both individual and business clients.


Simplifying Claims
Filing insurance claims with Blackboard Insurance Company is hassle-free.

You have choices: file online through their easy website, speak with a representative by phone, or use their mobile app. Pick the way that suits you best.

Swift Claim Processing
Blackboard Insurance Company is known for its speedy claim processing.

Their digital processes and dedication to quick service mean your claims get resolved promptly.

This speedy service helps during tough times.

Pleased Customers
Customers have positive feedback about Blackboard Insurance Company’s claim resolutions and payouts.

Many clients are satisfied with the company’s commitment to fairness and prompt settlements.

They appreciate the straightforward claims process and clear communication, building trust and confidence.

Company Online And Technological Features

Enhancing Mobile App
Blackboard Insurance Company’s mobile app offers features to improve customer experience.

Users can easily access insurance policies, view details, and file claims.

The app includes a digital ID card and payment portal for on-the-go insurance management.

Manage Policies Online
Blackboard empowers policyholders with its online account management.

Using a user-friendly portal, customers can update policy info, track claims, and make secure payments.

This digital platform simplifies policy management, keeping customers informed.

Digital Tools and Help
Blackboard Insurance provides digital tools like informative articles, FAQs, and calculators to educate and assist customers.

These resources help customers make informed insurance decisions, showing the company’s dedication to customer empowerment and financial understanding.

Customer Experiences

Customer Experiences at the company involve various aspects of interactions and feedback from customers.

Here’s a breakdown of these components:

  1. Customer Reviews and Ratings:
    • Customers provide reviews and ratings based on their experiences with the company’s products and services. These reviews can often be found on online platforms, social media, or the company’s website.
    • Ratings typically involve a numerical score or star rating, indicating the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  2. Testimonials:
  3. Complaints and Resolutions:


  1. What happened to Blackboard?
  2. Can I pay Blackboard Insurance Company online?
  3. Is Blackboard owned by Attune?
  4. What is Blackboard Insurance Company’s phone number?
    • For claims and questions, call 1-877-347-8475. For general information, call 1-888-530-4650.
  5. Is there a Blackboard Specialty Insurance Company?
    • There is no specific information available about Blackboard Specialty Insurance Company.
  6. Did Blackboard Insurance shut down?
  7. How can I make a payment to Blackboard Insurance?
    • You can make payments online through their website or app.



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