Blackboard Insurance Company (Delaware), A Leader in Insurance Technology

Blackboard Insurance Company provides insurance services that cover home, auto, and travel insurance.

This allows customers to seize opportunities for risk protection in a changing world.

Blackboard Insurance Company (Delaware)

NAIC #: 26611
California Company ID #: 2244-2
Date Authorized in California: 05/20/1977
Company Type: Property & Casualty
State of Domicile: DELAWARE
First Notice of Loss and Claims-Related Questions: 1-877-347-8475
Policy Service, Loss Control, and General Information: 1-888-530-4650


Blackboard Insurance Company Overview

Blackboard Insurance Company (Delaware)

Blackboard aims to revolutionize and reshape commercial insurance by leveraging digital technology, data analytics, and automation.

The name signifies a fresh start and an innovative solution for industry professionals

looking to collaborate and leave behind the burden of outdated, manual processes and systems.

The company will assist clients and brokers in achieving swifter progress and deeper insights, allowing them to concentrate on what truly matters:

  • building relationships,
  • expanding businesses,
  • and reinvesting for growth.

Seraina Macia, Chief Executive Officer of Blackboard U.S. Holdings, Inc., explained,

“Our name acknowledges the ongoing advancements in data and technology.

Blackboard will serve as the hub where our teams, clients, and brokers continuously work together.

To discover more efficient ways of conducting business and revolutionize the insurance experience.

Blackboard will function as a startup while benefiting from AIG’s resources to modernize the industry.

The platform is set to launch in the second half of 2018, offering an integrated, digital, end-to-end commercial insurance experience.

Why Choose Blackboard Insurance Company

Blackboard Insurance Company caters to client needs by offering a diverse range of tailored services. These services encompass:

  • Policy Coverage: The company provides home, auto, travel, and commercial insurance policies, giving clients flexibility and choice in their coverage.
  • Digital Solutions: Leveraging advanced technology, Blackboard ensures efficient policy management and streamlined claims filing, enhancing the overall insurance experience.
  • Risk Assessment: Through data analysis, the company crafts customized insurance solutions, proactively helping clients make informed decisions to mitigate potential risks.
  • Claims Support: Blackboard simplifies the claims process, focusing on expediting settlements, ensuring clients receive the support they need during challenging times.
  • Client-Broker Collaboration: The company fosters continuous collaboration between clients and brokers, delivering personalized guidance that aids clients in making well-informed decisions when selecting insurance coverage.
  • Innovation and Adaptation: Blackboard stays ahead of the ever-changing insurance landscape by consistently evaluating emerging risks and opportunities. This commitment ensures clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions.
  • Customer Support: Blackboard offers assistance through a variety of communication channels, including phone, email, and online chat, making it easy for clients to seek guidance and answers.
  • Claims Efficiency: The company places a high priority on swift claim processing, aiming to minimize disruptions in clients’ lives or businesses during challenging times.
  • Industry Expertise: With experienced professionals on board, Blackboard Insurance provides expert advice and insights to ensure that clients are well-informed when making insurance decisions.
  • Risk Management Solutions: Blackboard helps businesses mitigate risks and minimize potential losses by offering tailored risk management strategies and insurance solutions.

Benefits of Blackboard Insurance Company

Benefits of Blackboard Insurance Company

Because the Company offers diverse insurance services for individuals and businesses.

Specialties include:

    • Home Insurance: Comprehensive coverage for property, liability, and asset protection.
    • Auto Insurance: Financial protection for accidents, theft, and vehicle damage.
    • Travel Insurance: Coverage for trip cancellations, medical emergencies, lost baggage.
    • Commercial Insurance: Solutions for property, liability, workers’ compensation, and industry-specific needs.
  • Emphasis on adapting to evolving risk landscapes and addressing emerging opportunities.

Filing Claims

Filing a claim with Blackboard Insurance is a straightforward and efficient process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to file a claim:

  1. Contact Blackboard: Get in touch with Blackboard through their claims hotline, email, or online portal.
  2. Provide Essential Details: Furnish crucial information, including your policy number, the date of the incident, and a description of what happened.
  3. Gather Supporting Documents: Collect supporting documents like photos, police reports, or medical records.
  4. Collaborate with an Assigned Claims Adjuster: Work closely with an assigned claims adjuster who will guide you throughout the process.
  5. Claim Validity Assessment: The adjuster evaluates the claim’s validity and determines the settlement.
  6. Review and Approval: Examine and approve the proposed settlement terms.
  7. Claim Payment Processing: Once approved, Blackboard promptly processes claim payments according to the agreement.
  8. Post-Settlement Support: For any questions or concerns after the settlement, don’t hesitate to contact your claims adjuster for assistance.

Blackboard Insurance Company offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions by combining innovation, technology, and expertise.

They are a trusted insurance partner due to their commitment to personalized service, efficient claims processing,

and forward-looking risk assessment, going beyond traditional insurance services.

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