Builders Alliance Insurance Company, North Carolina (NC): Contact Details, Overview, Claims, Financial Details And More

Builders Alliance Insurance Company, a leading name in insurance, provides a wide range of coverage options.

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The Builders Alliance Insurance Company, North Carolina: Your best insurance provider


From auto and home insurance to specialized business and life coverage, they tailor solutions for individuals and enterprises.

This article explores each insurance type, offering a clear view of the company’s commitment to asset protection.

It provides insights on starting coverage, authentic customer reviews, and additional services, serving as a valuable guide for those seeking dependable, personalized insurance.

Company Overview

History And Establishment:

Builders Alliance Insurance Company, with registered number F21000006496, incorporated on November 12, 2021, operates from 5580 CENTERVIEW DRIVE, RALEIGH, NC, 27606, US.

It has been in operation for two years and has three active principals.

CEO And Leadership:

The company is chaired by Rick Judson, who is assisted by Dave Stormont. Erik Anderson is the secretary of the company, alongside other employees.

They all work to see the goals and objectives of the company materialize and meet customer needs.

Contact Details

Attribute Information
Status Active
Filed Number F21000006496
FEI Number 580537066
Date of Incorporation November 12, 2021
Age 2 years
Home State NC
Company Type Foreign for Profit

Claims Process

Filing a Claim Made Easy
Builders Alliance Insurance Company simplifies the claims process.

You can file a claim online, by phone, or through their mobile app.

Quick Claim Processing
They take pride in processing claims swiftly, offering peace of mind during challenging times with timely responses and resolutions.

Positive Customer Reviews
Policyholders’ real experiences highlight their dedication to fair and satisfactory settlements, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Online And Technological Features

Mobile App Enhancements

The company has developed a powerful mobile app to improve the customer experience.

The app simplifies accessing policy information, filing claims, and managing bills.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of the app and its extensive capabilities make insurance management effortless and efficient.

Online Account Control

Policyholders can have complete control over their insurance accounts through Builders Alliance’s online account management platform.

This platform enables updates and document access.

Digital Support

In addition to its app and online tools, the Company offers various digital resources like educational materials and insurance calculators to aid policyholders in informed decision-making.

This dedication to digital innovation ensures accessibility to essential information and resources.

coverage Options

Customized Coverage: Builders Alliance Insurance Company provides a wide range of tailored coverage options to suit various personal and business needs, prioritizing asset protection and peace of mind.

Auto Insurance Solutions: Builders Alliance ensures your automobile coverage, whether you drive daily or occasionally, offering liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and optional roadside assistance.

Home Protection: Safeguard your most valuable asset with Builders Alliance’s home insurance, covering your home’s structure, personal items, liability, additional living expenses, and other property structures.

Tailored Business Policies: For entrepreneurs and business proprietors, Builders Alliance delivers personalized business insurance covering general liability, commercial property, business interruption, workers’ compensation, and industry-specific options.

Life Security: Guarantee the financial well-being of your loved ones with Builders Alliance’s life insurance choices, including term life, whole life, and universal life coverage to match your long-term plans.

Healthcare Assurance: Prioritize your health with Builders Alliance’s health insurance, offering individual and family plans for access to quality medical services.

Specialized Protection: Builders Alliance offers specialty insurance for unique needs, including valuable items, flood insurance, and umbrella policies, enhancing your protection.

With Builders Alliance Insurance Company’s diverse coverage options, you can personalize your insurance portfolio for a secure future for yourself, your family, and your business.

Financial Details

The company offers a wide range of financial assistance, savings, and discounts to see the success of its customers. Discounts  include;

Savings Opportunities: Builders Alliance Insurance Company prioritizes policyholders and aims to enhance insurance accessibility and affordability.

You can enjoy savings through various discounts:

Combine and Save: By bundling multiple policies like auto and home insurance, you can save significantly on both.

Safe Driving Rewards: Maintaining a clean driving record devoid of accidents or traffic violations can qualify you for a safe driver discount.

Academic Excellence Benefits: High-achieving students can benefit from reduced auto insurance rates.

Home Protection Savings: Install security systems, fire alarms, or safety features at home to secure discounts on homeowner’s insurance.

Claim-Free Advantages: Customers with a history of no claims within a specific period are rewarded with premium discounts.

Upfront Payment Perks: Opt for an annual lump-sum premium payment to receive a discount on your policy.

Loyalty Recognition: Remaining with Builders Alliance over time can lead to loyalty discounts.

Occupation-Related Discounts: Certain professions may qualify for special discounts due to their perceived lower risk.

Association Membership Perks: Belonging to professional organizations or associations can grant exclusive discounts.

Safety Course Savings: Completing approved safety or defensive driving courses results in reduced auto insurance rates.

Renewal Rewards: Renewing your policy with Builders Alliance may make you eligible for renewal discounts.

These discounts promote responsible behavior, safety, and financial relief for policyholders.

Seize these opportunities to customize your coverage while enjoying cost-effective insurance solutions from the company.

How The Company Ranks Among Other Providers

In the competitive insurance landscape, Builders Alliance faces several strong competitors, each with distinct strengths:

1. Secureshield Insurance Group

Secureshield is known for its comprehensive insurance options, offering competitive rates for auto, home, and life coverage. They stand out with personalized service and flexible policy choices.

2. Guardian Assurance Services

Guardian Assurance excels in customer-centricity and innovative insurance solutions, focusing on customizable business insurance plans for entrepreneurs.

3. Shieldmasters Incorporated

Shieldmasters shines in the tech-driven insurance realm, boasting user-friendly digital platforms and rapid claims processing, attracting tech-savvy customers.

4. Reliance United Insurance

Recognized for budget-friendly plans, Reliance United caters to cost-conscious customers with various discounts and accessible online tools.

5. Globalsafe Insurers

Globalsafe, a multinational insurer, specializes in international coverage, including expatriate and global travel insurance, appealing to those with international insurance needs.

6. Nationwide Assurance Group

Nationwide Assurance is a respected industry player with a vast agent network and diverse coverage options, offering a sense of reliability and stability.

7. Primeguard Insurance Services

Primeguard leads the way in innovation, featuring usage-based auto insurance and smart home coverage, catering to tech enthusiasts.

In this competitive arena, Builders Alliance distinguishes itself through its diverse coverage options, exceptional customer service, and efficient claims processing, providing value and peace of mind to policyholders.

The Company Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
– Diverse insurance options – Limited availability in some regions
– Outstanding customer support – Online account management could be more user-friendly
– Competitive Pricing – Some policy add-ons may incur additional costs
– Swift and efficient claims processing – Limited mobile app features
– Positive customer feedback – Limited discounts for specific groups


  1. What sets Builders Alliance Insurance apart from other insurers?
  2. Do they offer any insurance coverage tailored to specific professions or industries?
  3. Can I manage my policy online, and what digital tools do they offer?
    • Policyholders can easily manage their policies online, accessing features like policy updates, document retrieval, and bill payment through their user-friendly online portal.
  4. How do I report and process a claim with Builders Alliance?
    • Reporting a claim is hassle-free with multiple options, including an online claim filing, phone support, and a mobile app. They aim to process claims quickly and efficiently.


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