Can I Add My Boyfriend To My Car Insurance

Can I Add My Boyfriend To My Car Insurance?

You may be in a relationship that hasn’t resulted in marriage and wonder if you can add you’re significant to your car insurance.

Sharing your car insurance with your partner can help you save money as compared to getting two separate coverages.

This article explains everything you need to know about adding your girlfriend or boyfriend to your car insurance.Can I add my boyfriend to my car insurance policy?

Can I Add My Boyfriend To My Car Insurance

You are allowed to add your boyfriend or girlfriend to your car insurance only if you both share a permanent residence. Most insurance companies also allow a significant other to add their car to a joint policy if both vehicles are parked at the same permanent home.

How Can I Add My Boyfriend or Girlfriend to My Insurance Policy?

There are various ways to add your significant partner to your car insurance, including:

  • Listed drivers – The first method is adding each other as listed drivers on the insurance policy. This is ideal if you want to keep separate policies but have the right to drive both cars.
  • Sharing a policy – If you share a car with your significant other or have different vehicles at the same permanent residence, you can purchase a joint policy. This policy will cover all vehicles and allow you to drive each other’s cars regularly.
  • Excluded – If your girlfriend or boyfriend is a poor driver, you can exclude them as a driver on your insurance policy. However, it is essential to understand that excluding them means there will be no coverage if you get into an accident while driving your car.

Can I Add my Boyfriend to My Life Insurance?

Can I Add My Boyfriend To My Car Insurance?

You are allowed to add a significant other to your life insurance only if you can show insurable interest.

You will also be required to get consent to take out a life insurance policy on your girlfriend or boyfriend.

In addition, you can be named as a beneficiary on your significant other’s life insurance if you both live under the same permanent residence and have shared finances.

Can I Name My Boyfriend As My Beneficiary?

Insurance companies don’t have rules on who you can or cannot name as the beneficiary of your life insurance.

It is important to note that life insurance beneficiaries are entirely separate from the ones in your will.

A life insurance beneficiary can be an individual, company, charity, or trust.

If you choose a person as your beneficiary, they can be a child, spouse, relative, friend, colleague, or significant other. 

However, nine common property states in America have restrictions on life insurance beneficiaries.

If you are married and live in one of the nine common property states, your spouse is required to waive their rights if you want to choose someone else as your life insurance beneficiary.

The nine common property states include California, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. 

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