Can You Work While On Long Term Disability?

While it is difficult, this article is going to explain how a claimant under long-term disability (LTD) policies can return to work without putting his benefits in jeopardy.

It will also break down specifications about what type of work you can do and the impact that returning to work will have on LTD  benefits.

The article will further delve into detailed provisions within an individual’s policy and definition of disability.

Can You Work While On Long Term Disability?


Can I do another job while on Long-Term Disability?

Disabled people can work in another employment under the terms of various Own Occupation policies without automatically losing all of their LTD benefits.

Working within the own occupation definition of disability

The freedom to try to return to work is frequently greater for claimants receiving benefits under the own occupation definition of disability than for those getting benefits under the any occupation definition of impairment.

According to the own occupation definition of disability, a disability is one that prevents claimant from carrying out the responsibilities of the occupation you were doing when you first became disabled.

Working within the any occupation definition of disability

The general requirement of the any occupation definition of disability is that your condition must prevent you from performing any occupation in the larger labor force.

Return-to-Work Incentives

Your insurance provider wants you to start working again. The sooner you return to work, the earlier you risk losing your eligibility for benefits.

Because of this, several programs incorporate incentives for returning to work.

Seek guidance before returning to work

Remember that even if your policy permits you to return to some form of employment while continuing to receive long-term disability benefits, the insurance provider may still attempt to use your return to employment as proof that you are no longer disabled in accordance with the terms of your policy.

Why long term disability claims get denied

  • Having preference for aspirations over actuality.
  • Excessive reliance on the insurance provider for disability proof.
  • Ineffective dialogue with your doctors.
  • Ignoring requests for information or failing to meet deadlines.
  • Incorrectly describing your situation in language.

Challenging benefits denial caused by returning to work

If your benefits have been terminated due to your search for employment, you can consult an attorney to evaluate your policy and, if you are still qualified to receive benefits payments, file an appeal with the insurance company.

Limits on the amount of LTD benefits.

Many insurers are now including clauses that restrict the benefits they can receive, including the following:

You can work in another occupation while still fitting the Own Occupation criterion of impairment during your Own Occupation term.

Can you collect LTD and social security disability at the same time?

Only those who have contributed to the Social Security insurance fund and have become disabled, preventing them from being gainfully employed, can avail themselves of SSD.

What are social security disability benefits?

Unlike LTD, these are government funded benefits you obtain from an insurance company
If you have paid Social Security taxes on your earnings from employment, have been employed for specific period of time, and meet their criteria of total disability, you may be eligible for payments.

What is the difference between LTD and SSD?

SSD and LTD are two different and separate categories of disability benefits. LTD) is frequently provided to employees by their employers, while it is also available for private purchase.

Does long term disability affect social security disability?

Social security disability is almost never affected, with one rare exception.

Why LTD insurance company wants you to apply for SSD

You’ll probably have to submit a Social Security disability claim under the terms of your long-term disability policy. If you are accepted, the amount of your SSD payment will be deducted from your long-term disability benefit.

Best Disability Insurance Companies in USA

  1. MetLife – offers both short-term and long-term disability insurance
  2. The Standard – offers a range of disability insurance options, including individual, group, and business overhead expense coverage
  3. Guardian – offers disability insurance for individuals, businesses, and executives
  4. Mutual of Omaha – offers both short-term and long-term disability insurance options
  5. Principal – offers individual and group disability insurance options, as well as business overhead expense coverage
  6. Northwestern Mutual – offers individual disability insurance policies with a variety of options and riders
  7. MassMutual – offers individual and group disability insurance options
  8. New York Life – offers disability income insurance for individuals and businesses
  9. Ameritas – offers individual and group disability insurance options
  10. UNUM – offers both short-term and long-term disability insurance options for individuals and businesses.


This article breaks down how individuals receiving long-term disability benefits can return to work without jeopardizing their LTD benefits.

It also provides information on LTD benefits and how they compare with related benefits such as Social Security Disability benefits, and how a disability attorney can help.

Additionally, the article delves into explains how LTD and SSD benefits complete each other in favor of individual who enjoy them.

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