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Century Indemnity Company specializes in property and casualty insurance for commercial trucking and transportation, with 11-50 employees and headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.


Founded in 1963, Century Indemnity Company is a property and casualty insurance firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Specializes in providing fire, property, and casualty insurance services, primarily catering to commercial trucking and specialty transportation sectors.
Operates as a subsidiary of Brandywine Holdings Corporation, which serves as a holding company for various insurance companies under the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.
The company’s assets are managed by the board members of Brandywine Holdings Corporation.

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About Century Industry Company

Industry: Insurance. Century Indemnity Company is a property and casualty insurance company that specializes in commercial trucking and specialty transportation sectors. The company is part of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, which is one of the largest providers of insurance and reinsurance in the world.

Company size: 11-50 employees. According to LinkedIn, Century Indemnity Company has 11-50 employees as of October 2021. The company does not disclose its exact number of employees on its website or other sources.

Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The mailing address of Century Indemnity Company is P.O Box 7, Greenville, SC 29602. The street address is 101 N. Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601. However, the primary office of the company is located at 436 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. The company also has offices in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY

Services offered by Century Indemnity  Company

Insurance Types: Century Indemnity offers fire, property, and casualty insurance, including Express, Mid-Fleet, and Fleet options. They also provide freight and cargo insurance, physical damage coverage, and risk management services.

Special Packages: The company doesn’t advertise special packages, but their specialty division enables agents to quote specialized risks like environmental liability, professional liability, and cyber liability.

International Coverage: While international coverage isn’t apparent on their website, Century Indemnity has dealt with international reinsurance disputes involving entities like Lloyd’s of London and Global Reinsurance Corporation of America.

Temporary Policies: The company doesn’t seem to offer temporary policies. Indemnity policies, however, lack a network of preferred providers and may have lower premiums with higher deductibles and co-payments. They might not cover essential health benefits or pre-existing conditions, making them unsuitable for all.

Company’s financial details

Premium Costs: Century Indemnity’s premium costs vary based on policy type, coverage limits, deductibles, and risk factors. The company doesn’t specify costs on its website, but the average annual premium for US commercial truck insurance ranges from $5,000 to $12,500 per truck.

Payment Options: The company’s website doesn’t mention payment options, but they may depend on the general agent or specialty division handling the policy. Common options for commercial truck insurance include monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments.

Discounts and Offers: Century Indemnity doesn’t display discounts or promotions on its website. Factors potentially reducing premiums include a clean driving record, safe vehicles, high deductibles, low annual mileage, and multiple policies with one insurer.

Claim Payout Ratio: The claim payout ratio isn’t publicly available on Century Indemnity’s website. Yet, the average claim payout ratio for US property and casualty insurers was 69.4% in 2020. Century Indemnity’s ratio may align with this average or exceed it depending on performance and market conditions.

Century Indemnity Company claim process

Claim Status: Century Indemnity Company doesn’t offer online or phone claim status checks on its website. Claim status depends on the terms of the handling agent or specialty division. Options to check claim status include contacting the general agent, specialty division, assigned adjuster, or examining claim documents.

Required Claim Documents: Necessary claim documents vary based on policy type, loss nature, and damage extent. Common documents include a completed claim form, death certificate (if applicable), police report (if applicable), repair estimate or invoice (if applicable), damage photos or videos (if applicable), and any relevant supporting evidence.

Average Claim Approval Time: Century Indemnity Company doesn’t publicly disclose its claim approval time. US property and casualty insurers generally take 10 to 15 days for approval, though this can vary based on claim complexity and severity.

Claim Customer Reviews: The company lacks many customer reviews on its website or online platforms. Some available reviews include a positive note regarding a $3,700 car repair payment, a negative review about a denied water damage claim, and a neutral review citing varied opinions from other customers.


Century Indemnity Company specializes in property and casualty insurance for commercial trucking and transportation, with 11-50 employees and headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.

Century Indemnity Company coverage details

Policy Exclusions:

Intentional or fraudulent acts by the insured or its agents
War, terrorism, or nuclear hazards
Wear and tear, deterioration, or depreciation
Pollution or contamination
Governmental actions or regulations
Contractual liabilities or obligations
Insolvency or bankruptcy of the insured or any other entity
Coverage Limits:

Limits not disclosed on the website
Vary based on policy type, risk factors, and general agent
Reinsurance certificates not inclusive of defense costs


Deductibles not disclosed on the website
Factors affecting deductibles: policy type, business size, loss history, financial condition

Add-ons or Riders:

No specific add-ons or riders mentioned on the website
Possible options: extended reporting period, inflation guard, business interruption, equipment breakdown.

Company’s online technology features

  • Online Account Management: Century Indemnity Company lacks a mobile app. Features are determined by general agents. Options may include viewing policy details, making payments, updating information, and accessing resources.
  • Digital Claim Filing: The company does not offer a mobile app for digital claim filing.
    Policyholders can file claims online via a web form, send claims by email with attachments, or call a toll-free number.
  • Chat Support or AI Assistance: Century Indemnity Company does not provide chat support or AI assistance via a mobile app.
    Customer service is accessible through phone, email, or online forms.
    Operating hours and response times vary, with the expertise of customer service representatives influencing assistance quality.

Century Indemnity Company partnership and affiliates

  • Century Indemnity Company does not list specific partnered businesses on its website. However, being part of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, one of the world’s largest insurance providers.

Century Indemnity likely collaborates with segments like Chubb North America and subsidiaries such as ACE American              Insurance Company and Pacific Indemnity Company.

  • Regarding affiliated service providers, Century Indemnity doesn’t disclose this information on its site. However, potential partners might include State Street Bank, which serves as their custodian.

Sedgwick, a global risk solutions provider, handles claims administration for Century Indemnity. Aon, a professional                    services firm, acts as an intermediary in some reinsurance transactions.

  • As for sponsorships and collaborations, specific details about Century Indemnity’s involvement aren’t available on their website. However, their parent company, Brandywine Holdings Corporation, sponsors the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art, a nonprofit preserving natural and cultural resources.

Additionally, Chubb Limited collaborates with WWF, a global conservation organization, and sponsors the World                        Economic Forum Annual Meeting, facilitating discussions on global agendas. These connections might indirectly involve           Century Indemnity Company.

Century Insurance Company brokers and agents

  • Local agent listings: You can find a list of local agents who work with Century Insurance Group on their website. You can search by state, city, or zip code to find an agent near you. You can also view their contact information, website, and specialties.
  • Agent qualifications and reviews: Century Insurance Group has a rigorous process for appointing agents and brokers who meet their standards of professionalism, integrity, and expertise. They also provide ongoing training and support to their agents and brokers to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction. You can read some testimonials from their agents and brokers on their website.
  • Broker partnerships: Century Insurance Group partners with brokers who have access to specialty markets and niche products that complement their core commercial offerings. They also offer competitive commissions, flexible underwriting, and responsive claims handling to their broker partners. You can learn more about their broker partnerships on their website.
Contact Information Details
Phone Number (215) 761-1000
Address 30 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA, 19103-4001
Customer Service Contact – Filing a claim online using a web form – Sending an email to newclaim@centurysurety.com – Calling (800) 825-9489
Policy Details Century Indemnity Company specializes in commercial trucking and specialty transportation. It’s a part of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, offering various policy types. Specific policy details vary.
Email Address newclaim@centurysurety.com
Fax Number (614) 895-7040
Operating Hours Not specified; depends on customer service availability and expertise.

Please note that specific contact details and policy information may change, so it’s advisable to verify with the company directly.

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