The Battle for cheap liability car insurance in Arizona (AZ)

Who has cheap liability car insurance az?

In the competitive landscape of Arizona’s car insurance market, finding the cheapest rates can save drivers significant money.

A recent study reveals the top contenders for affordable car insurance in the state, with Travelers leading the pack for minimum liability coverage.

However, State Farm emerges as the frontrunner for those seeking full coverage insurance.

Let’s explore the best options for Arizona drivers in 2023.

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Who has a cheap liability car insurance az
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Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Arizona: Travelers Take the Lead

Travelers shine as the provider of the cheapest minimum liability coverage in Arizona, with quotes averaging at an impressive $39 per month.

This rate is a remarkable 39% lower than the state average.

Travelers offer an attractive option for cost-conscious drivers looking to meet legal requirements without breaking the bank.

Purchasing Full Coverage: State Farm Delivers Affordability

While minimum liability insurance may be the cheapest way to stay legally protected, opting for full coverage is advisable for comprehensive protection.

State Farm emerges as the most affordable provider, offering full coverage insurance at $94 per month, a remarkable 41% below the state average.

State Farm’s competitive rates make it an attractive choice for Arizona drivers seeking robust coverage without straining their budgets.

Customized Options for Different Driver Profiles

1. Military Members and Families: USAA Offers Special Discounts

For military members, veterans, and their families, USAA provides even cheaper rates, with policies starting at $24 per month.

This makes it a highly appealing option, offering a significant $15 monthly savings compared to Travelers’ rates.

2. Drivers with Prior Incidents: State Farm Offers Competitive Pricing

For Arizona drivers with a poor driving record, State Farm proves to be the most cost-effective option.

Whether it’s a speeding ticket or an at-fault accident, State Farm provides the cheapest quotes, helping drivers save up to 52% compared to the state average.

3. Young Drivers: Travelers Take the Lead

Travelers emerge as the winner for young drivers, offering the most affordable minimum coverage insurance for 18-year-olds at $93 per month.

State Farm, on the other hand, provides the cheapest full coverage policies for young drivers, with rates averaging around $289 per month.


Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates:

  • Credit Score Impact: Travelers Offer Savings for Drivers with Poor Credit

While your credit score may not correlate directly with your driving ability, it does affect insurance rates.

Arizona drivers with poor credit can save 58% on full coverage insurance by choosing Travelers, which provides policies at an average of $184 per month, significantly lower than the state average of $440 per month.

  •  Location Matters: Price Differences Across Arizona Cities

Car insurance rates can vary significantly across Arizona cities.

Drivers in Desert Hills enjoy the lowest rates, with an average of $126 per month for full coverage.

Conversely, residents of Phoenix face the highest rates, averaging around $199 per month.

The location should be a crucial consideration when comparing car insurance quotes.

Choosing the Best Car Insurance Company

State Farm emerges as the top choice for most Arizona drivers due to its excellent customer service, strong financial stability, and competitive rates.

State Farm gets high marks in customer satisfaction.

However, USAA also garners praise for its exceptional service, exclusively catering to military members, veterans, and their families.


In the ever-changing landscape of car insurance, Arizona drivers have a wide range of options to choose from.

Travelers lead the way with the most affordable minimum liability coverage, while State Farm offers the best rates for full coverage policies.

Factors such as driving history, age, credit score, and location all play a significant role in determining insurance

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