Chubb Custom Insurance Company: Cutting-edge coverage options, online convenience, exceptional customer service.

Chubb Limited, one of the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance companies, wholly owns Chubb Custom Insurance Company.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Warren, New Jersey.

This subsidiary stands out as a leading provider of tailored insurance solutions for high-net-worth individuals, families, and businesses.

Offering a diverse array of products and services, the company is dedicated to delivering top-tier coverage to its customers.

Chubb Custom Insurance Company

Chubb Custom Insurance Company Product Coverage

Provides an extensive range of products and coverage tailored to high-net-worth individuals, families, and businesses.

Here are some of the company’s most popular products, each customizable to meet specific customer needs:

  1. Personal Lines Insurance: This category includes various personal lines insurance products, encompassing:
  2. Commercial Lines Insurance: The company also offers a variety of commercial lines insurance products, including:
  3. Specialty Insurance: For safeguarding prized possessions, the Company provides specialty insurance products, such as coverage for:
    • Art
    • Jewelry
    • Other valuable assets

Chubb Custom Insurance Company’s Offered Coverage:

  1. Property Insurance: This coverage can protect against damage to your home or other property resulting from events like fire, theft, and weather damage.
  2. liability insurance: Shielding you from financial losses, liability insurance comes into play if you are sued for causing bodily injury or property damage to someone else.
  3. Auto Insurance: This coverage extends financial protection to you in the event of involvement in a car accident.
  4. Boat and Yacht Insurance: In case of damage or theft to your boat or yacht, this insurance provides coverage for potential financial losses.
  5. Art Insurance: Protecting your valuable artwork, art insurance offers coverage for financial losses in the event of damage or theft.
  6. Jewelry Insurance: This coverage safeguards your jewelry, covering potential financial losses if it’s damaged or stolen.
  7. Other Specialty Insurance: Chubb Custom Insurance Company may also provide additional specialty insurance products, including coverage for collectibles, high-value homes, and businesses with intricate insurance needs.

Handling a Claim with Chubb Custom Insurance Company:

To initiate a claim, you have several options:

  1. Contact 1-800-CLAIMS-O (1-800-252-4670): Reach out by phone to report your claim.
  2. Report a Claim Online: Utilize the online reporting system.
  3. Contact Your Local Chubb Agent: Connect with your local Chubb agent for claim assistance.

Once you’ve filed your claim, expect the following Chubb Custom Insurance Company claim process:

Claim Filing:

Get in touch with Chubb Custom Insurance Company to file your claim, and you’ll be assigned a claims adjuster.

Information Gathering:

The claims adjuster will reach out to collect essential details about your claim, including policy information, loss date, and damage extent.


The claims adjuster might investigate your claim to determine its policy coverage and secure repair or replacement estimates if necessary.

Settlement Offer:

After the investigation, the claims adjuster will determine the company’s payment for your loss and send you a settlement offer.


If you accept the settlement offer, Chubb Custom Insurance Company will issue the payment to you.

Tips for filing a Chubb Custom Insurance Company claim:

  • Be prepared to provide as much information as possible about your claim, such as the date and time of the loss, the extent of the damage, and the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • Gather all relevant documentation, such as police reports, medical records, and repair estimates.
  • Cooperate with your claims adjuster and provide them with any information or documentation they request.
  • Be patient and understanding. The claims process can take some time, but Chubb Custom Insurance Company is committed to resolving claims fairly and equitably.

Enhanced Online & Tech Features at Chubb Custom Insurance Company:

Chubb Custom Insurance Company goes the extra mile to offer a range of online tech features, empowering customers to efficiently handle their policies and claims.

Notable features include:

Online Policy Management:

Customers can effortlessly access their policy details, make policy adjustments, and process premium payments online.

Online Claims Reporting:

24/7 accessibility for customers to submit claims conveniently via the web.

Claim Status Tracking:

Customers have the ability to monitor the progress of their claims online.

Document Upload:

Easy online document submission related to policies and claims.

Mobile App:

The Chubb Custom Insurance mobile app grants customers mobile access to policy information, claims filing, and claim status tracking, providing on-the-go convenience.

Beyond these features, Chubb Custom Insurance is actively investing in cutting-edge technologies to enhance the customer experience.

Benefits of Chubb Custom Insurance Company’s Online Tech Features:

Online Policy Management:

Customers can effortlessly manage their policies, make adjustments, and pay premiums online, eliminating the need to contact customer service.

Online Claims Reporting:

Around-the-clock access for filing claims from any location, which proves invaluable, especially during travel incidents.

Claim Status Tracking:

Customers can monitor claim progress online, providing a clear timeline for settlements and reducing stress and uncertainty.

Document Upload:

The ability to upload pertinent documents online, such as damage photos, medical records, and police reports, expedites the claims process.

Mobile App:

The Chubb Custom Insurance mobile app offers on-the-go access to policy information, claims filing, and claim status tracking, a boon for frequent travelers.


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