Church Life Insurance Corporation, New York (NY): Contact Information Address, Services, History And Reviews

CLIC specializes in insurance services tailored to religious organizations and members.
One organization that stands as a beacon of financial stability in the faith community is the Church Life Insurance Corporation affectionately known as CLIC.
Into the world of CLIC and explore the vital role it plays in supporting religious institutions and their dedicated clergy.
CLIC is a revered name in the world of faith-based financial security.
It was established with the mission of serving the faith community, and CLIC has become synonymous with trust and reliability.
With a history rich in tradition and a deep commitment to their values, they have emerged as a leading provider of financial services to religious institutions.

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Church Life Insurance Corporation Contact Information And Address

Category Information
Address New York (NY)
Products Various insurance and financial solutions for faith-based organizations and clergy.

History of Church Life Insurance Corporation

CLIC offers comprehensive life insurance plans to protect clergy and congregants in times of need, providing financial support for their families and communities.

Their members, in addition to faithfully serving the religious community, uphold both faith and financial responsibility.

Insurance Services Offered

CLIC specializes in providing a range of insurance services designed to meet the distinctive needs of religious organizations and their members.

Here are some of the primary insurance products and services they offer:

Life Insurance for Clergy and Members

CLIC ensures that clergy and congregants are protected in times of need by offering comprehensive life insurance plans and providing financial support for their families and communities.

Property and Liability Insurance

Religious institutions often require unique insurance coverage for their properties, including churches, rectories, and community centers.

CLIC offers tailored solutions to protect these assets.

Employee Benefits

The corporation provides employee benefit programs. They address the specific pullout of religious employees, such as ministers and church staff.

Retirement Planning

CLIC also assists clergy members.

They employ in planning for their pullout, aligning their financial future with their life’s work.

Commitment to the Faith Community

Church Life Insurance Corporation is not just an insurance provider; it is an integral part of the faith community.

Their mission extends beyond financial services.

They support religious organizations in various ways, including:

Educational Initiatives

CLIC often conducts seminars and workshops to help churches and clergy better understand their insurance needs, and make informed decisions for the future.

Community Involvement

The corporation actively engages in helping activities, giving support to local temples and religious charities.

They take an active role in disaster relief efforts and community service projects.

Crisis Support

In times of crisis, CLIC is known to step up and assist religious institutions, ensuring their continuity and recovery.

Church Life Insurance Corporation, often abbreviated as CLIC, stands as a pillar of financial security within the faith community.

With a history steeped in tradition and a wide array of insurance services, they have cultivated trust as essential partners for churches and clergy alike.

They actively assist religious institutions in overcoming financial hurdles.

CLIC substantially bolsters the church’s broader mission, hence amplifying its profound significance.


In a world where faith and finance intersect, Church Life Insurance Corporation stands as a pillar of support.

They provide financial security and support to religious institutions and clergy.

CLIC ensures that the faith community can focus on its spiritual mission without the constant worry of financial challenges.

In essence, CLIC transcends being merely an insurance giver; rather.

It serves as a steadfast guardian of faith, meticulously safeguarding the financial well-being of the faith community.

Through unwavering trust and reliability, Church Life Insurance Corporation remains pivotal in safeguarding the faith community’s enduring significance.

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