CICA Life Insurance Company of America(Colorado), Contact Info, Overview, Products and Benefits

CICA Life Insurance Company of America(Colorado) is the preferred choice for Latino clients with our deep experience in Latin American insurance.

We offer exclusive, personalized service in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, fostering your confidence in informed decisions.

Our shared culture allows us to genuinely grasp your needs, helping us select the right coverage for your family dynamics and ensuring the best value for your money.

CICA Life Insurance Company of America(Colorado)

Headquarters Mailing Address Physical Mailing Address Telephone Fax
11815 Alterra Pkwy, Suite 1500 P.O. Box 149151 11815 Alterra Pkwy, Suite 1500 (512) 837-7100 (512) 836-9785
Austin, TX 78758 Austin, TX 78714 Austin, TX 78758

CICA Life Insurance Company of America (Overview And History)


CICA Life of America Life Insurance Company belongs to the group of life insurance companies known as Citizens, Inc.

It was incorporated in the State of Texas on June 2, 1965, and commenced its business operations in 1966.

CICA Life of America holds licenses in multiple states across the country.

The company enhances its financial stability through the extensive history and robustness of its holding company, Citizens, Inc.

This, in turn, enhances the value of our policies by offering cutting-edge technology systems,

comprehensive service tailored to culture and language, robust investment strategies, and efficient operational leadership.

We understand your needs and speak your language, providing support that respects both language and culture.

CICA Life of America offers Life Insurance and Critical Illness products with an exclusive customized service;

That takes into account Spanish, Portuguese languages, and Hispanic culture, enabling confident, well-informed decisions.

Our extensive experience in the Latin American life insurance market, along with our exceptional digital and personalized service, makes CICA Life of America a top choice.

CICA Life Insurance Company of America(Colorado) (Products)


  • Primarily sell U.S. dollar-denominated ordinary whole life insurance and endowment policies
  • Targeted at foreign residents, mainly in Latin America and the Pacific Rim
  • Distributed through independent marketing consultants


  • Offer final expense policies and critical illness coverage
  • Distributed through independent distributors nationwide
  • Additional distribution via Security Plan subsidiary in Louisiana


  • Exclusive, tailored service available
  • Multilingual support in Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and English
  • In-depth understanding of Hispanic and Asian culture


  • Mainly issue credit life and disability policies
  • Predominantly focused on the state of Texas

CICA Life Insurance Company of America (Products)


Lifetime Protection:

Low-Risk Investments:

  • By involving investments with a lower degree of risk, it reduces exposure to market volatility and potential financial losses.

Lifetime Income:

  • It guarantees a steady stream of income for the rest of your life, providing peace of mind and financial stability during retirement.

Supplemental Retirement Income:

  • It enhances your financial comfort and security during your retirement years by offering an additional source of income.

Savings Protection (Life and Death):

  • It assures that your savings and investments are safeguarded, ensuring that your loved ones receive the benefits in case of your passing.

Conservative and Guaranteed Returns:

CICA Life Insurance Company of America (Careers)

We offer employees opportunities to develop themselves, and their careers, which in turn benefits our business.

We invite you to join a team of exceptionally talented individuals from around the world to revolutionize the insurance industry.

At the core of our operations, our employees and customers take precedence.

Our company’s success commences with our dedicated team and the departments that serve our customers.

That’s why we work diligently to establish an environment that empowers and motivates employees to achieve their utmost potential.

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