CM Life Insurance Company, Connecticut: Contact Details, Claims, Pros And Cons, Financial Details & More

C.M. Life Insurance Company is a good option for life insurance.

They have many types of policies like term life and variable life.

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the CM Life Insurance Company, Connecticut, your best lifetime insurer


This company is trusted and has a good rating from A.M. Best.

History And Establishment

The company was established in 1846. In its second century of operation, CM Life Insurance Company, based in Connecticut, ranks as the 12th largest life insurance provider in the United States.

CEO And Leadership

It is chaired by Lawrence Burkett as the chief executive alongside other crucial executives and 21,000 employees who work together to achieve the company’s objectives.

They offer various coverage options at reasonable prices, process claims quickly, and customers like them.

However, they have strict rules for who they insure. They also have discounts to help you save money; not many people complain about them.

Market Share And Company Size

It ranks as the twelfth largest life insurance firm in the United States, serving over a million policyholders with over $70 billion in active life insurance.

Employing a team of over 2,900 full-time agents across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico, the company offers a comprehensive range of permanent and term life insurance, universal life insurance, and other interest-sensitive products.

Contact Information

140 Garden Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06154
Phone (203) 727-6500
Fax (203) 727-6644
Toll-Free Phone (800) 551-1414

Coverage Details

C.M. Life Insurance Company gives you different choices for insurance.

They offer:

– Term life insurance, which lasts for a certain time.
– Whole life insurance, which lasts your whole life and can save money.
– Universal life insurance, which is permanent and flexible.
– Final expense insurance, to help with end-of-life costs.
– Annuities, which give you money in retirement.

You can pick the one that suits you and your budget. C.M. Life Insurance Company is a trusted option for good insurance.

Financial Details

Discounts And Promotional Offers:

C.M. Life Insurance Company actively promotes affordability by offering discounts to reduce insurance costs.

These money-saving options encompass:

Firstly, the multi-policy discount, which rewards customers holding multiple policies with the company. This leads to premium savings.

Furthermore, the safe driver discount acknowledges and rewards customers with clean driving records, ensuring premium reductions.

Additionally, the good student discount incentivizes students to maintain high academic performance by granting premium discounts.

Moreover, the homeowner discount caters to those who own their homes, giving them the benefit of reduced premiums.

Lastly, the paid-in-full discount encourages customers to pay their premiums in one go, offering them a discount as a reward.

These substantial discounts can result in noteworthy savings on insurance premiums, rendering C.M. Life Insurance Company a cost-effective choice for individuals seeking dependable insurance coverage.

How The Company Ranks Among Other Providers

As an established insurance company, the CM Life Insurance Company, Connecticut, faces stiff competition from other top providers including:

MetLife, counted among the world’s largest life insurance companies, offers a diverse range of coverage options and financial products.

Prudential, an established life insurance provider, has built a strong reputation for financial stability and superior customer service.

Northwestern Mutual:
Operating as a mutual company, Northwestern Mutual specializes in offering a variety of life insurance and financial planning services.

New York Life:
New York Life, also a mutual company, holds a lengthy track record of providing high-quality life insurance and financial products to its clientele.

State Farm:
State Farm, a popular insurance company, features a broad spectrum of coverage options, including life insurance.

These companies, among others, actively compete as major players in the life insurance industry, positioning them as competitors to C. M. Life Insurance Company.

Company Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Strong Financial Stability Limited Geographic Coverage
Wide Range of Coverage Options Limited Policy Features
Positive Customer Ratings and Reviews
Competitive Premiums


Q1: What unique insurance products does CM Life Insurance Company offer in Connecticut?

A1: CM Life Insurance Company provides specialized coverage options like ‘Coastal Property Insurance’ to protect against specific risks in Connecticut’s coastal areas. Contact them for more details.

Q2: How does CM Life Insurance Company support local communities in Connecticut?

A2: They actively engage in community projects and initiatives in Connecticut, contributing to local development and well-being.

Q3: What technology innovations has CM Life Insurance Company implemented for policy management in Connecticut?

A3: CM Life Insurance Company offers a user-friendly mobile app, providing policyholders in Connecticut easy access to their policies, claims, and account management.

Q4: Does CM Life Insurance Company offer any unique environmentally friendly insurance options for Connecticut residents?

A4: Yes, they have ‘Green Home Insurance‘ designed to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices. It provides coverage for green home improvements and energy-efficient upgrades in Connecticut.


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