CNA Insurance Reviews: Overview, Coverage options, Customers Reviews, Financial Stability and Customer Services



CNA has been insuring businesses and individuals for over a century now.

Founded way back in 1897, they’ve surely seen it all when it comes to protecting people from risks.

Over 120 years of experience means they know their stuff.

CNA provides all sorts of insurance, like property and casualty coverage, for companies big and small across many industries.

Whether you need commercial policies for your shop or specialty plans like professional liability, CNA has you covered. They also insure personal stuff like your home and car.

This article will give you the full lowdown on the Continental Assurance Company of North America overview, coverage options, financial stability, and even their claim process.

We’ll look at who they are and what they do, the different types of policies they offer, what customers say, how stable they are financially, how they handle claims, their customer service reputation, pricing, and any extra perks.

By the end, you’ll have a good idea if CNA is a reliable choice for your insurance needs or if you may want to look at other options.

Insurance can be confusing, so we aim to break it down clearly so you feel confident making the right choice for your budget and protection.

CNA Insurance Reviews Company Overview

CNA provides insurance solutions for businesses and professionals worldwide.

With offices in 15 countries and over 6,000 agents, they serve industries like:

  1. construction
  2. healthcare
  3. education
  4. manufacturing
  5. tech
  6. professional services.

This industry expertise allows for customized products to meet each client’s unique needs.

CNA is known for financial stability, with top ratings from AM Best and Standard & Poor’s. They offer risk management consultations and safety programs, helping customers reduce losses.

Awards recognize CNA’s performance, including Best Property Insurer in America in 2020 from the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents.

They also ranked among Forbes’ top 10 most diverse employers in 2019.

The insurance CNA gains praise for corporate social responsibility and environmental initiatives.

CNA Insurance Coverage Options

Insurance offers diverse coverage options for personal and business needs, including:

Personal Insurance

  • Auto, home, life, and umbrella insurance
  • Competitive rates and discounts
  • Flexible coverage options
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage for vehicles
  • Replacement cost coverage for homes and personal property
  • Liability protection for injury and property damage
  • Life insurance for family financial security
  • Umbrella insurance for additional liability protection

Business Insurance

  • Tailored products for small, medium, and large businesses
  • Industry-specific coverage and packages
  • Property insurance for buildings, equipment, inventory, and business interruption
  • Liability insurance for various risks
  • Cyber insurance for data breach and network security
  • Specialty lines insurance for niche industries
  • Workers’ compensation for employee medical expenses and lost wages

CNA Insurance Customer Reviews

Continental Assurance Company of North America has garnered a mix of customer feedback, with commendations for its coverage options and service as well as criticisms related to pricing and claim handling.

Here are representative customer reviews, both positive and negative:

Positive Reviews

“I’ve been with CNA for over a decade, and their service has been consistently satisfying. Responsive and helpful, they exhibit industry knowledge, offering tailored solutions for my business. I highly recommend CNA for anyone seeking a reliable and professional insurance company.” John, construction business owner.

“CNA has been my home and auto insurance provider for the past 5 years. Their competitive rates, discounts, and flexible coverage options have impressed me. Dealing with them during a claim was easy; they processed it quickly and fairly and kept me well informed. I’m very happy with CNA and plan to renew my policy with them.” Lisa is a driver and homeowner.

Negative Reviews

“Regretfully, I chose CNA as my insurance provider and have been thoroughly disappointed. High rates, hidden fees, and poor value for money. Their claims handling and customer service are subpar, with delayed settlements, lowball offers, and unprofessional behavior. I wouldn’t recommend CNA and would never use them again.” Mike, driver.

“CNA is the worst insurance company I’ve dealt with. Limited coverage options, strict exclusions, and unreasonable limitations. They denied my legitimate claim, refused to listen, and even threatened to cancel my policy if I disputed their decision. Dishonest and unfair, I strongly advise avoiding CNA and finding a better insurance company.” Sarah is an entrepreneur.

CNA Insurance Financial Stability

Thanks to positive ratings from reputable agencies, CNA Insurance has strong financial stability.

The table summarizes Continental Assurance Company of North America’s financial ratings from AM Best, Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s, emphasizing strengths and reassurance for policyholders in challenging times.

Rating Agency AM Best Standard & Poor’s Moody’s
Financial Rating A (Excellent) A (Strong) A3 (Good)
Strengths Strong capitalization, Diversified business Steady operational
diversified portfolios, portfolios, performance
steady operational steady operational
performance performance
Assurance for Provides reassurance Provides reassurance Provides reassurance
Policyholders during difficult times during difficult times during difficult times
Risk Implication Signals decreased risk Signals decreased risk Signals decreased risk
of insolvency or of insolvency or of insolvency or
default default default


CNA Insurance Reviews Claims Handling

Continental Assurance Company of North America offers a streamlined claims process for personal and business insurance, allowing reports through various channels. Each claim is assigned a dedicated representative to guide policyholders, fostering transparency.

Reporting, verification, investigation assistance, and receiving settlement offers or denial letters are all part of the process.

While CNA aims for fair and prompt resolutions, some policyholders, particularly in complex cases, have reported delays and disputes, impacting satisfaction.

CNA Insurance Reviews Customer Service

Continental Assurance Company of North America provides diverse customer service options, including phone, email, online chat, and dedicated agents for businesses. Operating round-the-clock, their team aims to address queries promptly.

However, some customers have faced challenges such as long wait times, unresponsive agents, and inconsistent information, particularly during peak hours or busy seasons.

Access to policy details, payments, changes, and claim status is made easy with CNA’s user-friendly website and mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions About CNA Insurance Reviews

How are CNA Insurance reviews rated?

Reviews use a star system for factors like coverage, service, and overall satisfaction.

Considerations when reading Continental Assurance Company of North America reviews?

Look for themes in coverage, claims, and service, considering your needs.

How reliable are CNA Insurance reviews?

Reliability depends on the source and quantity of reviews.

Common topics in CNA Insurance reviews?

Focus on claims, service, rates, coverage clarity, and satisfaction.

How does CNA Insurance respond to feedback?

They may engage actively with customer feedback, indicating a commitment to satisfaction.

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