Columbus Life Insurance Company Contacts, Claims, Login, Customer care, Agents, Ratings, History

Columbus Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Western & Southern Financial Group, one of the largest and most respected insurance and financial services companies in the United States.

The company offers a range of life insurance and annuity products for individuals, families, and businesses.

In this article, I will share with you some of the latest information about this company, its products, and its services.

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Columbus Life Insurance Company Contacts, Claims, Login, Customer care, Agents, Ratings, History (Source:

Contact Information

If you want to get in touch with Columbus Life, you have several options to choose from.

You can call their toll-free number at 800-423-9765 or send them an email through their website.

You can also find a local financial representative near you by using their online locator tool.

Alternatively, you can visit their headquarters at 400 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202-33414.

Claims Process

Columbus Life understands that losing a loved one is difficult, so they provide supportive and timely service when it comes to filing a claim.

To start a claim, you need to contact Columbus Life by phone or email and provide some basic information about the insured person and the policy.

They will then mail you the necessary claim forms within seven business days.

After you complete and submit the forms, they will review your claim and pay the benefits within seven business days of approval6.

Online Account Access

Columbus Life has launched a new portal with an added layer of security to help protect your account information.

If you are a policyholder or an annuity contract owner, you can register for the portal to view your policy details and chat with a live representative.

If you are a financial professional contracted with Columbus Life, log in to their extranet site to access forms, brochures, presentations, sales materials, and more.

Customer Service

Columbus Life prides itself on providing excellent customer service to its clients and partners.

They have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable representatives who are ready to answer your questions and assist you with your needs.

You can reach them by phone from Monday to Friday at 800-423-9765 or by email at any time.

You can also find helpful resources on their website, such as financial education articles, product information, company history, and newsroom.

Agent Support

Columbus Life values its relationship with its independent agents who market its products and services across the nation.

They offer personalized support, innovative technology, and a strong portfolio of life insurance and annuity products to help them grow their business and serve their clients better.

They also provide training, marketing tools, incentives, recognition programs, and events for their agents.

If you are interested in joining Columbus Life as an agent, you can call them at 866-299-8715 or visit their website for more information.

Columbian Life Insurance

Columbian Life Insurance is a different company from Columbus Life Insurance.

It is part of Columbian Financial Group, which offers final expense insurance, whole life insurance, term insurance, preneed insurance, and annuities.

To contact Columbian Life Insurance, you can call them at 800-423-9765 or visit their website.


Columbus Life Insurance Company is led by John H. Bultema III, who is the president and chief executive officer of the company.

He succeeded J.J. Miller, who retired in October 2020 after 50 years of service with Western & Southern Financial Group.

Bultema joined Western & Southern in 2017 as the senior vice president of Institutional Markets and became the president and chief executive officer of The Lafayette Life Insurance Company in November 2019.


Columbus Life Insurance Company has a remarkable record of solid financial strength and stability. It has received some of the highest ratings from independent rating agencies that evaluate the financial performance and claims-paying ability of insurance companies.

As of September 2020, Columbus Life has an A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best Company, an AA- (Very Strong) rating from Standard & Poor’s, an AA (Very Strong) rating from Fitch Ratings, an Aa (Excellent) rating from Moody’s Investors Service, and a 96 out of 100 Comdex Ranking.


Columbus Life Insurance Company traces its roots back to 1906, founded as Columbus Mutual in Ohio.

It was one of the first companies to offer life insurance to women at the same rates as men.

It also pioneered the use of debit cards for premium payments and the development of universal life insurance products.

In 1989, Columbus Life became a member of Western & Southern Financial Group, which enhanced its financial strength and product offerings.

Today, Columbus Life is a leader in the life insurance and annuity industry, serving more than 300,000 policyholders and contract owners.


Columbus Life Insurance Company is a reputable and reliable company that offers a variety of life insurance and annuity products for individuals, families, and businesses.

It has a long history of innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

It also has a strong network of independent agents who provide personalized service and advice to their clients.

If you are looking for a life insurance or annuity solution that meets your needs and goals, you may want to consider Columbus Life Insurance Company as your partner.

You can contact them by phone, email, or online to learn more about their products and services.

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