Continental American Insurance Company Overview and Claims Process

For over 23 years, Continental American Insurance Company (CAIC) has been dedicated to providing fast cash benefits to our customers when they face sickness or injury.

Our mission is to relieve the financial stress and allow our customers to focus on their recovery.

CAIC offers a range of services, including Benefits Consulting, Enrollment Services, and Employee Communication.

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We were initially founded as Carolina Continental Insurance Company in 1980 in Columbia, South Carolina, with a single state license and $50,000 in premium income.

Today, we operate as Continental American Insurance Company, reflecting our nationwide growth and collaborations with national companies.

We are currently licensed in 47 states and generate over $100 million in premium income annually.

Our success can be attributed not only to our industry-leading products but also to our commitment to cutting-edge technology and superior customer service.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide highly responsive and flexible support, rooted in the philosophy of putting the customer first.

Provider Direct Deposit/Remittance:

Providers participating in direct deposit can have their claims payments electronically deposited directly into their bank accounts through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).



CAIC offers a comprehensive range of voluntary payroll-deducted insurance products that provide personal and family protection to working Americans.

These products are provided on a GROUP PLATFORM and include:

Critical Illness
Whole Life
Disability Income
Value Added Service

Continental American’s products are nationally recognized for their quality of benefits, competitive pricing, and unique features, such as portability, which allows policyholders to maintain their coverage if they retire or change jobs.

Because our products are filed on a group basis:

Enrollment applications remain consistent across states.
Premiums do not vary by state.

Our portfolio includes worksite insurance products with various options, and we tailor coverage packages to include employee communications.

Our team of professionals, including national enrollment partners, works to create value-added employee benefits solutions and support producers, employers, and employees at every stage, from pre-sale to development, implementation, and benefits administration.

For business and claims inquiries, please contact us at 1.866.849.0011.


To expedite your claim, please provide as much information as possible and follow the instructions on the claim form.

Incomplete information can lead to delays. Specific documentation is required for different types of claims, as outlined below:

Disability Claims
Hospitalization Claims
Accident Claims
Critical Illness Claims
Cancer Claims
Health Screening or Wellness Claims
Beneficiary’s Statement for Death Claim

To set up direct deposit for claims payments, please complete the Electronic Funds Transaction Authorization form and return it to Continental American Insurance Company.

We are here to assist you with your insurance needs and ensure a smooth claims process. Contact us via mail, phone, fax, or email, as indicated on the claim forms and Electronic Funds Transaction Authorization form.

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