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Convex Insurance UK limited, occupies a distinctive and unparalleled position, marked by a fusion of extensive experience, an impeccable reputation, and a balance sheet unburdened by legacy issues.

Convex’s portfolio encompasses international specialty insurance and reinsurance, complemented by cutting-edge digital risk management solutions.

The company conducts its operations in key locations such as Bermuda, London, Europe, and the United


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Convex Insuarance Limited UK.


Convex Insurance UK Limited (RJ) Contacts

Convex, an international specialty insurer and reinsurer, boasts a team of 500 employees and maintains a strong presence across Bermuda, London, and Europe.

The company holds a distinctive position within the insurance industry, characterized by unparalleled expertise, a sterling reputation, and a balance sheet unburdened by legacy obligations.


Office Location Email Phone Map
Bermuda Office +1 441 232 0112 Map
Luxembourg Office +352 27 86 22 76 Map
Guernsey Office +44 (0)20 3997 1153 Map
London Office +44 (0)20 3997 1153 Map


Convex Insurance Ratings

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Convex Insuarance UK Careers

Convex, fostering an open, collaborative, and inclusive culture is our top priority.

We aim to establish a welcoming atmosphere where all Convex team members can flourish, expand their skills, enjoy their work, and collaborate with individuals they hold in high regard.

For those who may not find a suitable opportunity at this moment, we encourage them to express their interest in joining our talent pipeline for future prospects.

Intern Programme

If individuals aspire to contribute to the development of the future insurance company, collaborate with the industry’s top professionals, and acquire exceptional expertise, the organization warmly invites them to submit their applications for the 2023 summer intern program.

Graduate Programme

If an individual aspires to play a role in constructing the insurance company of the future, collaborating with top professionals in the field, and pursuing a successful career, they are encouraged to explore the opportunity to apply for the graduate program.

It should be noted that applications for the 2023 cohort have already closed.”

Returners Programme

They offer a Returners Programme designed for individuals who are eager to re-enter the workforce and relaunch their careers within a high-performing organization that boasts a strong and distinctive culture, recognizing them as untapped talent.

The program targets those interested in joining Convex.

Successful applicants will be integrated into specific critical roles within the company, and they will receive comprehensive support to acquire knowledge across all areas of the business.

Register your interest

In Convex Insuarance UK limited , individuals are presented with a dynamic and invigorating setting where they can engage in distinctive pursuits.

Here, they have the chance to collaborate with seasoned professionals in various domains, with a common goal of questioning and reshaping the existing norms.

If this aligns with the environment in which one believes they would excel, Convex eagerly awaits their contact.

Convex Insuarance History

Stephen Catlin, back in 1984, laid the foundation for the Catlin Underwriting Agencies syndicate at Lloyd’s.

Over time, this venture evolved into a global insurance entity that consistently exceeded industry standards, eventually amassing an annual premium of US$6 billion before its acquisition in 2015.

In 2019, Stephen Catlin, in collaboration with Paul Brand, initiated Convex with an initial capital commitment of $1.7 billion, aimed at underwriting insurance and reinsurance for intricate specialty risks.

Convex was granted an A.M. Best rating of A- (Excellent) and secured regulatory approval to operate both in London and Bermuda.

The legacy of leadership and underwriting principles that contributed to Catlin’s success continues at Convex, with numerous key individuals from Catlin now part of the Convex team, ensuring a seamless transition in management style and underwriting philosophy.

Furthermore, Convex has embraced accomplished leaders from various facets of the insurance industry, fostering a wealth of diverse perspectives and approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about TN , you might find the answers in this FAQs section

What does convex insurance do?

Convex Insurance provides international specialty insurance and reinsurance, in addition to offering digital risk management solutions, all of which are available through their operations in Bermuda, London, Europe, and the United States.

Who are convex insurance competitors?

Among Convex Insurance’s primary competitors are Argo Group International Holdings Ltd, Iris Insurance Brokers Ltd, Brit Ltd, and The Barbican Insurance Group companies.

What is the purpose of this insurance?

Their goal is to mitigate financial unpredictability and render unexpected losses manageable.

They achieve this by replacing the payment of a modest, predetermined fee – an insurance premium – to a seasoned insurer in return for taking on the potential for a significant loss and a commitment to compensate in the event of such a loss.


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