Does Car Insurance Cover Paint Damage

Does car insurance cover paint damage?

You can claim paint damage to your vehicle under car insurance through comprehensive collision or liability coverage.

How the paint got damaged will determine the type of insurance that covers it. Here are the three insurance coverages and how they cover paint damages:

  • Comprehensive coverage – You can claim paint damage if you have comprehensive coverage. Your car insurance policy will cover paint damages that result from an insured event, such as an accident or storm. 
  • Liability coverage – A property damage liability insurance policy will cover paint damage for the other car if you are at fault. It will also cover your car if another driver is at fault.
  • Collision coverage will cover a paint job if you get involved in an accident. However, this policy won’t cover pre-existing damages.

What Would Damage Car Paint?

Many things would damage your car paint apart from accidents. Here are eight things that may severely cause your car paint to wear out:

  1. Bird droppings
  2. Bugs
  3. Gas
  4. Drinks such as coffee & soda
  5. Shoe polish
  6. Dust
  7. Acid rain
  8. Brake fluid

Does Car Insurance Cover Dents And Scratches?

If you have comprehensive or collision coverage, your car insurance policy will cover the repair expenses of dents and scratches.

Without these coverages, you will have to pay for the repair costs. 

If you are concerned about damage to your car, you can add comprehensive or collision coverage to your policy.

Collision coverage protects your car from damage caused by a head-on collision with another driver.

Comprehensive coverage protects your car from unexpected damage, such as a tree falling on your car.

Can I Claim For an Accident That Was My Fault?

No, you can’t. Claiming compensation requires you to prove that the accident was the other driver’s fault.

If the accident was your fault, then there is no way you can make a claim.

However, if you were partly at fault, you may be able to claim to receive compensation for damages caused by the accident.

What to Do If Someone Scratches Your Car While Parked in Australia?

Here are some of the actions you can take once you discover someone has scratched your car at parking:

  • Collect critical information from the at-fault driver. Get his name, insurance information, address, and car registration.
  • Gather witnesses if there are any. Witnesses may help you in proving the case in a court of law.
  • Take photos of the damage before leaving the scene of the accident.
  • Report to the nearest police station.
  • Contact your insurance provider, who will take over the claiming process.


You can only claim paint damage on car insurance with comprehensive, liability or collision coverages.

In addition, you need a collision or comprehensive coverage to get compensation from your car insurance for dents or scratches.

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