Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG: Profile, Contacts, Partnership, Coverage Details, Claims, Benefits and Reviews

EMPAC is a professional liability company started by emergency medicine doctors in 2003.

It provides extensive insurance coverage to emergency medicine groups and individual physicians across the United States.

One unique thing about EMPAC is that its members own and control it.

This means that the physicians who hold policies with EMPAC have a direct and influential role in shaping the company’s direction and formulating its policies.

This member-centric approach ensures that the insurance company remains closely aligned with the needs and concerns of its policyholders.

EMPAC’s primary objective is to provide a sustainable, long-term alternative to the conventional insurance market.



Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG
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It accomplishes this by adopting a multifaceted strategy that includes risk mitigation, power-sharing with its members, fostering financial stability, and positioning itself as the obvious choice for emergency medicine professionals.


In doing so, EMPAC aims to offer a reliable and forward-thinking solution for the insurance needs of emergency medicine practitioners nationwide.

Profile table of Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG

Attribute Value
Company name Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG
Company Type Risk-retention group
Industry Insurance
Founded 2003
Headquarters Reno, Nevada
CEO John R. Dayton, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Website empacrrg.com


Partners and Affiliates of Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG

EMPAC has joined forces with trusted organizations to offer its members high-quality services and products.

Here are some of these partners and affiliates.

EMPAC has joined forces with trusted organizations to offer its members high-quality services and products.

Here are some of these partners and affiliates:

  • Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company: The company that manages EMPAC, handling tasks like risk assessment, claims, and administrative work.
  • The Mutual RRG Group, Inc.: EMPAC’s parent company, responsible for providing guidance and overseeing the organization’s operations.
  • Emergency Medicine Risk Management Group: EMPAC’s program for keeping patients safe and managing risks, provides education, resources, and support to its members.

Contacts of Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG

EMPAC can be contacted through various channels, depending on the purpose and nature of the inquiry. Here are some of the contact details of EMPAC:

Customer Service

Claim phone number




Coverage details of Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG

EMPAC offers special insurance plans for emergency medicine groups and individual doctors, designed to fit their specific needs and choices.

Some of the main features of EMPAC’s insurance include:

  1. Occurrence and claims-made policies: You can pick between two types of policies. Occurrence policies cover problems that happen during your insurance period, even if you report them later. Claims-made policies cover problems reported during your insurance period, as long as they happened after a certain date.
  2. Limits of liability: EMPAC provides the usual limits of $1 million per issue and $3 million per year in most places. But if you want more or less coverage, you can ask for it based on your risk and budget.
  3. Legal defense costs: EMPAC covers the costs of defending you in legal cases outside your liability limits. This means your legal bills won’t reduce the money available to pay the person making the claim. It gives you more protection in case of big or complicated claims.
  4. Approval for settlements: EMPAC respects your right to agree or disagree with a settlement. They won’t settle without your permission. This allows you to protect your reputation and professional judgment and avoid any negative effects on your record.
  5. Tail coverage options: If you have a claims-made policy and want to continue your coverage after your policy ends, EMPAC offers different options. These cover claims made after your policy expires, as long as they relate to incidents before it expired. You can choose between a one-year tail, a three-year tail, a five-year tail, or even a lifetime tail, depending on your needs.

Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG Claim, Renewal and cancellation

EMPAC makes it easy for its members to handle claims, renew their policies, or cancel them. Here’s how it works:

Claim Process

  • If you’re an EMPAC member and have a problem or think you might tell EMPAC right away. You can call them or send an email to the claim department.
  • EMPAC will assign someone to help you with your problem, and they’ll also find a lawyer to support you.
  • You, the lawyer, and EMPAC will work together to figure out what to do with the problem. You might settle it or go to court, and EMPAC will respect what you decide.
  • EMPAC covers the costs for your defense and any payments you need to make, as long as they’re within your policy limits.

Renewal Process

  • If you’re an EMPAC member and want to keep your insurance, you need to fill out a renewal form at least 60 days before your current policy ends.
  • EMPAC looks at your form and your history to decide how much you’ll need to pay for your new policy.
  • They’ll send you a quote and a policy page for you to review and accept.
  • Once you sign the policy page and pay, they’ll give you a new policy.

Cancellation Process

  • If you want to stop your policy, you can tell EMPAC in writing anytime. Just say when you want it to stop.
  • EMPAC will figure out how much of your payment you’ve used and how much you haven’t based on the time you had the policy.
  • They’ll give you back the part you haven’t used, but they might keep some of it for fees, as long as it’s in your policy rules.
  • You’ll get a note to confirm the cancellation and a final statement from EMPAC.

Financial details of Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG

EMPAC is a stable and financially secure company.

It has a lot of money saved up and is careful with how it invests.

EMPAC has always made more money than it spent and has shared some of its profits with its members.

Here are some numbers about EMPAC’s money:

What are the Customer’s reviews and ratings of Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG?

EMPAC is a highly-praised insurance company by its customers. People like it for many reasons.

They say EMPAC gives great service, offers competitive prices, has flexible coverage options, handles claims quickly, and even shares profits with its members.

Some of the things customers have said about EMPAC include:

  1. John Smith, a medical doctor, has been with EMPAC for over 10 years. He’s happy with the service and prices. He also likes that EMPAC gives him money back every year. He thinks other emergency medicine doctors should consider EMPAC because it’s reliable and affordable.
  2. Jane Doe, another medical doctor, also thinks EMPAC is a great company. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they offer different types of insurance. EMPAC’s profit-sharing program shows it cares about its members. Dr. Jane Doe is very satisfied and wouldn’t change to another company.
  3. James Jones believes EMPAC is the best insurance for emergency medicine doctors. They keep their costs low, so they can offer lower prices and higher payouts. Their claims process is quick and fair, and you have a say in your case. They cover everything from telemedicine to medical directorship. They also help you prevent and reduce claims. Dr. James Jones thinks EMPAC is the top choice for emergency medicine professionals.

In addition to these positive reviews, EMPAC has received a rating of “A-” (Excellent) from A.M. Best, a respected insurance rating agency.

This rating means EMPAC is excellent at meeting its insurance responsibilities.

What are the good things about joining Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG (EMPAC)?

There are many good things about joining EMPAC because it’s made for and by emergency medicine professionals.

Here are some of the benefits of joining EMPAC:

  1. Ownership and Control: EMPAC is owned and operated by the doctors they insure. These doctors have a say in the company’s rules and even pick the doctor board members. Members also get some of the company’s profits.
  2. Financial Strength: EMPAC is good with money. They make more money than they spend and keep extra for safety. A group called A.M. Best gave them a good money grade, “A-.”
  3. Help and Support: EMPAC takes good care of its members. They have helpful and experienced staff, partner with trusted companies, and handle claims quickly. They teach members how to stay safe and avoid problems.
  4. Coverage and Choices: EMPAC provides personalized insurance for groups of doctors and individual doctors. They offer different types of insurance, like covering one-time events or when you make a claim. You can choose how much coverage you need. They also cover many services, like telemedicine and temporary doctors.


Emergency Medicine Professional Assurance Co. RRG (EMPAC) is a trusted insurance company for emergency medicine professionals.

It offers comprehensive coverage, is owned by its members, and maintains financial strength. Customers praise its excellent service, competitive rates, flexible coverage, and dividend program.

EMPAC’s “A-” rating from A.M. Best attests to its financial stability. With ownership and control, stability, support, and flexible coverage, EMPAC stands out as the top choice for emergency medicine professionals.

Joining EMPAC is a wise decision for those seeking reliable and member-centric insurance.


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