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Starting today, I will introduce you to Employers Assurance Company, an insurance company.

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They provide workers’ compensation insurance to customers in the United States.

They are a part of Employers Group, Inc., and they’ve been around since 1979.

This company is all about helping small businesses in America with their workers’ compensation needs.

You can reach them at 775-327-2410, located at PO Box 61-0477370, 10375 Professional Circle.

Fact Details
Company Name Employers Assurance Company
Type of Company Insurance Company
Insurance Offered Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Serving Area United States
Parent Organization Employers Group, Inc
Year Founded 1979
Phone Number 775-327-2410
Company Address PO Box 61-0477370, 10375 Professional Circle
Company Focus Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Small Businesses
License Status Active
NAIC Number 25402

Employers Assurance Company

If you are in search of an Employers Assurance Company (EAC), you can get in touch with them at their location, 701 US Highway 1, Suite 200, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.

They can be reached by phone at (800) 700-9113 or via email at customersupport@employers.com.

Their services are conveniently accessible through their website, www.employers.com.

EAC specializes in workers’ compensation insurance and related services, with a strong emphasis on meeting the specific needs of small businesses throughout the United States.

They are known for tailoring insurance solutions to suit the unique requirements of independent and entrepreneurial companies.

Notably, EAC does not specify any memberships at this time.

This is why joining an insurance company is important

Employers Assurance Company Claims

If you’re interested in the workers’ compensation claims process, here’s a concise overview.

When an employee experiences a work-related injury or illness, prompt reporting is crucial.

Failing to do so could lead to the denial of workers’ compensation benefits.

Employers should train their staff to report injuries promptly.

As the employer, you’re typically responsible for initiating the claim process.

You’ll need to provide the injured employee with the necessary paperwork, collect witness statements, and submit the completed form to your insurer.

Specific requirements vary by state, so compliance with state laws is essential.

The claim process involves reporting the injury, filing necessary paperwork, insurer approval or denial, and the employee’s return to work.

Understanding your state’s workers’ compensation laws is essential to avoiding fines and penalties.

Comply with guidelines, report injuries promptly, and provide accurate information to employees about their rights and benefits.

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