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Everlake Assurance Company (Everlake) is a US-based company that specializes in life insurance and annuities, helping to provide a stable income for retirement and financial support to families.

Discover the story of Everlake Assurance Company, a company that has been serving customers with life insurance and annuities since 1957. Read on to learn more about their owner, CEO, claims, and reviews/PHOTO COURTESY: Facebook

Everlake is a subsidiary of Everlake USA RRG Holding Group, which is owned by Robert Plaster, a successful banker and philanthropist.

It was acquired by The Blackstone Group, a leading investment firm, in November 2020.

Everlake has over 1.7 million policies in force and over $25 billion in assets under management.

In this article, we will provide some information about Everlake’s contact number, reviews, claims process, relationship with Allstate, product quality, CEO, and ownership of Surety Life Insurance Company.

Everlake Assurance Company Contact Number

Contact Method Details
Phone (440) 229-3420
Fax (440) 229-34214
Email [info@everlakelife.com]
Website [www.everlakelife.com]
Office Address 6150 Oak Tree Blvd, Suite 303 Northbrook, IL, 600624


Everlake Assurance Company Reviews

Everlake has received mostly positive reviews from its customers and agents.

According to Trustpilot, Everlake has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 36 reviews.

Customers have praised Everlake for its:

  • friendly and helpful customer service
  • easy and fast claims process
  • competitive rates
  • flexible products

Some of the negative reviews have mentioned issues with:

  • policy changes
  • billing errors
  • communication delays

Everlake Assurance Company Claims

If you need to file a claim with Everlake, you can download the claim form from their website at www.everlakelife.com/claims.

You can then mail or fax the completed form to their office along with any supporting documents.

You can also email the form and documents to claims@everlakelife.com.

Everlake will review your claim and contact you within a reasonable time frame.

Is Everlake Part of Allstate?

Everlake was formerly part of Allstate Life Insurance Company until it was sold to The Blackstone Group in November 2020.

Everlake is now an independent company that operates under the name of Everlake USA RRG Holding Group.

However, some of the policies that were issued by Allstate before the sale are still serviced by Everlake.

You can check the status of your policy by logging in to the Everlake Customer Hub or calling the customer service number.

Is Everlake Life Insurance Good?

Everlake offers a variety of life insurance products, such as:

  • term life
  • whole life
  • Universal life
  • variable universal life

These products are designed to meet the different needs and goals of customers, such as:

  • income protection
  • wealth accumulation
  • estate planning
  • charitable giving

Everlake’s life insurance products are rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best & Company, which indicates a strong ability to meet its financial obligations.

Who is the CEO of Everlake?

The CEO of Everlake is John Kim, who joined the company in January 2021.

John Kim has over 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry.

He previously served as the president and chief investment officer of New York Life Insurance Company, where he oversaw the company’s $600 billion investment portfolio.

He also held senior positions at Prudential Financial and Cigna Corporation.

John Kim is responsible for leading Everlake’s growth strategy and enhancing its customer experience.

Who Owns Surety Life Insurance Company?

Surety Life Insurance Company is another subsidiary of Evergreen USA RRG Holding Group that was acquired by The Blackstone Group in November 2020.

Surety Life Insurance Company offers annuity products, such as:

  • fixed annuities
  • indexed annuities
  • variable annuities

The company designs these products to provide customers with a steady stream of income during retirement.

A.M. Best & Company rates Surety Life Insurance Company  A- (Excellent).


Everlake Assurance Company is a trusted provider of life insurance and annuities that has been serving customers since 1957.

Robert Plaster and The Blackstone Group own Everlake and John Kim leads it.

It offers various ways to contact them and file claims.

IEverlake Assurance Company has a strong financial performance and rating.

If you are looking for a reliable insurance partner, you may want to consider Everlake Assurance Company.

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