Explorer Insurance Company, California(CA): Contact Information And Address, History, Products And Reviews

Amidst life’s unexpected delays, insurance stands as the cornerstone, providing both peace of mind and financial strength.

Explorer Insurance Company stands as a true guardian of its clients’ interests in this arena.

Founded upon the pillars of trust, innovation, and customer-focused service.

Explorer Insurance Company has hardened its presence as a key player in the sector.

This article explores the company’s history, mission, products, contact information and reviews


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Explorer Insurance Company Contact Information And Address

Category Information
Address 25152 Springfield Ct Ste 300, Santa Clarita, CA, 91355
Phone Number (661) 294-8980
Claims Website: icwgroup.com <br> Phone: (877) 442-9669

Explorer Insurance Company History

Explorer Insurance Company, founded in 1992, boasts a remarkable history spanning more than three decades.

Over this period, it has continuously transformed, exemplifying a steadfast dedication to its customers and their needs.

The company began as a small insurance agency and rapidly increased its operations to become a full-fledged insurance provider.

Mission and Values

The mission is crystal clear: to provide comprehensive insurance solutions that protect the financial well-being of its customers.

This commitment is driven by the company’s core values, which include:


Explorer Insurance Company prioritizes client-centricity, is alert to clients’ requirements, and provides personalized insurance solutions.


Leading the way in shaping the future of insurance by continuously embracing innovative solutions and technologies.


Fostering confidence within the insurance industry through the care of ethical principles, clarity, and goodness.

Community Engagement

Extending efforts beyond the realm of business through active involvement in community projects and contributing to local neighborhoods.

Product Offerings

Customer-Centric Approach

A wide range of insurance options:

  • Auto Insurance: From full coverage to penalty.
  • Homeowners Insurance: Safeguarding your home.
  • Commercial Insurance: Customized for businesses.
  • Specialty Insurance: Meeting unique individual requirements.

Explorer Insurance Company Reviews

It excels in the insurance industry due to its rich history, mission, and varied products.

Its determined customer commitment, core values of customer-centricity, creation, goodness, and community engagement make it a trusted partner.

The enterprise’s focus on specialized progress ensures its continued trustworthiness in protecting financial futures.

In the world of insurance, remains a beacon of trust.

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