Exploring Meridian Health Insurance: 7 Surprising Insights

Explore various resources to find the dental care you and your family require, including healthcare services offering insurance benefits.

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Meridian Health Insurance
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There are several dental health insurance options, such as Medicaid, MeridianHealth, and private employer packages, tailored to your location and chosen provider to maintain your well-being.

Meridian’s health plans are widely recognized for their support, aiding members during the transition period when seeking providers for themselves or their family.

This blog post aims to share more information about MeridianHealth, particularly for non-members.

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1. MeridianCare Pioneers Government Health Plans in Illinois and Michigan

MeridianCare, a WellCare company, is a prominent provider of government medical benefits in Illinois and Michigan.

With a stellar reputation developed over many years, they excel in linking patients with family doctors and specialists.

Offering various healthcare support services, including member plans governed by each state’s insurance department, MeridianCare ensures eligibility verification is conducted before utilizing benefits.

It is crucial to explore the range of programs offered, as they may impact healthcare coverage, claims processing, and preferred providers.

2. Meridian-WellCare Transition

Following WellCare Health Plans’ acquisition of Meridian Health Plan in a $2.5 billion deal announced in May 2018, a transition ensued.

The company officially changed its name from MeridianHealth to WellCare on January 1, 2019. While online searches may yield both names, it is important to recognize that they refer to the same entity.

Despite the name change, members can confidently navigate the provider search, understanding that the company operates under the WellCare umbrella while retaining the familiar Meridian name.

3. Meridian’s Commitment Beyond Primary Care

Meridian stands out by actively engaging communities and members through a multitude of events.

Hosting various community events, including those centered around Medicare and their EmPowerUs initiative addressing prevalent health conditions, Meridian goes beyond connecting patients with primary care doctors.

Easily accessible information on upcoming events online showcases gatherings designed to enhance health and well-being.

4. Applying for Meridian’s Healthcare Program

Meridian makes the application process for their healthcare program straightforward, allowing applicants to create an online application or contact representatives by phone.

Boasting a network of quality providers, the company offers benefits on current health issues and preventive measures.

Individuals seeking enrollment or information about coverage specifics can reach out to Meridian via phone or online, addressing transitional needs such as verifying network providers or exploring available healthcare services.

5. MeridianHealth’s Transportation Assistance

In addition to medical services, MeridianHealth offers transportation services to covered members facing challenges commuting to and from appointments.

Members experiencing transportation issues can access this benefit by logging into their account or contacting a representative before their scheduled visit.

This valuable service ensures that members can easily access healthcare providers without worrying about transportation barriers.

6. Meridian’s Commitment to Comprehensive Care

Meridian takes charge with MeridianRx, a pharmacy benefit management (PBM) business that collaborates seamlessly with the broader Meridian team.

This interdisciplinary approach leverages expertise and knowledge spanning the care industry and integrative technology.

The result is the delivery of comprehensive care and services to members through pharmacies and healthcare providers.

Discover an added perk for Meridian program members – the opportunity to earn rewards for engaging in healthy activities.

Collaborate with your healthcare provider to participate in health management screenings under this program.

Simultaneously, access more affordable prescription drugs through MeridianRx’s extensive network of pharmacies.

7. Meridian’s Diverse Offerings

Meridian caters to diverse needs by offering a range of plans in both Michigan and Illinois. In Michigan, plans encompass individual-family programs, Medicare Medicaid, Medicaid, and Medicaid expansion.

Meanwhile, in Illinois, you have the option to select from Medicaid and Medicare Medicaid plans.

To determine your eligibility for benefits, reach out via phone or explore their website for detailed information on the array of plans available.


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