Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America: A Review Of The Company Legitimacy And Organization Overview

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America stands as a prominent provider. Established in 1968, the company has garnered a substantial presence in the United States, offering a range of life insurance products tailored to diverse needs.

However, amidst the array of options available, a common question arises: is the company legit? This article delves into the company’s background, benefits, claims process, services, contact information, ratings, insurance plan prices, and consumer reviews to provide a comprehensive assessment of its legitimacy.

Family Heritage Life Insurance

Organization Overview

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America is a subsidiary of Globe Life Inc., a publicly traded company with a proven track record in the insurance industry.

The company holds an A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, a leading credit rating agency, showing its financial stability and strength.

Family Heritage Life Insurance primarily targets individuals and families seeking affordable life insurance coverage.


Family Heritage Life Insurance offers a range of benefits to its policyholders, including:

Claims Process

The Company’s claims process is designed to be straightforward and efficient.

Policyholders can file claims online, by mail, or by phone. The company provides regular updates on the status of claims and aims to resolve them promptly.

Family Heritage Life Insurance


Family Heritage Life Insurance offers a variety of services to its policyholders, including:

  • Customer service: The company’s customer service team is available to assist policyholders with questions, concerns, or policy changes.

  • Online policy management: Policyholders can access their policy information, make payments, and review their coverage online.

  • Beneficiary services: The company provides assistance to beneficiaries in navigating the claims process and getting their benefits.

Contact Information

Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America P.O. Box 1999 McKinney, TX 75071-1999 Phone: (800) 851-1142 Website:


Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America holds an A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

These ratings show the company’s financial stability, customer service, and overall trustworthiness.

Insurance Plan Prices

Family Heritage Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance plans with varying plans based on factors such as age, coverage amount, and health status.

For instance, a 30-year-old healthy individual may pay as little as $10 per month for a $25,000 term life insurance policy.


Consumer reviews of the company are mixed.

Some individuals commend the company’s affordable rates and simple application process, while others express concerns about the company’s coverage limitations and customer service responsiveness.


The company offers true additional health and life coverage for individuals, families, and small businesses.

The company has a strong financial rating, a high customer satisfaction rating, and a unique Return of Premium benefit.

However, the company also has some cons, such as its high prices, its limited products, its poor customer service, and its questionable sales practices.

Research, compare plans, read terms, and consult a licensed professional before getting the company.

Review policy terms, compare rates, and understand the claims process before deciding on an insurance provider.

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