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Federated Mutual Insurance Company, based in Owatonna, Minnesota, is a direct underwriter of property and casualty insurance offerings.

With a workforce of around 2,600 individuals, the company conducts its operations across 48 states and maintains multiple service offices spread across the nation.

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Federated Insuarance Company.


Federated Mutual Insurance Company History

During the 1890s, an association was formed by retail implement dealers in Minnesota, and it proved to be highly successful.

In 1904, these dealers decided to lower their insurance expenses by establishing their own insurance company.[2]

Initially, the company went by the name of the Minnesota Implement Mutual Fire Insurance Company, a name it held for many years.

, it transformed into the Mutual Implement and Hardware Insurance Company, followed by the Federated Mutual Implement and Hardware Insurance Company, and eventually, it became (“Federated Mutual”).

On January 1, 1948, Federated Mutual ventured into the casualty insurance arena, becoming one of the early major insurance companies to offer both fire and casualty insurance.

In November 1949, they expanded their services to include accident and health coverage, offering group accident and health insurance for various trade associations and employer groups.

Additionally, in January 1959, Federated Life Insurance Company (or “Federated Life”) was established.

Federal Mutual Insuarance Products And Services

A compilation of the products and services provided by Federated Mutual Insurance Company.

Federated Mutual once offered group health insurance, but ceased this offering at the end of 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of Federated Insurance?

Michael G. Kerr is chief executive officer of the Federated Insurance Companies.
A Michigan native, Mike received a business administration degree from Central Michigan University.

How do I contact Federated Insurance Company of Canada?

1.833. 692.4112. riskassist@federated.ca.

Who are the competitors of federated insurance?

Federated Insurance main competitors are Zurich, The Travelers Companies, and Chubb.


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