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Fireman’s Fund is an insurance company that, as of 2018, had undergone a significant merger with Chubb, a major player in the insurance industry.

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What happened to Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, one of the oldest and most respected insurers in the US? Find out how it merged with Chubb, a global insurance giant, and what it means for its customers and products. Image Credit: Facebook

This former insurance firm, headquartered in Petaluma, California, was renowned for the extensive range of insurance products offered in the United States.

Operating as a vital U.S. subsidiary under the global financial services giant Allianz, Fireman’s Fund’s diverse portfolio included personal insurance choices such as auto, homeowners, coverage for high-net-worth individuals, and specialized excess and collections options.

Additionally, the company catered to commercial clients, providing insurance solutions across various categories, including entertainment, business office policies, workers’ compensation, general liability, professional liability, excess liability, auto insurance, and comprehensive farm and ranch coverage.

Fact Information
Name Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company
Type Former insurance company
Location Petaluma, California, United States
Insurance Products Personal, commercial property, and casualty
insurance in the United States
Parent Organizations Allianz SE
Allianz Global Risks, US Insurance Company
Subsidiaries American Insurance Company
CEO Arthur Moossmann
CEO’s Tenure January 1, 2015 – Present
Headquarters Novato, California, United States
Founded 1863

What Happened to Fireman’s Fund Insurance?

Fireman’s Fund was founded in 1863 and was one of the oldest and most well-respected insurance companies in the United States.

However, in recent years, the company has faced increasing competition from larger insurers and has struggled to maintain profitability.

In 2016, Allianz announced that it would be selling Fireman’s Fund to Chubb.

The sale was completed in 2018, and Fireman’s Fund was merged into Chubb.

Who owns Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company?

Fireman’s Fund is no longer a separate company.

It is now owned by Chubb, a global insurance company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Phone Number

The Fireman’s Fund phone number is 866-386-3932.

This is the general customer service number for Chubb.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Claims

To file a claim with Fireman’s Fund, you can call the Chubb customer service number at 866-386-3932.

You can also file a claim online through the Chubb website.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Address

The Fireman’s Fund headquarters address is 1000 Chubb Avenue, Novato, CA 94949.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, Allianz

Fireman’s Fund was a subsidiary of Allianz from 1992 until 2018.

Allianz is a global financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Claims Mailing Address

The Fireman’s Fund claims its mailing address is:

Chubb Claims
PO Box 211503
Memphis, TN 38121-1503

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Chubb

It is now part of Chubb.

Chubb is a global insurance company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.


Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company was a well-respected insurance company with a long history.

However, the company has struggled to maintain profitability in recent years.

In 2018, it was merged with Chubb, another major insurance company.

As a result, it is no longer a separate company, but its products and services are still available through Chubb.

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