First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company(California); Overview, Contacts, Claims, Services, Ratings, Reviews, Affiliations, Benefits

First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company (FAPCIC) is a prominent insurance provider in the United States.

The company offers a range of property and casualty insurance products to individuals and businesses. They are committed to providing reliable coverage and excellent customer service to their policyholders.

First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company

First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company (FAPCIC) is owned completely by First American Financial Corporation.

They’re a big company that provides title insurance and real estate services in the United States. FAPCIC sells different types of property and casualty insurance to people and businesses.

Brief History of First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company:

In 1889, two companies started handling title matters in Orange County, California. One of these, Orange County Title, changed its name to First American Title Insurance in 1960 as it expanded beyond Orange County.

 It went public on the stock market In 1964. Then, in 1968, The First American Financial Corporation was established as a parent company. First American Title became its subsidiary, and First American Trust Company managed trust-related affairs.

In 1979, First American Title Insurance Company ventured into property and casualty insurance by acquiring Great Pacific Insurance Company.

This company was later renamed First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company (FAPCIC) in 2000.

Contact Details:

Information FAPCIC
Main Office Address 4 First American Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Customer Contact Options – Phone: 888-922-5343
Email Address – Website:,
Claims Department Contact Options – Phone: 888-922-5343


Services and Products:

First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company (FAPCIC) provides different types of insurance for individuals and businesses. Here’s what they offer:

For Individuals

  1. Homeowners insurance: It safeguards your home and possessions from problems like fire, theft, vandalism, and more.
  2. Auto insurance: This protects your car and covers you if there’s an accident.
  3. Renters insurance: If you’re renting, this insurance covers your personal belongings from things like fire or theft.
  4. Condo insurance: This keeps your condo and possessions safe from similar issues.
  5. Umbrella insurance: It offers extra protection beyond what your home or auto insurance provides.

For Businesses

  1. Business owner’s insurance: This shields your business from various risks like property damage, liability, and injuries to workers.
  2. Workers’ compensation insurance: It helps employees injured on the job.
  3. Commercial auto insurance: Protects your business vehicles in case of accidents.
  4. Professional liability insurance: Guards your business against claims of professional mistakes.

Specialized Insurance

  1. Directors and officers liability insurance: For protection if you’re a director or officer of a company and face personal liability claims.
  2. Errors and omissions insurance: Covers businesses against claims of professional errors.
  3. Environmental insurance: Protects businesses from liability related to environmental harm.
  4. Cyber liability insurance: Safeguards against claims due to cyberattacks.

First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Premium Costs of First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company:

The price you pay for insurance depends on various things. These include the kind of insurance, how much coverage you have, your deductible, your driving history, your credit score, and where your property is.

Payment Options:

First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company (FAPCIC) gives you options for paying your insurance. You can choose to pay every month, every three months, every six months, or once a year. They also offer discounts for their policies, including:


  1. Multi-policy discount: If you bundle your auto insurance with your home insurance or another First American product, you can save up to 25% on your auto insurance.
  2. Multi-car discount: If you have more than one car on your First American policy, you can save up to 12%.
  3. Accident-free and violation-free driving discount: If you drive safely without accidents or violations, you can save up to 20% on your insurance.
  4. Good credit history discount: If you have a good credit history, you can get a discount.
  5. Homeowners discount: If you own your home, you might get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.
  6. New home discount: If you’ve bought a new home, you may qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.
  7. Security system discount: If your home has a security system, you might get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.
  8. Fire alarm and sprinkler discount: If you have fire alarms and sprinklers in your house, you could qualify for this discount on your First American homeowner’s insurance.

Process of Filing Claims:

If you have insurance with FAPCIC and need to make a claim, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact FAPCIC: Call 888-922-5343, email, or fill out a form on their website as soon as you have a loss or damage.
  2. Provide Information: Tell them about your policy, what happened, and how much damage occurred. You might need to send pictures, receipts, or other documents to support your claim.
  3. Work with the Adjuster: An adjuster will check the damage, figure out what your policy covers, and how much they’ll pay. They’ll also help you with repairs or replacements.
  4. Get Paid: Once your claim is approved, FAPCIC will send you a check or do a direct deposit to you or your contractor, depending on your choice.

FAPCIC aims to make the claim process quick and fair. If you have questions or concerns about your claim, contact them at 888-922-5343 or You can also check your claim’s status online.

First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company

First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company (FAPCIC) has received mixed reviews from customers, with an overall rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars on WalletHub. The company has been praised for its competitive rates and wide range of insurance products, but it has also been criticized for its slow claims processing and poor customer service.

Ratings of First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company:

  • WalletHub: 3.1 out of 5 stars
  • BBB: A+
  • Consumer Affairs: 2.5 out of 5 stars



The most common complaints about FAPCIC are:


FAPCIC has a complaints resolution process in place to address customer concerns. If you have a complaint about FAPCIC, you can file it with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or with the California Department of Insurance.

Affiliations and Partnerships of

First American Property & Casualty Insurance Company (FAPCIC) collaborates with various organizations and companies to expand its service offerings and customer benefits.

These affiliations allow them to connect with a broader network of agents and service providers. Here are the key partnerships that FAPCIC has established:

1. National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

FAPCIC is an active member of the NAIC, a group comprising state insurance regulators. This membership keeps FAPCIC informed about the latest insurance regulations and allows them to contribute to the development of new insurance policies.

2. Property Casualty Insurance Association of America (PCI)

FAPCIC holds membership in the PCI, a trade association specializing in property and casualty insurance. This affiliation grants FAPCIC access to valuable resources, including research reports, educational materials, and networking opportunities.

3. Insurance Fraud Bureau of California (IFB)

FAPCIC is a proud member of the IFB, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating insurance fraud. This alliance empowers FAPCIC to actively investigate and prosecute fraudulent activities, ultimately safeguarding the interests of their customers.

4. Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA)

FAPCIC has formed a partnership with the IIAA, a trade association representing independent insurance agents. This collaboration extends FAPCIC’s reach to a broader customer base and enables them to offer their insurance products through independent agents, providing customers with unbiased advice.

5. National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC)

FAPCIC holds membership in NAMIC, a trade association focusing on mutual insurance companies. This affiliation provides FAPCIC with access to a range of valuable resources, including research reports, educational materials, and networking opportunities, further enhancing its service capabilities.

Benefits of Joining FAPCIC:
  1. Many Insurance Choices: They offer various types of insurance like homeowners, auto, renters, and more. You can pick the ones that suit you best.
  2. Affordable Prices: FAPCIC is all about giving you good rates. You save money without losing coverage.
  3. Financial Strength: They have a strong financial rating, meaning they have the cash to pay claims. You can trust them.
  4. Great Customer Service: FAPCIC’s service is friendly and quick. Their customer reps are here to help you.
  5. Helpful Agents: They have a network of independent agents who can find the right insurance for you. They’re not tied to one company, so they offer honest advice.
  6. Discounts: You get discounts, like multi-policy or accident-free driving, which lower your insurance costs.
  7. Easy Payments: Pay your premiums monthly, quarterly, or in other ways. You can even set up automatic payments.
  8. Online Access: You can handle your insurance online. Manage your policy, pay, and file claims with ease.


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  2. What discounts are available for policyholders?
  3. What is the claims process?
  4. Can I bundle multiple insurance policies for cost savings?
  5. Are there any affiliation discounts available?
  6. How can I contact FAPCIC’s customer service?


First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company (FAPCIC) is a prominent insurance provider in the United States.

They offer a wide range of insurance products to individuals and businesses, including homeowners, auto, renters, and more. FAPCIC is known for competitive rates, strong financial stability, and accessible customer service.

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