First Mutual Insurance Company, North Carolina (NC) : Overview, Contact details, Coverage, Claims, Payments & Financial Ratings

First Mutual Insurance Company (FMIC) provides property insurance for homes and farms in North Carolina, offering liability coverage within their homeowners’ policy.

Established in 1961, First Mutual Insurance Company (FMIC) has its headquarters in Smithfield, North Carolina (NC).

FMIC offers insurance products through independent agents in NC, SC, and TN.

First Mutual Insurance Company
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With strong financial backing and industry affiliations, FMIC ensures financial security for policyholders.

The company’s impressive loss ratios contribute to cost-effectiveness and market prominence.

First Mutual Insurance Company Contact Details

Physical Address: 614 East Market Street,Smithfield, NC 27577

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 410  Smithfield, NC 27577

Telephone Number: (919) 934-6111


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First Mutual Insurance Company Coverage


Homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that safeguards against losses and damages to an individual’s residence and belongings on the premises.

FMIC extends liability coverage through our homeowners policy, which can be tailored to your specific needs with the assistance of an FMIC Agent.

The First Mutual Insurance Company
The First Mutual Insurance Company: Photo(Facebook)


FMIC offers a Farm owner policy that encompasses homeowners, commercial property, and commercial liability coverage.

This unique blend of personal and commercial coverages is crucial because farms often possess both residential and commercial aspects.

Farm owner Personal Liability,

This endorsement, can be added to address farm liability exposures, provided that farming isn’t the primary occupation, and the farm is distinct from the residence premises.

Coverage under this endorsement may also extend to employers’ liability, including medical payments for farm employees of any insured.

Inland Marine with FMIC

FMIC provides coverage for a variety of items, including jewelry, cameras, fine arts, and other valuables under our inland marine package, often referred to as “floater” policies.

We also schedule farm equipment under this policy.

Our policy offers coverage regardless of the location of the insured property, offering protection even when you’re away from your home premises.

Swine/Poultry Package

Poultry farming is a significant industry in NC, SC, and TN.

FMIC offers package coverage tailored for poultry (and swine) farms, with potential discounts when bundled with the supporting Farmowners policy.

We provide customized coverage for machinery, buildings, loss of use, and livestock under this package policy.

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Coverage Enhancements/Endorsements

FMIC offers numerous enhancements and endorsements to provide enhanced protection for your assets.

Here are some of the endorsements that set us apart:

Inland Flood Coverage:

This offers coverage for direct physical losses resulting from a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land.

Equipment Breakdown:

FMIC provides up to $100,000 in coverage for losses due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of various equipment types, covering repair or replacement expenses and property damaged by equipment breakdown.

Identity Theft:

Identity theft can lead to financial loss and broader consequences affecting your credit and reputation, requiring time and professional expertise to resolve.

FMIC includes Identity Theft Recovery coverage to assist with the associated costs.

HO-5721 Extended Coverage Endorsement for Homeowners:

Qualified insureds can add FMIC’s HO-5721 to their Homeowners policy for comprehensive and expanded coverage.

Adding the HO-5721 is a cost-effective means to maximize your overall insurance coverage

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First Mutual Insurance Company Financial Ratings

FMIC has been operational since 1961, consistently delivering swift and effective responses to all claims, even during years when North Carolina faced one or more catastrophic events.

Backed by reinsurers holding “A” and “A+” AM Best ratings and substantial policyholder surpluses ranging from $1.9 billion to $34.2 billion, FMIC is well-prepared to manage increased capacity.

As part of their growth, FMIC has extended its presence into South Carolina and Tennessee.

First Mutual Insurance Company Claims

Tips To Remember:

  • Report the claim promptly.
  • Prevent further property damage.
  • Capture damage photos without delay.
  • Get an estimate before contracting with a restoration company.
  • Retain damaged items for documentation by First Mutual.

Click here to report a claim online

Preparing for Disasters

In recent years, the United States has faced its fair share of natural disasters, including wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, high-wind storms, and floods.

The nation has endured significant challenges.

Take Action to Safeguard Your Family:

  1. Develop a family emergency plan.
  2. Thoroughly review your insurance policies.
  3. Regularly practice emergency procedures.
  4. Create a detailed home inventory.
  5. Assemble essential supplies.
  6. Prepare a comprehensive first aid kit.
  7. Outline escape routes and meeting points.
  8. Safeguard important documents.

First Mutual Insurance Company Payments

The company has a payment form on their website with the following requirements:

First Name:

Last Name:

Policy Number:

Email Address:


For payment receipts, please provide your email address.

Alternatively, capture a confirmation page screenshot before closing the payment window.

First Mutual Insurance Company Agents

Becoming an FMIC Agent

First Mutual Insurance Company is expanding its agent representation in NC, SC, and TN.

They offer excellent pricing, Monoline Homeowners policies, customized Farm owners coverage, coverage enhancements, including Inland Flood coverage, and NO CONSENT TO RATE in NC.

Additionally, FMIC’s Swine and Poultry Package policies offer coverage on confinement houses, including Property and Liability, Loss of Income, Equipment Breakdown, and premium credits for qualifying risks.

For those interested in more information or in joining the FMIC team of agents, please complete the Agent Opportunities Form and submit it to FMIC’s Marketing Department.

Company personnel will contact you regarding an appointment to represent FMIC.


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