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The insurance company known as Foremost Signature Insurance Company, located in Caledonia, Michigan, was founded in 1982.

It offers various insurance services, including automobile, fire, burglary, and marine coverage, to its customer base.

It functions as a subsidiary of the Farmers Insurance Group, with its operations overseen by a board of trustees.

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Foremost Signature Insuarance Company.


Foremost Signature Insurance Company Contacts

Department Phone Number
Toll-Free Number (888) 888-0080
Customer Service (800) 554-6678
4-Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance (800) 527-3905
All Products (except Auto) (800) 237-6136
Appointed agent Not available


Foremost Signature Insuarance Company Coverage

Foremost auto insurance offers a range of coverage options that are typical of car insurance carriers.

These include liability coverage for both bodily injury and property damage, comprehensive and collision coverage, as well as uninsured/underinsured coverage.

  • Rental reimbursement – If you experience an auto accident and need to rent a vehicle during repairs, Foremost will cover up to $50 per day for 30 days.
  • Roadside service – Towing and roadside assistance are available to Foremost customers up to the policy limits.
  • Loan/lease coverage – If your lease or financed vehicle is deemed a total loss after an accident, Foremost will cover the difference between what you owe on the vehicle and what your insurance pays, minus your collision or comprehensive deductible.
  • Medical payments – This coverage will pay up to $10,000 in medical care should you suffer an injury in an accident.
  • One household, one policy – Your Foremost Insurance policy covers all included vehicles on a single bill, meaning that you won’t have to worry about separate renewals or effective dates.


Foremost Signature  insurance: Ratings And Reviews

A member of the Farmers Insurance Group, Foremost Insurance has been providing a variety of insurance coverage options since 1952.

It is renowned for its RV and mobile home insurance offerings, offered in collaboration with AARP, and its home and auto insurance options are also popular.

In the realm of car insurance, Foremost partners with Bristol West, a reputable provider, to extend coverage to high-risk drivers who face challenges in obtaining insurance from other sources.

While it may deliver more benefits and coverage choices compared to some non-standard insurance companies, Foremost’s offerings are more constrained in scope when contrasted with major providers like GEICO. Similarly, its homeowners insurance policies cater to non-standard customers who encounter difficulties in securing affordable insurance coverage from a standard or preferred carrier.

 Foremost Tools And Benefits

In addition to basic car and home insurance, Foremost offers other insurance products, as well as tools and other perks that may help policyholders better manage their insurance coverage.

Here are some of Foremost’s other offerings:

  • Other types of insurance: Foremost offers a wide range of insurance products covering nearly every type of home and vehicle. Customers may be able to find policies for motorcycles, boats, RVs, trailers, luxury vehicles, golf carts, commercial vehicles, snowmobiles and more. Home insurance options include mobile homes, vacant homes, seasonal homes and condominiums.


  • Educational articles: Foremost also has a learning center with articles on common queries. Featured topics include how to buy a snowmobile, fireplace safety, cleaning mobile home siding and winter driving tips.


  • Severe events center: Policyholders have access to an online resource that allows them to report claims, track wildfires and learn more about how to handle emergency situations, such as hurricanes and wildfires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best rating for foremost insurance?

A or Excellent
Foremost has an A.M. Best Credit Rating of “A or Excellent”, a Credit Rating scoring opinion of an insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet their ongoing insurance policy and contractual obligations.

Is MetLife and foremost the same?

If you previously had a MetLife homeowners policy, you’ll now see branding from Farmers or Foremost (a subsidiary of Farmers) on your insurance documents.

How do I make a one time payment on foremost?

To Pay Your Bill:

Make a one-time payment here. Call 800-532-4221.

How long has foremost insurance been around?

Established in 1952, the insurer has long dominated the RV field, offering coverage for everything from mobile homes and travel trailers to motorcycles, personal watercraft, and collectible autos. In 2000, Foremost was acquired by Farmers Insurance Group, itself a subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services Group.


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