General Casualty Company of Wisconsin(Wisconsin); Contacts, Claims, Services, Ratings, Affiliations

Insurance is a crucial aspect of our lives, providing financial protection and peace of mind. In this article, we will delve into the world of General Casualty Company of Wisconsin, exploring its history, services, premiums, and much more.

General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

Introduction to General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

General Casualty Company of Wisconsin, based in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, is a company that provides property and casualty insurance. It’s part of QBE Insurance Group, a top-notch global insurance company. General Casualty gives various insurance options for both businesses and individuals.

A Brief History of General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

General Casualty Company of Wisconsin started in 1925, focusing on workers’ compensation coverage. Over time, it grew, offering more products across the United States, and becoming a top property and casualty insurance company.

In 1956, Reliance Insurance acquired General Casualty. Then, in 1990, Winterthur, a Swiss insurance group, bought General Casualty from Reliance.

Winterthur was later sold to Credit Suisse Group in 1997. In 2006, AXA Group acquired Winterthur from Credit Suisse. In January 2007, QBE Insurance Group from Sydney, Australia, agreed to buy Winterthur U.S. Holdings, General Casualty’s parent company, for $1.16 billion. By 2011, QBE decided to replace the General Casualty name and logo with QBE.

Contact Details

Category Information
Address QBE Insurance Group<br>One General Drive<br>Sun Prairie, WI 53596
Phone (608) 825-5160
Website QBE Insurance Group website

Services and Products of General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

QBE Insurance Group, a global insurance leader, proudly presents General Casualty Company of Wisconsin, offering a comprehensive array of insurance solutions tailored for businesses and individuals.

Commercial Insurance for Your Business Needs

Ensure your business is protected with our range of commercial insurance products:

  • Business Property Insurance: Safeguard your business property.
  • Business Liability Insurance: Shield against potential liabilities.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Protect your workforce.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Cover your business vehicles.
  • Inland Marine Insurance: Secure goods in transit.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Safeguard against professional risks.
  • Surety Bonds: Fulfill contractual obligations.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance: Executive protection.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Mitigate employment-related risks.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Guard against cyber threats.

Personal Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

We’ve got your personal insurance needs covered:

  • Homeowners Insurance: Protect your home sweet home.
  • Renters Insurance: Coverage for your rented space.
  • Personal Auto Insurance: Drive with confidence.
  • Life Insurance: Ensure your loved ones are secure.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Additional liability coverage.
  • Boat, Motorcycle, ATV, and Snowmobile Insurance: Tailored for your recreational vehicles.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel with peace of mind.

Financial Services for a Secure Future

Plan for your future with our financial services:

  • Annuities: Secure your retirement income.
  • Mutual Funds: Invest wisely.
  • Retirement Planning: Prepare for your golden years.
  • Estate Planning: Secure your legacy.
  • Business Planning: Strategize for business success.

Risk Management Services for a Secure Business Environment

Protect your business with our risk management services:

  • Safety and Health Consulting: Prioritize workplace safety.
  • Risk Assessments: Identify and manage potential risks.
  • Claim Prevention and Mitigation: Minimize the risk of claims.
  • Crisis Management Planning: Be prepared for unforeseen challenges.

Efficient Claims Services When You Need Them

Count on us for efficient claims services:

Specialized Insurance Products for Specific Industries and Professions

We cater to the unique needs of various industries and professions, offering specialized insurance products for:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Transportation

Additionally, we provide professional liability insurance for accountants, attorneys, doctors, engineers, and other professionals.

Choose QBE Insurance Group for reliable, tailored insurance solutions that meet your unique needs.


General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

Premium Costs

Your General Casualty Company of Wisconsin insurance premium depends on a few things:

  • The type of coverage you pick
  • The value of what you’re insuring
  • Your history of claims
  • Where you live
  • Your age and driving record (for auto insurance)

To lower your premium, General Casualty offers discounts like:

  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Bundling discounts
  • Safety discounts
  • Good student discounts
  • Military discounts
  • Older citizen discounts

Payment Options of General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

You can choose how to pay your premium. General Casualty gives you options like:

  • Monthly payments
  • Quarterly payments
  • Semi-annual payments
  • Annual payments
  • One-time payments

Discounts and Promotional Offers

Pick the one that suits your budget. Keep an eye out for special deals too. General Casualty might have promotions like discounts on new policies or credits for going paperless. Ask your agent or check the company’s website for the latest offers.

General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

Process of Filing Claims with General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

To file a claim with General Casualty Company of Wisconsin, do the following:

  1. Report your claim quickly:
    • Use the website, phone, or QBE mobile app.
  2. Have your info ready:
  3. Work with the claims adjuster:
    • Help them collect info for the investigation.
  4. Give needed documents:
    • Provide photos, estimates, or receipts if asked.
  5. Check the settlement offer:
    • The claims adjuster will make an offer. Review it and talk if needed.
  6. Decide on the offer:
    • Accept for payment or reject to negotiate or consider legal action.

Financial Strength: A+ (Superior) Rating by A.M. Best

General Casualty Company of Wisconsin boasts a stellar A+ (Superior) financial rating from A.M. Best, a prominent credit rating agency in the insurance sector. This rating underscores the company’s robust financial position, affirming its capability to fulfill financial obligations to policyholders.

Customer Perspectives: Diverse Views on Service

Customer opinions about General Casualty Company of Wisconsin present a spectrum of experiences. Some customers laud the company for exceptional customer service and efficient claims processing. Conversely, others express discontentment, citing elevated rates and challenges in claims approval.

NAIC Insights: Complaints and Resolutions

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), General Casualty Company encountered 1,004 complaints in 2022, surpassing the industry average for property and casualty insurers. Predominantly, complaints revolved around claims handling and underwriting practices.

In a positive turn, the company successfully addressed 99.8% of these complaints, concluding them within an average of 20 days in 2022.

Balancing Act: Considerations for Potential Customers

In summary, while General Casualty Company of Wisconsin maintains a commendable financial rating, customer reviews present a mixed bag, and the complaint rate surpasses industry norms. For prospective policyholders, careful consideration of the company’s strengths and weaknesses is advised. Prioritize comparing rates from different insurers before making a decision.

Affiliations and Partnerships of General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

General Casualty Company is proudly affiliated with QBE Insurance Group, a global insurance leader. QBE Insurance Group has forged partnerships and affiliations across various sectors, enhancing its ability to provide a diverse range of products and services to customers.

Insurance Industry Collaborations

QBE Insurance Group actively participates in key insurance industry organizations, including the American Insurance Association, the Insurance Information Institute, and the Insurance Services Office. These affiliations contribute to the company’s industry knowledge and expertise.

Reinsurance Alliances

QBE Insurance Group has established reinsurance agreements with renowned companies such as Munich Re, Swiss Re, and Hannover Re. These partnerships bolster the company’s financial strength and risk management capabilities.

Distribution Network through Agents and Brokers

To reach customers effectively, QBE Insurance Group utilizes a network of independent insurance agents and brokers. This approach ensures widespread distribution of its products and services.

Partnerships Beyond Insurance

QBE Insurance Group extends its collaborations beyond the insurance realm, forming partnerships with:

  • Technology Companies: Collaborating with technology companies has led to the development of innovative products and services, including the QBE mobile app and the online claims portal.
  • Risk Management Companies: Partnerships with risk management companies broaden the services available to QBE Insurance Group’s customers.
  • Financial services Companies: By partnering with financial services companies, QBE Insurance Group offers customers a diverse array of financial products and services.

General Casualty Company of Wisconsin’s Notable Alliances

Here are specific examples of General Casualty Company of Wisconsin’s affiliations and partnerships:

These alliances empower both QBE Insurance Group and General Casualty Company of Wisconsin to offer customers a broad spectrum of insurance options, cutting-edge technology, and specialized expertise.

Benefits of Joining General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

Financial Stability: A Strong Foundation

When you join General Casualty Company, you’re backed by the financial strength of QBE Insurance Group, a global insurance giant with an impressive A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best. This rating signifies that QBE Insurance Group is financially robust, assuring policyholders that their financial commitments will be met.

Wide Range of Products and Services

Experience a comprehensive array of insurance solutions with General Casualty Company of Wisconsin. We cater to both businesses and individuals, offering diverse options such as commercial insurance, personal insurance, financial services, risk management services, and efficient claims services.

Competitive Rates: Affordable Coverage

At General Casualty Company of Wisconsin, we provide competitive rates on all our insurance products and services. Enjoy the benefits of quality coverage without breaking the bank.

Excellent Customer Service: Prompt and Fair Assistance

Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart. Count on our claims adjusters to be prompt and fair in handling claims, ensuring a smooth experience for our policyholders.

Strong Risk Management Expertise: Mitigating Risks

Our team of experienced risk management specialists is here to help businesses and individuals identify and mitigate risks. Benefit from our expertise to enhance your safety measures.

Commitment to Safety: A Priority

Safety is paramount at General Casualty Company of Wisconsin. We go the extra mile by offering a variety of safety resources and programs to our policyholders, ensuring a secure environment.

Employee-Focused Benefits

Competitive Salaries and Benefits Package

For our employees, we offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package. This includes health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, retirement savings plans, and paid time off.

Opportunities for Advancement: Grow with Us

We believe in the growth of our employees. General Casualty Company provides opportunities for advancement within the company, supported by various training and development programs to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Positive Work Environment: Values-Driven Culture

Joining us means being part of a positive work environment. Our culture is built on values such as integrity, teamwork, and innovation, fostering a workplace where you can thrive.

FAQs About General Casualty Company of Wisconsin

  1. Is General Casualty Company of Wisconsin a national insurance provider?
  2. What types of insurance does the company offer?
  3. How can I file a claim with the General Casualty Company of Wisconsin?
    • The claims process is straightforward. Visit the official website or contact customer support for guidance.
  4. Are there any discounts for long-term policyholders?
  5. What sets General Casualty Company of Wisconsin apart from other insurance providers?
    • The company stands out due to its transparent pricing, diverse coverage options, and commitment to customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, General Casualty Company emerges as a strong contender in the insurance arena. With a rich history, diverse offerings, and a customer-centric approach, it’s worth considering for your insurance needs. Take the leap towards a secure future with a company that values your peace of mind.

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