General Security National Insurance Company, 199 Water Street, Suite 2100(NY) : Coverage Options, Discounts Available, Ranks Among Providers, Company reviews, Customer Service Ratings, Contacts and Location

Secure Comprehensive Insurance with General Security National Insurance Company: A Trusted Provider for Over 60 Years

General Security National Insurance Company (GSNIC) is a top-rated insurer providing diverse products across 11 states.

With a strong emphasis on customer service, GSNIC offers various discounts, including those for safe driving and bundling policies.

While their website lacks coverage details, Moreover, the company offers competitively priced policies, ensuring affordability.

General Security National Insurance Company
General Security National Insurance Company

With a low complaint rate and positive customer reviews highlighting exceptional service, GSNIC stands as a reliable choice for insurance coverage seekers

Coverage Options

Products and Services Offered by GSNIC:

  • Auto Insurance: Transitioning to GSNIC’s offerings, they provide liability, collision, comprehensive, and personal injury protection. Furthermore, enjoy discounts for safe driving and insuring multiple vehicles.
  • Homeowners Insurance: Shifting focus to homeowners, GSNIC covers your home, belongings, and liability. Additionally, benefit from discounts for home security systems and bundling with auto insurance.
  • Life Insurance: Moving forward, GSNIC’s life insurance options include both term and whole policies. Moreover, they offer discounts for healthy lifestyles and non-smokers.
  • Business Insurance: In the realm of business, GSNIC caters to small businesses by providing liability, property, and worker’s compensation coverage.

Discounts Available

General Security National Insurance Company (GSNIC) prioritizes affordability through various discounts for policyholders. Here’s a breakdown of these discounts:

  1. Safe Driver Discount: To begin, maintain a clean driving record for a specified period to qualify.
  2. Multi-Policy Discount: Transitioning, bundle policies like auto and home insurance for eligibility.
  3. Homeowner Discount: Moreover, own a home and potentially receive a discount on your auto insurance policy.
  4. Paid-in-Full Discount: Additionally, qualify by paying the policy in full upfront.
  5. Good Student Discount: Furthermore, full-time students with a strong academic record may qualify.
  6. Anti-Theft Device Discount: Moving forward, vehicles with anti-theft devices installed may qualify for a discount.
  7. Defensive Driving Discount: Lastly, completion of an approved defensive driving course may lead to a discount.

These discounts not only provide opportunities for savings on insurance premiums but also make GSNIC an attractive option for those seeking cost-effective coverage.

t’s essential to note that the availability of discounts may vary by state, and the amount of discount is subject to multiple factors.

Ranks Among Providers

In a highly competitive market, General Security National Insurance Company (GSNIC) contends with several prominent rivals. Here’s an organized overview of some key competitors:

  1. State Farm:
  2. Allstate:
    • Overview: A major player in the insurance landscape.
    • Offerings: Provides auto, home, and life insurance, along with diverse products and services.
  3. Geico:
  4. Progressive:
    • Overview: Popular for auto insurance.
    • Offerings: Competitive rates and a diverse array of coverage options.
  5. Farmers Insurance:
  6. Nationwide:

In this competitive landscape, these companies, alongside others, compete with GSNIC for customers and market share. As each company has its unique strengths and weaknesses, customers are advised to carefully compare policies and pricing to determine the best fit for their specific needs.

Company reviews

General Security National Insurance Company (GSNIC) presents a mix of strengths and considerations for potential policyholders.

Additionally, this overview delves into the key pros and cons of choosing GSNIC for insurance coverage, ranging from competitive pricing and excellent customer service to limitations in availability and online tools.

Whether one is drawn to its affordability or concerned about specific drawbacks, understanding these aspects can guide individuals in making an informed decision about their insurance provider.


  • Competitive Affordability:
    • Transitioning to affordability, GSNIC offers budget-friendly rates, appealing to those seeking cost-effective coverage.
  • Exceptional Customer Service:
    • Moreover, highly praised for customer service, GSNIC earns positive reviews for helpful and friendly representatives.
  • Diverse Insurance Portfolio:
  • Numerous Discounts:
    • Additionally, policyholders benefit from several discounts, potentially reducing their overall insurance premiums.
  • Coverage Across 11 States:


    • Limited State Availability:
      • Transitioning to drawbacks, GSNIC’s absence in certain states may restrict its appeal to potential customers.
    • No Online Auto Insurance Quote Tool:
      • Furthermore, unlike competitors, GSNIC lacks an online quote tool for auto insurance, potentially inconveniencing some customers.
    • Sparse Website Coverage Information:

Customer Service Ratings:

J.D. Power Study: Scores higher than average in overall satisfaction for both auto and home insurance.

Claims Information:

Initiate claims via phone or online. For additional details, explore their website.

Contact Information:


General Security National Insurance Company
28 Liberty Street
Suite 5400
New York, NY 10005


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